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    Ok. Update. We half heartedly tried this month... as in we missed the timing but tried anyway. And I went through a short phase of "i still don't know" but then these past few days find myself hoping for a positive on the test. So now I feel more sure we do want another kiddo. I think we will try officially starting in November since I have some medication I am finishing up around then thats probably safe but technically hasn't been around long enough to have the data (its topical on a small area so pretty low risk). Plus Chris is potentially hearing about a new job this month/next month so waiting till November will give us time to see that out too.

    Also Chris and I have an agreement. Since I decided to stay home with the kids... he can take a paid parental leave. So in exchange for 8 months of pregnancy from me I get 8 months of help from him! Seems fair to me hahah.
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    I'm feeling a bit better about the decision now. I think it makes sense to have another kiddo. I keep worrying I won't be able to spend enough time with my other two... but I had that worry when I was pregnant with my second... and when I was at work after my first was born. So thats a pretty normal thought. And when I think back on my childhood... its playing with my siblings I remember the most.
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    @VeryKatie I hope things are going well!
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    Hallo gang. I wanted fill y'all in on how things went with my pregnancy in case anyone else still checks in. @VeryKatie Did you ever make a decision? I'm sort of in the same place right now where I'm debating whether or not I want more kids. It's a dread weight I'm dragging around every month not sure if I can do it again or if it'll be too hard to continue.
    About my last pregnancy, I had hyperemesis again, to the point where I couldn't look at my computer, which is why I disappeared off the internet. I was on anti-nausea meds the whole time, which I had to fight my docs for. I had multiple doctors in two cities but had trouble finding one willing to deliver the baby because they discovered ovarian cysts, including one the size of a small grapefruit. I'd never had them before. They were possibly cancerous and maybe life-threatening if they burst. So I felt like a bomb was strapped to my belly. To add insult to injury, I looked huge way earlier in the pregnancy than I was supposed to, which people loved to comment on! LOL. The docs pressured me to have surgery in 2nd trimester, but I resisted because I didn't want to risk harming baby. At this time, I was grateful for my friends and family praying for me to keep my peace of mind in Jesus just to get through every day. Poor Josh was extremely patient and supportive.
    I also fretted about catching Covid in my state. I couldn't miss work; and I couldn't locate a vaccine. In 3rd trimester, I got Covid anyway. It was rough, but I recovered. Days later, in February the baby came a month early. Labor lasted 1 full hour. Nobody was prepared, least of all the hospital when I arrived. The delivery was traumatic. They took the baby away thinking there was something wrong with her (there wasn't). Placenta was stuck (like last time). I hemorrhaged. Lots of unpleasantness but...After that, I recovered nicely. Baby Grace was sweet as she could be and wonderfully healthy. Dealing with the hospital and their people, not so much, but anyway...
    The day after we got out from the hospital, we got a contract on a house! We sold ours and moved in with my parents for a few months while our new house's seller put in a new septic, fixed stuff, for the sale. In July, I got my surgery to remove the cysts. Surprise! They discovered not cancer, but endometriosis, which explains some of the cycle problems I've had, anemia, and irritable bowel. It's not curable, but they removed a lot of adhesions and endometrial tissue while they were in there. It's quite possible I'll get pregnant easily as a result now. (Though terrified now to do so.)

    In August, we finally got into our new house: a sprawling ranch style on 6 acres outside of town. We absolutely love it! It's a fixer-upper, so with the new baby we've been painting, cleaning, shuffling boxes around, and trying to repair the property. We also got a dog and some chickens now to look after. I'm having a great deal of fun. Grace is 9 months old now, such a delight and gorgeous! Bruce was pitiful for a while when he stopped being an only child, but he recovered from that too and loves his baby sis now. (He will still not poop on the potty.) 2020 was an exciting year, sad in some ways (friends lost to Covid), but otherwise altogether satisfying. I hope it's been good to everyone else here as well! Can't wait to see what the new season brings! Who knows, maybe I'll break out of the 170s and down through thee 160s again? Good luck everybody!
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    @Alioth yes we made a decision to go for it and I'm due in about 2-3 weeks with another baby girl (3rd child, my other two are so excited). I am enjoying this pregnancy so oddly I'm not in a huge rush to get baby out. Out of my 3 pregnancies this one has been the most comfortable. Though also a bit more nerve wracking with a subchorionic hemmorage earlier on and me falling on my belly a couple of weeks ago. But everything else has been good.

