What does everyone do?



  • tldust
    tldust Posts: 103 Member
    I work 12hr nights 7pm-7am. I'm a RN in Telemetry/ICU.
  • 11p-7a LPN on a substance abuse detox unit....crazy at times but I love what I do!
  • kgfpowell
    kgfpowell Posts: 20 Member
    I work in a group home fro 1130 pm to 930 am, supporting individuals, who are developmentally challenged, with daily living skills. Most of the night I do office work while they sleep. I get them up at 6 and support them in their morning routine.
  • I work in a Global Command IT Center for many of the worlds financial processing solutions, i.e. credit, debit, EBT.
  • twhitney
    twhitney Posts: 65 Member
    I work as a radiographer 5p-6:30a. I work 7 days on and 7 days off.
  • mwcraig34
    mwcraig34 Posts: 359 Member
    I work for a school district 3:00pm 11:30pm
  • RN- EMERGENCY DEPT. 1900-0700
  • RN supervisor in a long term acute care facility. 11pm to 7:30 - 8 am. Been on nights for 7 years and have slowly gained over 25 pounds....have more computer stuff to do on nights and am too tired to do much exercise. I know what I need to do but have lost my motivation to get moving....Im thinking lack of sunlight might be one reason? Anyone ever hear of artificial light making a difference such as from LED lighting? When I am off for PTO time I feel better being outside in the sunlight and feel more like exercising then. Only thing I do is walk the dogs about 30 to 45 mins a day and take the steps at work whenever possible.
  • I am an overnight auditor for a hotel :) 11p - 7a
  • WingMan380
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    Auditor for a full service hotel.
    Peggin on a calculator and pushing a pencil.
    I do 2 to 3 nights a week 11pm-7am and then 2 to 3 nights doing 3pm-11am as second shift manager.
    Fun fun fun.
  • Regs323
    Regs323 Posts: 5 Member
    Night shift NICU nurse in a small but busy unit.
  • Anderia
    Anderia Posts: 756 Member
    A domestic/sexual violence advocate/counselor
  • cavemancop
    cavemancop Posts: 42 Member
    let see, I am a social worker, relationship/divorce attorney, petty code enforcement,tour/directions guide, tow truck dispatcher, prisoner babysitter, crazy person liason, and whatever else you can think of

    bascially just your average police officer
  • Rosalindgr
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    registered nurse supervisor, LTC Subeacute rehab 11-7.
  • I work in a night club on the weekends. And I occasionally work some day shifts subbing in some local schools during the week..
  • amyreafleng
    amyreafleng Posts: 69 Member
    R.N. usually in the E.R. (sometimes med/surg). 7p-7a
  • I Work on The Rehab Unit In A Nursing Home 7pm-7am.

  • But when I work, I leave the house at 6pm and get home around 8am

    Me tooooo. Long friggen night.
    That is my story also.
  • Paramedic working nights and Volunteer Firefighter 23 years and counting
  • startrekteddy
    startrekteddy Posts: 6 Member
    Private duty Nurse. Hope to hear from you all to help me stay awake. Lol