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    @jugar just a quick drop in and saw the posts about your dad. Glad it’s nothing serious and he’s on the mend. Dehydration is a common theme with dementia patients, here is a link to something which may be useful

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    PW 191.4

    Hopefully this trend will continue and I can see a new decade in April. My exercise next month is set to increase so I'm going to do my best to not let my portion sizes follow!

    Hockey last night was super intense. The team I was a spare player for asked me to play forward so I was a bit of a chicken with my head cut off since I've only ever played defense my entire life, but it amounted to over an extra 100 calories burned and nearly 20 minutes with my heart rate in the maximum zone (according to my Garmin). It was probably due to the panic feeling of wondering if I was always offside!

    We've got tons of rain in the forecast for Saturday but Sunday it looks like we can bring the outdoor furniture out of storage since the snow *should* be over, and the seasonal flooding will soon begin. Going to have to find something to do Saturday that will keep me from a day of perpetual snacking! I'm sure there's a junk drawer somewhere that needs organizing!!

    Wish me luck

    @micki48 hope things settle down soon! It's hard to be excited for your next chapter in a new home when so many other things are unsettled. Hugs to you.

    @jugar I'm glad to hear your dad is recovering and it's likely more of a diet adjustment than something more sinister to get him back on track to his 'normal'. You're amazing for being such a support to him and your step-mom during this time.

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    Sorry, life it a little crazy and I am behind in everything!
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    Wow! So many wonderful people in here and kind words! Thank you all! Who gas the spoiled Guinea pigs? I had a Guinea pig when I was a kid. Her name was Mimi. Anyway, I hope the best for all of you with your challenges and the care takers! Very stressful and exhausting!

    I'll chat more later. Oh! Thanks for letting me know what to do! I'm such a worry wort!
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    OK - this was a seriously all-over-the-map day!!!

    Dad was in really great form this morning, and we had some fun conversations and good stuff happening. Then at the end of the day, he was released from hospital and sent to rehab for 10 days of physio. This all seemed good, even though the transport prep had us scrambling like crazy.

    The rehab place, though, is a bit scary. We are not sure they are set up for someone with dementia and will be right there for all the weird stuff he might do or think. Hopefully they are - we'll see better tomorrow, but I think the faster he can get into the memory care unit at the home we have chosen, the better. He can get physio there too - but the cost might be harder to handle. I am so confused by the American insurance landscape, and super glad I don't have to deal with it...

    But - things are OK. We'll get through this, and hopefully usher the old happy pappy into the next phase.

    Food has been more or less ok for me, exercise less good. Got to get some muscle work in tomorrow no matter what.

    @PlaneMonkey your hockey game sounds amazing! Now clean out that closet, give away some old stuff, and keep out of the pantry :smiley:

    Saturday folks! And anyone else still left for this week's weigh-ins - let's get those numbers! :heart:


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    The April team chat thread is open! Go ahead and start the introductions, goal setting, and intentions for the new month. Continue these last weigh-ins and other stats here. Thanks!
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    @jugar So sorry you and your father (?) are going through all that. Hoping and praying that all goes well and that you have the strength to take care of things.
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    Thank you everyone for your thoughts and well wishes. Yesterday we closed on the house in North Carolina. So that’s a BIG stressor eliminated. My son said he felt good about the interview. He should know something next week. My daughter and family have a move out date in the middle of April. We settle on the new home the next day, April 18th and will probably move out the end of April beginning of May. Still lots of things to do on my list, but looking forward to getting them checked off.

    I love my job in PreK. Believe it or not, it was my peaceful place after the craziness of this week. Also, Thursday we remembered we bought tickets long ago to see the English Beat. Anyone remember them from the 80s? I was so tired and it started at 9pm and I didn’t want to go. But we did, and it was a fun distraction. FUN! Something we haven’t had in a while. It’s good for you. So be sure to have some fun today. Laugh a little.

