WaistAways Team Chat - MAY 2023



  • Natroushka
    Natroushka Posts: 2,749 Member
    Monday weigh in
    CW 191.0
  • project_shan
    project_shan Posts: 135 Member
    @ashleycarole86 could I also be added to the step challenge please? Goal 9000 steps. Thank you!
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 10,010 Member
    I'm so sorry to be late with the Habit Tracker for May! Here it is - it is open for anyone to use.

    This is a simple and user-friendly way to track those small habits that add up to success. Go for it!

  • ashleycarole86
    ashleycarole86 Posts: 6,119 Member
    You bet - got you down! Welcome aboard
    Haven't heard of that book but by the title alone it sounds like it would be a very fitting read.
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