January 11



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    @snowshoe072, that’s 334 each day, I’m actually on the 10th day. I decided to take a rest day on Sunday, 👍🏻
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    @ideas2 - sorry you’re not getting more support at home. That’s a tough situation to be in but it sounds like you did a fantastic job of staying on track. You should be very proud of yourself!
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    ideas2 wrote: »
    He has been losing weight this time around and has been a lot better until now, but is weighs quite a bit less than I do at this point (isn´t it irritating how much faster men can lose) and so he ended with ¨I will take my diet seriously again when you get down to my weight.¨ At least my will is strong right now and I had success today inspite of all the adapting I had to do.

    That’s some great willpower today @ideas2 bravo! Yes, it’s terribly irritating. I also find it infuriating how my husband can drop or gain 50lbs and still wear the same pair of pants. Women need at least 3 new wardrobes in the course of and after dropping 50lbs 😂🤷🏻‍♀️