    @jugar Glad to hear it was nothing more serious with your dad. Sending hugs and Light your way as you navigate this next stage in his life.

    @KellyBgetsfit and everyone else dealing with busy lives, hugs to you. Check in when you can. Take care of yourselves.

    Welcome new members! We are happy to have you here. Great group of people.

    See you in April (or May as @planemonkey called it. 😉)
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    @jugar @PlaneMonkey thank you x
    I haven’t gotten around to using it because I have been down with food poisoning this whole week :(. I can’t wait to begin this new week
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    SW: 163
    3/04: 162.7
    3/11: 162.5
    3/18: 163.5
    3/25: 162.7
    4/01: 161.4

    Nope not an April Fools joke! I was quite pleased seeing this weight this morning! I’ve been doing a free trial of noom which ends soon (too expensive in my opinion) but it’s has some good lessons. I’m kinda hoping in a week or so I’ll see an offer for a much lower reasonable price 😂 I have learned with daily weighing my weight jumps up and down all over the place but the trend was slowly working downwards. I think it really lets you see the bigger picture - I can tell when I ate something salty my weight would be up vs a super clean diet the day before. Not sure if I will continue with daily weighing but who knows! It’s a new month and time to think spring and more exercise outdoors soon I hope! We got hit with a snowstorm last night so it looks like January again 🙃

    Oh and best story I went in to see my GI doc about my fatty liver, I was supposed to lose 10 lbs but I had only lost 7 lbs. He was beyond happy I listened to him and my blood work came back amazing! Liver ultrasound on Monday and hoping it’s getting a little smaller!!
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    @carlsoda I know @EvMakesChanges got a lot out of Noom herself and my husband @bowens1973 started his journey on Noom as well. He doesn't use it anymore but he appreciated some of the lessons as well.

    @zankash23 Thanks for the heads up - sorry to hear about the bout of food poisoning, hoping you feel better soon

    @jugar Lots of ups and downs with dad right now it seems.. glad you were able to be with him again and provide that support to your stepmom. You have a wonderful lens through which you see the world and it's obvious in difficult times.

    @micki48 I hope your son's job interview results in a great new job for him! Really crossing my fingers.

    @PlaneMonkey Your tales of hockey make me so excited.. really would love to be back at it myself
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    Late steps from week 4 before week 5 steps come in!

    Mar 19 - 9328 steps + 31 minutes Peloton
    Mar 20 - 6488 steps (unfortunately I left my watch in the car for part of the day so I missed out on some steps)
    Mar 21 - 7144 steps
    Mar 22 - 9002 steps
    Mar 23 - 8339 steps
    Mar 24 - 18904 steps
    Mar 25 - 13925 steps

    And week 5 thus far:

    Mar 26 - 13795 steps
    Mar 27 - 8699 steps
    Mar 28 - 11033 steps
    Mar 29 - 10929 steps
    Mar 30 - 9658 steps
    Mar 31 - 9672 steps

  • ashleycarole86
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    micki48 wrote: »

    See you in April (or May as @planemonkey called it. 😉)

    Good catch! Lol

    Caught me in a space cadet moment. We got fresh snow on the ground so it definitely can't be may! See you in the APRIL chat thread. 😉
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    Weigh in day : Friday
    PW: 220.4
    CW: 219.2
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    @carlsoda that is fantastic news about your test results! And you were among the amazing folks who had 4 weeks in the green this month.

    So far, ONE amazing WA member got all 5 weeks in the green - congratulations and wild tiara-wearing for Rowan @39flavours !!! Wow. And hats off to everyone who made 4 out of 5: @CarolAnnM2 @lauren_989 @LoraineGB @PlaneMonkey @CupcakeCrusoe @carlsoda

    Consistency! It is heady stuff :smiley:
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    Final numbers due by first thing Sunday - and then we're onto our new month. Thanks!

    Sunday weigh-ins should be posted on the APRIL thread -
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