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    Accountability & Regret post

    Hi everyone. Hope it’s alright to share this here. As the subject line says, this is for accountability and something I regret.
    Right now, I feel like CRAP!!! I feel so horrible. My stomach is bloated and OMG the feeling is not fun. It’s very painful. Never had this kind of pain before.
    Well, it all started on Halloween. I have been eating nothing but candy since Sunday. I mean a lot of candy and that is something I don’t do. Normally will have a few snack-size pieces once a week. (Between 3-5 pieces.) Not every single day. Twix, Snickers, Jolly Rancher sticks, Twizzlers. You get the picture. To add to this candy binge eating session, other than the fact I did not realize what was happening or why this was happening is the fact I have not been drinking a lot of water.
    Last night was so painful. This morning I was still hurting. At first, there was shame because I know better. Then thought to myself, no don’t fall into that shame nonsense. Be accountable and share with your group. That’s what they are there for. We all fall in some way shape or form.
    I am happy because I’m being honest and holding myself accountable but goodness gracious do I regret this. All I want is for this feeling to leave. This is going to affect my weigh in but I will be okay with that.

    Thanks and have a good day!!!!! :)<3

    You're right @Nature003Life, we are all here to, not only help keep each other accountable but to also help each other through the not so great times. Getting healthy is not a straight line, it's more like an up and down roller coaster. One bad week cannot ruin a weight loss plan only giving up can do that. The horrible feeling will pass and you'll be right back on track. Don't give up. We got this!!
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    @Nature003Life Bravo for sharing your struggles. I know I can relate. @leni1us has it right. It goes so up and down sometimes. Hopefully the down is more than the up. Hang in there. We can do this!!

    @KittyInBoots17 I have to add in exercise most days, Kitty, or I'd never stick to my calorie limit. I know how many calories I burn when I swim and hike, so I can plan extra food on those days. I usually add back in half the calories. I do have one indulgence meal a week where I can have anything I want. That makes it so much easier for me to control the cravings, knowing if I really want it, I can have it as long as it's only part of that meal. Keep going!!
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    @cre804 - What are some of the sweet and salty snacks you enjoy now but want to supplement or replace? I’m listing some of the items I snack on here and look forward to seeing other ideas!

    Sweet: I eat a lot of fruit (e.g., pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, banana, kiwi, etc.) with a tablespoon or two of Greek yogurt on top. You could also use a small amount of whipped cream to make it feel more ‘special’ and I add some nuts for extra protein so I feel full longer. It feels like I’m eating a sundae! Layering a little whipped cream between apple crisp or peach cobbler can be good, too. A fancy serving glass can make it feel as though I should savor every bite 😋. I eliminate added sugar, half the recipe portion, or just heat up apples without the ‘crumble.’ I also make banana, pumpkin or zucchini bread with reduced sugar.

    Other items I eat when craving something sweet include: dried mango, raisins (plain or covered with vanilla yogurt), dates, figs, dried cranberries, and chocolate covered almonds or a bite-sized chocolate that I eat with intention in limited amounts. In the summertime, I enjoy frozen fruit bars (e.g., lately strawberry or pina colada) or a low-calorie smoothie (e.g., Tropical Smoothie’s Detox Island Green 🥰).

    During the winter, I’ll usually have hot chocolate or heat up apple sauce with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top. I sometimes have a no-sugar Klondike crunch bar, which makes portion-control easier. If I scoop ice cream out of a gallon container, I often get carried away with ‘evening out the top’ and eat more than I should 🙄. Occasionally I’ll buy a smaller ‘pint’ size and, for some reason, it seems easier to plan a few servings (maybe to make it last? Or maybe because I’m making better decisions at the time of purchase?).

    Salty: My favorite salty snack is Japanese seaweed sheets or the snack size (more expensive) servings of seaweed flavored with teriyaki, sesame or wasabi. I also love steamed edamame sprinkled with sea salt. I recognize that many people may not like the texture of seaweed but Japanese rice crackers might be a good alternative to chips or higher calorie crackers. My son loves veggie sticks but I prefer popcorn or pretzels if I’m choosing an alternative to chips. Everything bagels are an indulgent treat for me. Half an everything bagel makes a good snack but I usually eat a whole one.

    Our family also enjoys pickle snacks, Aldi sells snack-size bags or we pickle various items and keep them in the refrigerator. Cucumber with salt - or dipped in hummus - tastes great to me, too. I love any veggies dipped in hummus, which is easy to make ir buy. I’ve been meaning to make some homemade tabouli to have with pita bread - or sprinkle in sandwiches and on salad - but it’s still on my ‘to do’ list.

    My husband and sons love beef jerky as a salty and savory snack - and so does our dog! I’ve been wanting to try the tuna ‘cups’ that some people make in small cupcake tins prepared as snacks. I think they would satisfy a salty craving — but maybe not. I tend to lean toward savory and umami flavors so I’m starting to wander here! 😬

    Instead of eating a snack, I’ll sometimes have a cup of chai or mint tea to satisfy me when I’m not sure what to have and suspect I’m eating due to boredom, tiredness, procrastination, or some other emotion. If I still want something after drinking the tea slowly and with purpose - while reflecting on some underlying reason for the craving - I’ll try a healthy snack.

    Sorry for the long list but I hope you find an idea or two worth trying.
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    I was afraid this was going to happen. After all the fluctuation in my weight last week due to being sick, I figured the big drop last Friday was somewhat artificial.

    The upside... My middle number didn't go back up.

