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My name is Cassidy, & I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree in Human Biology with a minor in Nutrition. I chose to center my studies on health equity, focusing largely on mitigating healthcare disparities through interdisciplinary measures that address the intersection of challenges facing marginalized individuals & communities. My ultimate goal is to become a Physician Assistant & to volunteer my time in clinics serving disadvantaged & at-risk individuals & families.

I have several chronic health conditions including Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, dysautonomia (POTS), mast cell activation syndrome, gastroparesis, chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction, median arcuate ligament syndrome & adrenal insufficiency. I receive my nutrition, hydration & medications through a surgical feeding tube in my intestines & a port implanted in my chest.

I created this MyFitnessPal group, Chronically Chaotic, in hopes of developing a positive, supportive environment for connecting with others who understand the unique challenges that often accompany life with chronic illness & disability. As a person with several significant chronic health conditions, I frequently find myself feeling misunderstood, alienated & even disenfranchised by society at large - particularly groups, platforms, apps, etc. centered around diet, exercise & typical ideas of health & wellness that often unintentionally exclude those struggling with medical conditions & disabilities. I really hope you will join me & that you feel safe, accepted & wanted here <3



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    Hi there, I’m Bre. I’m currently completing my undergrad in psychology. I have POTS, gastroparesis, Psoriatic arthritis, sciatica, and a few more that drastically impact my life. I’m so happy to have found this community. I can relate a lot to the feelings of feeling misunderstood by society and what not.