February 2022 Monthly Running Challenge



  • quilteryoyo
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    @Tramboman You are doing great to run on the treadmill when you dislike it so much. Way to push yourself.
  • quilteryoyo
    quilteryoyo Posts: 5,824 Member
    Congratulations @Scott6255 for such a great run!

    Very consistent @shesgotaplan !
  • ContraryMaryMary
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    Ouch @shanaber, that sounds like a bad one. Heal quickly!
  • Avidkeo
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    Ohhh hugs @shanaber! Glad nothing is broken.
  • polskagirl01
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    Oh no @shanaber! I hope you recover quickly.
    And @Avidkeo sorry about your calf muscle acting up and @rheddmobile with your not-so-fun adventures with the medicine. Everyone feel better!
  • quilteryoyo
    quilteryoyo Posts: 5,824 Member
    @shanaber Glad it wasn't worse. Take care of yourself.

    @Avidkeo Definitely take it easy. I hope it heals quickly!

    @rheddmobile I'm glad you were able to do the run without having an episode with your heart. I am sorry to hear that it is keeping your HR slower than you would like. I hope you are able to dial it in.
  • Scott6255
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    Ouch @shanaber! That fall sounded painful 😣 Hope you heal quickly!

    @Avidkeo sorry about your calf. But good for you on taking it easy after that.

    @rheddmobile glad you got your run in and hope you get your dosage dialed in.
  • SummerSkier
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    @shanaber how awful. I run on the street because our sidewalks are so awful here with tree roots shifting them. I am sure you feel pretty broken today but hope something gentle works. Be careful with the teeth. There can be latent damage/cracks which show up in the coming weeks and months.

    @rheddmobile I have another friend who is recovering from aneurysm surgery and ended up with random AFIB, Her Dr increased her dosage of beta blockers but to me that doesn't truly address her root problem. Interesting about your body (not just your legs!) not getting enough O2 when you are pushing by the drugs keep your hr down. Have you checked your O2 level at the top of a hill? would be curious.

    @Scott6255 congratulations on a great long 15 miler. And best in 4 years?!!! WOW sounds like you are finally recovered from your slump.

    Did 7 miles today. So I am at 94 out of 100 planned for the month. Unless we have "weather" I might even match my Jan mileage. I ran 5 then walked for 30 seconds and ran 2 more. Remembered why I had gone away from the racerback running bras as my back was really aching after the long run (for me). Also a bit disappointed that my shoes which do not have that many miles on them appear to be breaking down early.

    @quilteryoyo you keep up with the group SO well. I can't follow just this one thread much less the added accountability thread. And even if you aren't running running you are getting some wuns and walks in daily so to me being active and doing what you can physically and mentally counts more than running mileage. Hope you get some good results from the testing last week. I don't recall my Dad having follow up to his AAA surgery but he probably just didn't tell me about it or I have forgotten.

    @kgirlhart waiting to see how your long run went today with new shoes and pack! I think the humidity is creeping back up as it was a bit more of a struggle for me today than recently.

  • SummerSkier
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    @Tramboman forgot to mention that yesterday was my first "skunk" route. I haven't seen any like @kgirlhart usually does but every once in a while I see them. I can see some of my annual plants starting some green shoots out but it will be spring for me once my Purple Martins return to my colony housing.
  • Teresa502
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    2/1 – 7.04 miles
    2/2 – 3.11 miles
    2/5 – 3.15 miles + 9.2 miles
    2/7 – 5.18 miles
    2/9 – 5.12 miles
    2/10 – 3.21 miles + 3.19 miles
    2/11 – 5.14 miles
    2/15 – 5.31 miles
    2/16 – 5.16 miles
    2/17 – 4.09 miles
    2/18 – 5.15 miles
    2/20 – 10.01 miles
    Total – 64.38 miles

    I wanted to run some place different today so I drove to a rails-to-trails and ran 10 miles. I waited until 10:30 to start. It had warmed up from 19F when I got up to 38F at 10:30 and the sun was shining brilliantly. After the run I texted a friend and she joined me for a 4 mile walk. She’s 75 years old so we didn’t set any speed records but it was great to have the company and to catch up with her.

    Nice 15-miler @Scott6255!

    Oh my goodness @shanaber. That sounds like you hit hard. I’m so sorry for your fall. I bet you are really sore today.

    Hope your calf injury isn’t anything serious @Avidkeo. Glad you are being smart and letting it heal. As a great runner on this thread used to say – let it heal until it feels better and then give it another day.

    Congrats on making your deadlift goal @rhedmobile!

    What beauty @polskagirl01! Glad you stayed warm.