TEAM: Gutbusters (September)



  • Jodee2021
    Jodee2021 Posts: 60 Member
    PW 187.6
    CW 187.6
  • Cindyk4919
    Cindyk4919 Posts: 465 Member

    Sooooo…. Yesterday I WALKED the entire 18 holes of golf. Way overdid it! I could hardly move last night. Except to go to the kitchen for more food!
    Moderation is a good idea!
    I think that I entered everything though, and if my Fitbit is accurate, I still burned 900 calories more than I consumed.
  • looneycatblue
    looneycatblue Posts: 1,304 Member
    Sat, 9/4/21
    PW: 165.8
    CW: 167.2
  • looneycatblue
    looneycatblue Posts: 1,304 Member
    Hi All... I seem to be a little late to this party! I am 62, 63 next month, mother to 2 adult Sons, married to a wonderful man, and am a bookkeeper/accountant. I have a good life, just very stressful right now. Besides my usual full-time job, with an hour commute each way, I do the books for another 5 companies... and I have tax deadlines coming up over the next week. So if you don't hear from me for a while, you know what I will be doing... sitting in front of the computer trying to be productive... although I will be lurking here now and then for sure!

    I have not been tracking, and have missed several of my daily walks, and the scale doesn't lie. I hope to be getting back on track soon.

    It is lovely to read your stories and here about your journeys here.

    (okay, back to work now, ugh!)
  • ToadstoolBetty
    ToadstoolBetty Posts: 292 Member
  • CastleOfIce
    CastleOfIce Posts: 44 Member
    PW 411
    CW 411

    Hasn't been a great week, I had 3 days in Brum with work and the food wasn't particularly diet friendly. Still, haven't put anything on and I hit the gym pretty hard today.
  • FushiaKat
    FushiaKat Posts: 515 Member
    edited September 2021
    Tues, 9/7/21
    PW: 211.4
    CW: 210.4
    I don't think I'm eating enough I will try to eat closer to the 1200 calorie per day goal this week. I've been averaging about 1050 per day. I'm trying to determine if I can sustain this for the next year, which is how long it will take me to lose 50lbs per MFP. I read that maintenance, is going to be a challenge, so I want what I'm doing now to be second nature to me. Some day's are really good, and some day's are not so good. I have been tracking and eating under my calorie goal for 28 day's so far.
  • jilly__b0nes
    jilly__b0nes Posts: 20 Member
    edited September 2021
    So sorry, it's been a chaotic week with my big kids starting back at in person school for the first time since March 2020! I'm a bit late posting my weigh in 🙈

    Week 2
    Starting weight: 199.2
    Previous weight: 198.6
    Weigh-in: 197.6
  • Calli1616
    Calli1616 Posts: 1,869 Member
    Whew. So the cold got worse and then we dog-sat a lovely pup, who unfortunately was really nervous and kept me up three nights in a row. Needless to say, I went down. So this week has not been a really good one for me at all. For about 3 days I didn't eat much of anything, I just was not hungry at all, and now I'm wanting to (and sometimes) eat all the things! At least I've now had two good nights of sleep and I'm at least feeling like I have the energy to be active in the digital world again!
  • Cindyk4919
    Cindyk4919 Posts: 465 Member
    Friday weigh in day
    Stuck at 200.4
  • frankwbrown
    frankwbrown Posts: 12,160 Member
    Friday, September week 2
    PW: 232.5
    CW: 234.4 (-1.9 lbs; -0.82%)

    my weight's gone up and down all week, mostly up. :frowning:
  • Colleen790
    Colleen790 Posts: 813 Member
    Colleen 790
    September week 2
    PW 161.8
    CW 161.5
  • ToadstoolBetty
    ToadstoolBetty Posts: 292 Member
    edited September 2021
    Saturdays 11th Sept
    Week 2
    PW 173lbs
    CW 173lbs
    No change
  • Calli1616
    Calli1616 Posts: 1,869 Member
    Saturday weigh-in

    PW 183.2
    CW 182.3
  • Pumpitusa
    Pumpitusa Posts: 169 Member
    Aug SW 345.2
    Sept 339.4
    Oct 329.4
    Nov 327.6
    Dec 328.2
    Jan 319.0
    Feb 319.6
    Mar 318.0
    april 320.2
    may 323.2
    June 323.2
    July 325.4
    Aug 327.3f
    9/5/21 324.6
    9/12/21 324.6
  • Jodee2021
    Jodee2021 Posts: 60 Member
    pW 187.6
    CW 188
  • looneycatblue
    looneycatblue Posts: 1,304 Member
    Sat, 9/11/21
    PW: 167.2
    CW: 168.2

    Still going in the wrong direction... still crazy busy with work, but am finally getting my morning walks in, even if for only 20-30 mins. However I am not journaling and am sure that I have been over-eating. That along with too much sitting. Tax deadlines are nearly over, I am working on getting back on track.

    Congratulations to all of you that have maintained and lost. Good luck to those, like me, seeing the scale creeping up. We can do this together! <3
  • kaytyl2
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  • CastleOfIce
    CastleOfIce Posts: 44 Member
    PW 411.0
    CW 407.2

    Much better week this week. On target every day except Saturday (I had a birthday bash) and 3 gym sessions.
  • FushiaKat
    FushiaKat Posts: 515 Member
    Tues, 9/14/21
    PW: 211.4
    CW: 209.2
    Inches Lost - 1.5"
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