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    Thanks for the intro - your goals are realistic, and you sound determined to make it work this time! We all love to eat, so we can relate to how hard it is not to soothe our stress or boredom with lovely food. Logging and getting used to a new "normal" will get you there. No more creeping!

    Since today is Sunday, weirdly enough, this is your Week 1 weigh-in day. I know you just signed up, but that's how it goes - your starting weight should be last Sunday's, but even if you just stay the same as when you signed up, you'll be on schedule. I had you as a Thursday weigh-in from your registration message, but I'll move you to Sunday if you prefer.

    Part of my job as co-captain is to remind everyone (OK, nag everyone...) about weigh-in days and to enter everything in the spreadsheet. If ever you want to check up on how everyone is doing, look up your previous week's weight, or anything else, you can go in there any time. Here is the link (it is also on the F2F main page):


    When you post your weigh-in every week, I mark your post as "insightful" once I have entered it into the spreadsheet. We always use the "insightful" as a sign that information has been received and recorded, in case you are wondering what is so danged special about your weekly numbers :wink:

    Thank you very much for explaining how this work and for the encouragement. This is pretty well organized!! Well done!!

    If you have my weigh in day as Thursday then please keep it for Thursday. I’ll weigh myself properly this Thursday. Thanks.

    And to everyone in the group, feel free to add me if you want some more supportive friends.
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    Exercise 08/01 - 13,395 steps

    Brad and I did something fun for exercise tonight... we played frisbee golf! This is actually our third time or so, but we haven't gone since he had his hip surgery. It's a much more enjoyable experience for him now. The course was a new one for us, but very straightforward and well laid out. Think we'll go there again for sure. Plus, our dog LOVED it... she was chasing the frisbees down like crazy. Fun family outing.

    Navigated our company at the trailer well today... Brad is a BBQ enthusiast so he always churns out good meat treats off the charcoal grill. I still enjoy it all, but in much smaller portions now (as does he). Plus, with things for dessert like fruit now instead of pie, there have been lots of little shifts that make a difference.
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    Hi all, I'm Katie living near Nottingham in the UK with my husband and our cats. I gained a lot of weight in my early 20s, lost a reasonable amount, put some back on and stayed there for a couple of years and then got back to my highest number last year. I started the MFP journey in January and so far it's going very well; though I'm not losing as fast as many, it's very sustainable and I have no concerns about rebounding or falling off the wagon.
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    I am very pleased to finish July in the next bracket down, particularly as I was fluctuating between 78.X and 79.X for a couple of months. Whilst I weigh in kg, I am 4lb away from getting under 12 stone and I'd really like to achieve that in August.

    As we're working our way through the contents of the fridge and cupboard, I'm able to skew the meal plan more towards stir fry; OH isn't a salad fan and much prefers veg, but the calories in a home made stir fry are generally so low, it's an easy way for me to stay well under my calorie goal. I haven't dropped the goal for August but I'm thinking about it.

    Saturday was a bit full on, but enjoyable. I didn't restrict myself too much; opted for Brazilian steak for lunch but only had a few of the chips (I need to look up some Brazilian recipes, it was lovely!) and the salad, shared the (admittedly huge) donut with OH, skipped drinks/popcorn at the cinema then at the evening meal, OH and I shared a starter, and I went for the smallest steak for tea. I need to stop having dessert when we're out really, and I wouldn't have done if it had just been OH and I. I get FOMO if somebody else is having one, but this was a little disappointing compared to the rest of the meal.

    Yesterday energy levels were pretty low but we went for a run, and came in close to my best 5K time. I wasn't checking my watch at all or I probably would've pushed on to beat it, but I was tired, feeling a bit niggly, and didn't want the pressure. Had a PT session at 6am today (the 5.30am start sucks, but I'm fine when I'm up) and we're still assessing. After warming up, he had me doing the battle rope with lunges, then onto the assault bike, rinse and repeat - not necessarily resting in between! Hip flexors are neither weak nor to tight so not really sure what's getting in my way. We're hoping to do some running analysis next week, weather permitting.

    Planning a trip to IKEA this evening, as we want some new plates. Will be having food before we go so there's no temptation when we're out. May however choose to stay at home and nap instead. :D
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    Sorry I missed yesterday, long weekends always throw off my sense of time.
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    I love the shirts off stories! I'll never forget the first time I dared a sports bra workout at the gym (back when I was going to one!). It was scary and fantastic at the same time - especially when I got compliments on my back muscles. So now we have Sam @happimess01 with his milestone of feeling OK without a shirt at the pool, and you out running in (and like!) the wind. I'm sure the corn fields were shouting out their encouragement. These NSVs are looking really good.

