• ptsmiles
    ptsmiles Posts: 511 Member
    I'm also from Vermont!
  • ptsmiles
    ptsmiles Posts: 511 Member
    I'm Michelle and I'm from Vermont.

    Hey... another Vermonter!

    I'm Crystal and I'm also from VT!

    I'm Tracey and yet another Vermonter!
  • Nicole from Merrimack, NH! :)
  • netsirk12
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    I Kristen from the lakes region, NH
  • Cranston, RI!!

    I still look for a workout buddy :( Tone up and workout classes like tae bo, kickboxing, zumba :)!!
  • shawn46106
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    Shawn from southern Maine. Looking to take part in a 5k Fun Run this summer, and work hard on some cardio this winter. Almost halfway home to my goal.
  • katal41
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    Hey everyone. Kim from Berkshires Ma.. just a bit north of the spfld. area. feel free to add me. :) I am GOING to make it to the Turkey Trot this year . woot!
  • Jim from Belleville, NJ here ... if anyone is training in the area keep me posted ...
  • My name is Kim and I live on the coast of Maine. I'm not as fond of winter as I used to be...that's when I was more active during the winter.

    I own 2 small business's that keep me more than busy enough, I do a lot of volunteer work with my therapy dog. We are currently working in one of the local schools as READ team. We go in and we have 3 children a week that will sit and read to my dog.

    I find I never seem to have enough time to do anything that I used to do to keep myself thin. It seems like I'd have to get up when it's dark and go to bed when it's dark.
  • I be Dillan from the 603 Concord Nh nice to meet everyone send a friend request if you want!
  • johnforr
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    Hi, I am John and I live in Mechanicsburg, PA. Feel free to add me. The nutrition tracker is a wonderful tool. I had back surgery on Jan 10, 2012 and need to be careful and the use of the tool has been very helpful during this relatively sedentary time.

    Created by - Free Weight Loss Tools
  • nitepagan
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    Hi, I am Steve from near Bangor, Maine. Just starting my diet, so I have a long ways to go. Would love to hear from others in the group.
  • kelceyjean12011
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    hi im kelcey, from dubois, pennsylvania. about 20 minutes from punxsutawney :) feel free to add!
  • jesscaponigro
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    I am Jess from Connecticut. I am 30 years old. I have 7 pounds until goal.
  • Hey everyone! Im Ryan from Vermont , I am 27 years old.. I have lost a total of about 30 lbs so far... feeling good and loving this new lifestyle that i missed. cheers
  • Hi everyone! I'm Brian, from Long Island, NY. I used to weigh 340lbs, made my way down to 185! Currently about 210, trying to work my way back down to 185 again :) My journey was actually featured in Newsday, Runner's World and The Today Show! Feel free to add me!
  • I'm Brian and I am from Greene, Maine (right outside Lewiston/Auburn). Feel free to add me.
  • talrcat
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    Tami from Farmington NH here. Looking for local mfp'ers to meet for hiking, geocaching, or other activities, as well as mfp friends in general!!!
  • Hi everyone! My name is Jennie, I'm 35 years old, and I live in the Lewiston/Auburn area of southern Maine. My goal is to run the first of the Triple Crown 5k Series in June. If I do well with that I'll run the other two in July and August. This will be my first race ever, and I've been training for the last month and a half. Training and race tips welcomed!!

    Hoping to make some friends in the area for walking, running, hiking, dancing, going to the gym, whatever. Feel free to add me!

    Good luck to all! :)