January 6



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    Yes x3. YouTube kickboxing video. And a brisk walk in the cold. Because when it’s -47, you gotta get out and experience that, right?? @jamcnewman I’m a regina gal too. Next weeks balmy forecast is hard to believe but it will be so nice to get outdoors again!


    We live in hope!
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    Inspiring post @WhatMeRunning!!

    So, I’ve been having some wonky symptoms. Breathing harder on a steep hill, some pressure in chest, not running up the stairs as usual. Elevated heart rate for simple walk.

    I didn’t really notice because I walk hike every day. I have low bp, I lost 70 lbs I kept it off. I eat ridiculously healthily.

    Then came
    Concerning echo stress test results in the ER. My low bp went skyrocketing while I walked & jogged on their treadmill.

    And yesterday a CT scan of my arteries at the ER again due to actual chest pain &
    Jaw pain. (Good news at end of post)

    Well, as I waited for the results on both days of tests, all I could think was: “You have done EVERYTHING you can.” Must be genetic. Forgave and let go myself for not having been healthier. I honestly did the best I could without tracking apps & UAC & new techniques re: habit changes (NOOM).

    And then the results came in. The nicest sweetest resident Dylan looked 22 came in
    “I have good news. No, GREAT news you have minimal occlusion.” We both teared up. “Really really good news. You have a lot (spreading his arms wide) more room for heart disease in future.” Haha He put his hands together & bowed. I thanked him profusely clasping my hands to my head, incredulous.

    I had done a good job of keeping calm, but I’ve dodged a huge bullet here after ~ 25+ years of unhealthy eating out.

    I have read exercise & healthier eating can reverse this somewhat…who knows?

    But I am SO GRATEFUL

    PS cardiologist is working on the serious runs of VT’s & the possible exercise-induced hypertension. Will take some time

    And I still have heartburn like feeling in throat & chest - will explore lungs? GERD? I eat such bland foods…with my PCP tomorrow

    Here’s the clincher: if I hadn’t walked up hills & every day, if I’d been my sedentary past self, I would never have known all this was happening.

    Exercise may have saved my life. (The VT’s)

    As Nike says: “Just DO it!”

    My favorite mantra “It’s not if I’ll exercise today, it’s WHEN”

    Total mindshift.

    Pls learn from my Mistakes.

    If you have any thoughts/experience what might be going on, I’d love to hear.

    Must of been so scary for u. Health scares can really rattle you!!! Xxx
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    Stayed under got my protein numbers again today hoping this habit sticks. 2.2 miles of spin a little flexibility. Tracked and stayed under.

    Any special plans for anyone this weekend? I am hoping to finish Game of Thrones #2 then on to #3. Of course some 🏈 😊maybe a short winter walk in the woods before next weeks frigid cold hits. I guess I should proof read before hitting the post button or at least put my glasses on 😂

    Game of thrones rocks. Lol. Hubby and I watched it 3 times over. Haha! Thunderstorms here all weekend and week so we might just go for drives xox.
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    @Winner_in_Life I am sure it's difficult to find happiness or satisfaction in many things right now. You are doing so well, keep on doing whatever you can. I think only a rare few have the inner strength and courage to do much at all just yet. You are on the correct path. I am sure your husband would be so proud of you. God bless!

    Well said, just beautiful! Xo
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    Madisonmolly... such good news.. and great follow through on your part in so many ways...

    Yes x's 3 today

    Chopped and pan sauteed tons of veggies today. Did higher intensity workout...slow buildup... lost about 16 lbs in the past month... have a goal to keep pushing. My son opted to exercise during commercials with me yday, and did some workout on his own today. My Mom who is mid 70's just rejoined her gym... mourning my Dad has been very hard on her emotionally and physically... So, hoping my little pod of humans can keep encouraging each other to make healthy a family theme.

    @dsgoingtodoit Awesome work losing 16 lbs in the last month - over the holidays no less!! CONGRATS to you! And the news about your son exercising during commercials with you made me smile..... and your mom, I know she's had such a rough time.. I'm glad you're such an encouragement for healthy change to your family! Very well done!
  • Caroline_slowandsteady
    Jan 6
    Exercise - 15 minutes MommaStrong, 30 minutes walk
    Tracking - Planned the day
    Calories - Followed the plan - under
    I almost thought I was going to have to take a pass day for being 50 calories over, then remembered that I had only put 2 slices of ham on my sandwich even though I pre-planned 3 - and got to adjust the calories down. Phew!

    We are going to get Indian food today and I looked up calories so that I can enjoy it without having to plan a 2000 calorie day - just within my normal slightly high Friday calories - and then the leftovers over the weekend. I got tandoori chicken and dal, and I plan to eat a few ounces of each of those with a big plate of steamed frozen cauliflower. All preplanned. That took a while because we haven't gotten Indian since I started tracking calories so I was going down a rabbit hole trying to read about calories in different Indian menu items. MFP has 30 entries for each of them but so many of them are "1 piece" or "1 serving." But I eventually with the aid of other sources found entries that I think make sense. We'll see what it does to my weight!

    @MadisonMolly2017 Make sure they test thyroid - ideally not just TSH but other things too. I am linking to an article about Hashimotos, which is what I have : https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hashimotos-disease/symptoms-causes/syc-20351855
    But thyroid issues are very common and underdiagnosed, and can definitely lead to some weird heart things. Low resting heart rate but high when you exercise goes along with it for sure. I have Hashimoto's is why I think of that. It probably isn't that, but it's a cheap and easy test and really everyone ought to get it after a certain age anyway. Good luck in figuring it out!
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    Awesome day @BMcC9 very impressive steps!

    Stellar exercise today as always @ashleycarole86 and great insights too!

    Hope you are mobile again today @Arc2Arc congrats on getting all 3 ✔️

    Way to "get out there" @ideas2 swimming is great, especially indoors when it's cold out!

    Amazing efforts again @jamcnewman once things open back up you will be nearly unstoppable!

    Holy smokes @loopydo2017 that's incredibly cold, kudos for being able to get out there safely! I can't even imagine! Congrats on the ✅✅✅ day!

    Congrats on getting all 3 @biketheworld hope you start feeling better and that you don't actually have the omigawd

    Excellent planning and execution @dsgoingtodoit and keep on inspiring those at home and even here! You're doing so well!

    Congrats on all 3 @Caroline_slowandsteady I know Indian dishes can vary quite a bit depending on what you get based on what they add to the dish, but any number beats not even trying to estimate, and you're already planning to track the scale afterwards. Hope you have an enjoyable dining experience!

    Great day @Mrs_Hoffer I love how you always find ways to still get your exercise in despite obstacles! You're an excellent role model!

    Congrats @Caramel_Apple @jmu1965 @Sunshinfit @mshawski @GrandmaJackie @susancolombo @Bill70sStrong @Ginharbe @calvin20874 @LazyBlondeChef @lesdarts180 @DebyS137 @znaoiec