    Wow your second pregnancy and birth experience does not sound like a good time at all, I'm glad you and Grace came out of the ordeal well though! And I'm glad you were able to sell your house and get a new one!

    My oldest really resisted pooping on the potty too, after he was trained he held off on poops for 4-5 months. My second had no issues at first but then regressed and started using her diaper for a few months almost 6 months after she was trained. Toddlers are weird lol.

    9 months is such a fun age. It's when baby really starts doing the fun stuff.

    Covid has been the list for sure. Luckily no friends lost here and all our family vaccinated (though indid it while pregnant znd was worried I'd be judged for it)... but my husband's whole family still got covid. We luckily didn't catch it! We are keeping our bubble small at this point to prevent any illness for right before baby is coming.

    Our furnace broke again this morning so we have some technicians in today to fix it... and I'm nesting like crazy, I can't stop cleaning! It's so weird, it was never like this with the other two.

    It's so nice to hear from you!
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    Little update! Baby Amber was born on December 14! It was an interesting labour. Early labour/pre-labour was lots of starts and stops probably because Amber was face up. She eventually flipped face down and once she did FRICK we barely made it to the birth centre in time (my husband decided to take me there because he didn't think we would make it to the hospital). She arrived 10 mins after getting there.

    She's a sweet little sleepy thing, which is nice for recovery. We are investigating why she isn't able to nurse but pumping and bottle feeding is going decently well.

    She looks just like my oldest kiddo. They handed her to me after she was born and I instantly said "holy smokes she looks like Keith". A few people haven't been able to tell them apart when looking at their 2 day old photos.
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    Hi everyone. I have been gone the last couple years since COVID, work, and personal stuff including infertility had me at my mental limit. We stopped TTC after my infertility diagnosis in May 2020. I just found out 2 weeks ago that I'm pregnant with #2. It was a shock to say the least since I thought this was the anticipated early menopause.

    Unfortunately, I ate and sat my way through COVID, regaining ~20 lbs. I had just started getting into a habit of losing 0.5lb/week since the beginning of the year. Now of course I'm working to maintain and then slowly gain for pregnancy. I'm thoroughly annoyed at how big I am for the start of this pregnancy and it has me worried about how that will affect my overall pregnancy including risk for gestational diabetes and hypertension.

    Today is first day back in the office on a regular schedule. I am coming in 2 days a week. I couldn't find any pants that fit and most of my dresses are too small since I got rid of all my bigger clothes at the same time I got rid of my maternity stuff. I'm trying to be gentle with myself but also not gain 60lbs. like I did last pregnancy.

    I have missed a lot in this group, so I didn't read back more than one page. Congratulations @VeryKatie and @Alioth. I still probably won't be good at checking in here regularly, but this group has a special place for me.
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    @Puffbrat oh congratulations on being pregnant! Wishing you a smooth pregnancy! When are you due? So nice to hear from you. And from anyone who pops in once in a while.

    I'm 3.5m pp and struggling not just to lose the weight but to not gain. I've just lost all desire to actually get it done because I'm quite sick of losing weight. My eating habits are awful and I can barely make myself cook, which I think is one of the main contributing factors. I don't really want to wait till I wean this time around since I was hoping to nurse a couple months longer since I didn't get to nurse my baby for 2m. Turned out I was right and it was a tongue tie. Took 6 weeks to get anyone to believe me. Nursing like a champ now.