    It is a victory also that you managed HIIT first thing in the morning after being comfy and meditating. 5 minutes sounds good to me, and your menu looks great. Enjoy!

    Great loss this week! It sounds like your trainer is really putting you through your paces, too. The dessert thing, and feeling left out if you don't have one is a tough one when eating out with friends. I have gotten pretty good at the immediate "OH - I ate so much already there is NO way I can eat another bite" line before looking at the choices. Sometimes that helps someone else who will regret dessert too - there is usually at least one "me too" chiming in. In any case, you are doing well and can manage an occasional dessert, I'm sure.

    Gradual reduction in the tough trigger foods is a good plan. It is hard to cut something out forever, though, so be sure to have a plan how to allow some in a restricted way. Some people can just cut out the sugar (or whatever) and eventually not miss it at all, though. Is that the case for you?

    Gotta get back to the day - stuff and things to do!
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    jugar wrote: »
    Gradual reduction in the tough trigger foods is a good plan. It is hard to cut something out forever, though, so be sure to have a plan how to allow some in a restricted way. Some people can just cut out the sugar (or whatever) and eventually not miss it at all, though. Is that the case for you?

    Gotta get back to the day - stuff and things to do!

    For me cutting sweet drinks like coca and orange juice just worked by replacing them with nonflavored sparkling water at once, then later used casual tap water instead of sparkling water.
    But for sweets and foods with sugar it was not easy to cut at once, I first had to increase my calorie intake by having more cooked veggies, avacado and protein then because I was too full I didn't grave sweets anymore. After a while I could skip sweets without that much overeating and lower down the amount of intake food.
    Yes, you are right. I have to choose one specific day for Pizza/burger. They are harder for me to cut, because my husband constantly order them and he is already fit so he does not feel the need for eating more healthy. So I need to plan ahead to not get tempted by it.
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    Hello everyone, my name is Karly, 58 year old female. I'm an emotional eater, and have to work hard on not turning to food when upset about something. Looking forward to this challenge.

    My weigh-in Day: Saturday

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    Hello everyone, my name is Karly, 58 year old female. I'm an emotional eater, and have to work hard on not turning to food when upset about something. Looking forward to this challenge.

    My weigh-in Day: Saturday

    Hi Karly!
    I think you'll find support and ideas for emotional eating here. What steps are you trying to stick with for this month? If you find a habit tracker helpful, we have one that anyone in the challenge can use. I was 58 when I finally hit my stride and lost the weight - don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, or if you have ideas to share.
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    @KellyBgetsfit 10K it is and once a week works perfectly for me. Do you use your air fryer lots? Brad and I bought one back in May and we are finding lots of fun uses for it. Glad you survived day 1... always lots of anticipation for those first days back.

    Just got word that our hot air balloon ride is postponed for tomorrow due to low cloud and poor visibility. Drats! But, common and not surprising.... anyway, we will get back in the schedule tomorrow with a new date and try again!

    Our day is trending late, Brad is just making supper now... we went about 45 minutes north of our trailer to another small town (I'm finding them all over the place now @jugar) ;) and went for a 6KM walk around their lake. The town basically put together a little nature walk... and minus about the first 1KM that's in the residential area of the town, the rest was very outdoorsy and scenic. We still have to drive home to Airdrie tonight, so it'll be a later one... will report my steps for today tomorrow instead since I'm still busy stepping but I'm already over 11K, so I know I've met my goal for the day.
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    Decided we no longer had a reason to drive home late, so staying one more night at the trailer after all. We're tossing around a bike ride or a hike for a replacement activity for tomorrow. These loosely planned staycations can be so much fun - I'm usually always gone when I'm on vacation, so I kind of like these for a change of pace!

    Exercise 08/02 - 12,085 steps
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    Happy Tuesday!

    It is a gorgeous day here, and I'm stuck inside waiting for a phone call from a guy who will hopefully get here today to give us an estimate on re-digging our pond. We have to do this every few years because the stream that feeds it washes down serious quantities of mud, but this time we waited a bit too long. Hopefully it won't cost us the moon! I'll do my Pilates and some practicing while I wait.

    I'm going to try to use the habit tracker for the whole month this time, and not dribble off after a couple of weeks. I have fallen into giving up on things, and need to work on keeping up the small daily things that make a difference. One of my favourite online exercise gurus just posted a 30-day kettlebell cardio challenge, so I'm doing that. The daily emails really help me get to it. They are short, doable, and build strength as well as cardio, so added to the Pilates I should be feeling fabulous by the end of the month, right?

    We are missing two people and hope they will be back! If there is no weigh-in today, it will be sad :disappointed:
    If you need some time off, just let me know!

    And today's weigh-in is a solo by:
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