    Next Friday I will be traveling and not able to weigh in. I will weigh in on Saturday instead but for next week only.

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    @Nature003Life - It sounds as though you experienced some serious physical discomfort after eating the candy; so, it might be a helpful memory to prevent feeling like that in the future. One bad day of eating isn’t going to sabotage your overall progress! I hope you can release the shame. You did a great job facing the feelings of shame ‘head on’ by sharing your experience here. Good for you!

    My father used to say guilt (or in this case, shame) is a wasted emotion and he advised us to put our energy into learning and using what we learn to improve. His approach really helped me realize that reflecting on what didn’t feel good is important, but only in terms of learning and informing my next steps. You really learned - and grew in perspective - from that ONE bad day. So, maybe it will ultimately be useful to you. Keep going. Keep practicing. Keep improving. And, congratulations on using ‘crisis’ as opportunity!
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    @cre804 I know you want ideas for snacks, but in the summer I am a cherry addict. After that, I just add flavors to my coffee with sweetleaf, which is no calories.

    @KittyInBoots17 Hey Kitty! I hope you find a plan that will help you ((hugs)) I set my calories during the week to a 1-ish lb loss and eat back some of my exercise calories. (I realize this week looks like a winner, but the Doc is messing with my thyroid meds in case they are creating some of my mental fog - so I really felt like I had an assist for the past week) But more importantly, I do Sunday's differently.

    Something like this may help you. Since I had 147 lbs to lose at the beginning, my strategies have always been to keep an eye on maintenance. What will it take *if* I lost the weight to keep it off forever? I decided to set my calories on Sunday - to a generous 1500 calories what might be maintenance at my goal weight. (Actually it will be more like 1400 cal if that - cuz I am short and older and sedentary and that does not including the calorie efficiency after you lose significant weight - the body is tricky). Also, if I want to eat back all my exercise calories I do it! I realize some people call these "cheat days" I call them "maintenance days". Partly because it is the plan, and partly because if I use language like "cheat" I feel licensed to do whatever I feel like doing - and that always leads to the poorest choices for me.

    Yep, some Sundays I could theoretically eat 1800 calories!! Normally I hover at 1500. Just being able to have that one day, helps a lot. All the goodies that I do not eat or even deal with ever, on Sunday's - within reason - I can have. I still count my calories, and weigh my food, and walk in the morning - because when I get to maintenance I will need to do this for a while to get a feel for where I am at calorie and exercise wise. It is common for me to make a keto cake, or some keto cookies on Sunday (hubby is diabetic). If *item* is the whim for the week - Sunday is when I make happy plans to eat it. I do pay attention to how full I am, however I am not as strict with macros on Sundays. I do notice that the more junk I have, the less nutrition I am actually getting then I will be hungrier. My higher oil lower carb diet has really made me generally less hungry - and pretty much even one sugary snack can make me feel ALL THE HUNGRIES all over again. Which sometimes is a thoughtful price I pay. But of course, now that I know that, this is not a price I am willing to pay all the time. No one wants to feel hungry all the time!

    Going slow is not the end of the world some people think it is. Losing slower, is just that - losing slower. But I feel you have way less craziness in the control department and I feel you are setting yourself up for success when you do get to maintenance. I don't know if you know anyone who lost a bunch of weight only to be so glad they were no longer "dieting" then gain it all back (5 family members not even counting friends). Slower helps you keep it off in the long run from what I have read, and I have seen the faster losers not keep their losses so I am willing to try.

    Personally, I don't want to go through this AGAIN. I would really really like to learn how to keep the weight off the first time around. So if that means it takes me longer than all the unsuccessful people I know, so be it. I will take however many years it takes me to do it, then I will be on maintenance. Maybe something here will help you help you out my .0000000002 cents.

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    I had asked for a pass this week since I had a work conference and ate over my calories and had a few treats (and alcohol). But since I had a loss I figured I’d post it. I hope that’s okay.

    October was my worst month on my weight loss journey so I need to get back on track. Like @cre804 I feel like the colder weather had me eating more. And this is the first year ever that I didn’t participate in Trick or Treat. I felt guilty about not giving out candy, but it really helped me as I am not eating left over candy every day like I usually do. Halloween usually kicks off my holiday season of over eating. But I have to remember that Thanksgiving is only one day out of this month and I should stay on track the rest of the days.
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    Hi everyone! Sorry for weighing in so late in the day. Daughter is starting a new job and needed a few things. Stepped out with her and completely forgot about it.

    PW: 275
    CW: 276.6

    That's not as bad as I thought it would be. Thought I was going to see 280 again.

    Thank you everyone for your words of wisdom and encouragement. I am feeling better. Dealing with it head-on. No, I do not feel shame. Let that go when I shared it with you guys. Still a bit bloated. Doing a little better keeping track of what I eat and how much water I drink.

    I do not look at candy the same way lol. Actually, get nauseous looking at it. That reminder is stuck. Goal for November is still to get to 270. I know I can do it. :)

    Have a good rest of the day everyone!!!!!

    It's a nice day to smile. :) Or as my co worker says; smile, youre awesome. :)
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    Next week is going to be interesting. My husband goes back to work on Monday, which means we can no longer split the ”night shift” with the baby 50-50 and then sleep in. Instead, I have to manage nights and his workdays on my own with the baby, so that’s going to be a big change. Luckily he’s working from home, so there’s no time spent on commute. Unluckily, our daughter keeps getting fussier and fussier, compared to the first week when she slept 6 hours straight several days in a row… I’m hoping for that to come back!
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