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    @jazzadesigns This is a blame-free zone...I have to second everything Be_theBest_me're trying and that's what counts...remember that your body has to react to every change you make and sometimes that takes if you have a bad meal or a bad day, just dust off and keep going. Share your frustrations because I guarantee there are 2-3 others feeling the VERY SAME WAY! Hang in got this!

    @seeless25 Great loss this week!!! You'll be back in those smaller sized pants SOON!!! I'm with that on spending money on new things...I tend to be frugal as well.

    Don't forget to pop in on the new group challenge this'll find a whole new source for great recipes and this one is a contest too so you can win a prize with it!! :smile: Link is above on this page!

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    Shape Shifters
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    Have a great day everyone
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    1/7 - 6506
    1/8 - 9310

    Productive Sunday... lots of yardwork and managed to go out for a bike ride with my daughter.
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    @Pupowl admitting the situation and deciding to deal with it is a major win! Hopefully you’ll feel better soon.

    @jennifersusanmcdougall the laundry episode sounds like one of those situations where you just have to laugh about it. Glad to hear you’re almost done with it!
  • hipari
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    Daily check in for yesterday and today: yesterday was more of a self-care day fitness wise, took a long hot shower and did a couple of stretches, but otherwise just rested and started a new puzzle. I ordered it during quarantine but it wasn’t delivered until after. Today I did a mom-baby pilates class, so baby got her first group fitness class in! She fell asleep halfway through, but that’s ok. Then I walked with a friend to get lunch and dessert, and walked back. It’s freezing cold, but gorgeously sunny.

    Yesterday I finally took rest of the Christmas tree decorations down, and today I’ll take down the tree itself. Plenty of everyday chores with constant laundry, dishes and cleaning the kitchen are still happening on a daily basis, though, so I definitely feel like I’m constantly doing something.

    Tomorrow I plan on maybe doing another one of those mom-baby livestream classes, and then walking to the subway station instead of just taking the bus. I’m going to the mall to return the too-big snowsuit I bought for the baby (I already have one in that size so no point in waiting for her to grow into it) and do some sale shopping. My grandpa’s apartment is near the mall and the family is cleaning it up now that he’s moved to a nursing home, so my home improvement action tomorrow will be taking care of the tasks I’ve been allocated in that process. Not improving my own home (except reducing clutter by returning the snowsuit), but I think it still counts.
  • Marni3369
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    My normal weigh in day is Friday. This week I will be traveling on Friday with no access to a scale. Can I move my weigh in day to Saturday just for this week?

    Thank you.

    Have a great week everyone!
  • jessicakrall8
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    Marni3369 wrote: »

    My normal weigh in day is Friday. This week I will be traveling on Friday with no access to a scale. Can I move my weigh in day to Saturday just for this week?

    Thank you.

    Have a great week everyone!

    Hi @Marni3369 yes, go ahead and post your weigh in on Saturday and I'll watch for long as I have it prior to stats on Sunday, you're good. Thanks for letting me know in advance. Enjoy your trip.

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    No workout yesterday or today. I did something to my neck and upper back and could not move my head Saturday evening and Sunday morning. I had to work my 2nd job Sunday, and a coworker had a Tens Machine, which is an electric muscle stimulator, and all I can say is I am ordering that sucker. Im still sore but after an hour of that, I could move my head from side to side and bend over which I also couldnt do before. Im feeling good enough today that I feel I should have no issues working out tomorrow.

    Now Im just trying to not get sick. My sister in law moved in with us and has brought home Covid, and at my main job I am one of the Covid testers for staff, and that crap is making its rounds really bad. I rarely mask up at work, but I am now until this stuff runs its course here.
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    @Be_theBest_Me and @jessicakrall8 thanks for your comments! I know weight loss is not linear, but I just didn’t want to let the team down. 🙂
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    Morning team,hope you are all doing great ?
    I've been on a sugar binge since the weekend 😩 You know when you gain & think what the hell I may aswell eat what I like !! Well I haven't stopped snacking,there is still stuff in the house I don’t normally buy,left over from Xmas.Normally I can show self control & just eat I piece of chocolate or 1 biscuit.No I ate nearly half a tin of Quality Street & pringles last night as I was alone in the house all evening,I don’t even like crisps ??
    So this morning I got my husband to put them on top of my kitchen cupboard.I can't reach them even with my step stool.
    So maybe the sugar devil 😈 will leave me alone.
    @Pupowl your sunset photos look pretty spectacular to me.The colours are amazing.
    There is a line of pebbles in my local park that people have put there.Its mainly positive messages on them,eg Be kind.Such a good idea,& something creative to do with your Mum.
    @angmarie28 I hope your neck gets easier to move.I used a tens machine in labour,it certainly helped.Omicron numbers are so high here in the UK. I continue to be careful who I mix with & masks are compulsory in shops & public transport but not everyone complies.

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