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  • On my laptop I can sort them alphabetically. I have been a member for several years and they all seem to still be there
  • Get that tape measure out! You will be able to chart your further progress. You are already doing great! What kind of workouts are you doing?
  • Because of Covid protocols at the office we are not allowed to take the elevators, going up and down five flights of stairs several times a day has definitely kept me in shape!
  • I need to know as well!! Man, the nerve!
  • I don't know what causes them but I get them sometimes during a kick set. Strange that you have never had them before. Either in the arch of my foot or else my toes will cramp up.
  • @juliet3455 How interesting, I too have noticed that in swim practice, the females are stronger at the kick sets than the men. I wonder why? Better body alignment? They are higher on the water? Hmm
  • Lots of great swimming going on here! @emmab0902 those are awesome splits! @beerfoamy and @loneda I don't know how you manage those distances in roughly an hour and a half, do you swim those sets non-stop? @juliet3455 your workouts are always so varied and interesting. As for me, I have been swimming pretty regularly just…
  • Welcome @ammoes ! Sounds like you are off to a great start! I am sure if you just keep at it, one lap at a time, you will see improvements in endurance and pace in no time.
  • 3500 500 warmup 4x200 on 3:30 12x100 in IM order (Fly, back, breast, free x3) 6x100 kick 8x50 with paddles and pullbuoys 400 cool down.
  • about 2.5k in about an hour It was my first time in a 50meter pool since the summer. It was sooo long!
  • Nike Training Club app. Its great!
  • btw that looks like less than 22m, more like 19. But could just be the angle. Still, at least you have lane ropes!
  • Nice! It would be cool if others in this group post clips like this! Our coach is starting this new thing that once a month he films us individually on the surface and underwater to critique our technique. I will ask for a copy when he does it.
  • The main sets today in practice were 6x(150 +50) based on 1min per 50 8x100 IM on 2:00 4x(4x25m sprints with 5 seconds rest) That was a tough workout...
  • Nike + training on my phone
  • Yeah! Another IM set 4x50 in IM order + 25 sprint freestyle x 3 on 1:00 we also did an 800 and 8x100 on 1:45 and a couple of kick sets. I don't know what has come over our coach with all these IMs but I am loving it!
  • We did an interesting set last night at masters swim practice 50+100+50 fly 25 freestyle sprint 50+100+50 backstroke 25 freestyle sprint 50+100+50 breastroke 25 freestyle sprint 50+100+50 freestyle 25 freestyle sprint The interval was based on 1:15 per 50m so plenty of recovery time. One of my objectives this year is to…
  • Hmm, I have never been good at bilaterally breathing. In the pool it is definitely overy 2 or 4 but when I swim in open water I usually breathe every 3. It helps me keep my bearings and also balance out my stroke in choppy water. It's weird how I can do it quite easily in open water, but when I try to bilateral breath in…
  • I'm kind of the mom of my lane. I swim on a Masters team with all ages: from 22 to 72 but for some reason I am in a lane where all my lane mates are 25 or 26 and maybe 1 30 year old. I am 54 so literally, I could be their mom!
  • Haha! Yes I know, I have been swimming but have been absent because my swims have not been very inspiring. Also it is the end of the school year and have been super busy with kids' activities. However, this afternoon I am taking the train to Riccione on the Adriatic coast for the Italian National Masters Championships so…
  • As Emma says, ankle strength plays an important role, as does core strength for your body position. Sounds to me like your body position might be a big part of your problem. Anyway, here are some more videos that might help The first 2 minutes is a bit of theory but after 2…
  • Emma's program looks pretty good especially for shoulder and back strength. Core workouts are really fundamental for swimming so any kind of You are your own gym workouts like the one girlswithcurls2 does is useful too. I do a bit of both. I try for twice a week but don't always manage to find the time
  • I competed this weekend and came in third in the 200 freestyle. The time wasn't great but I'm working on it. It was a really great meet because it was the first outdoor 50m meet. Beautiful weather and setting. First place was a medal AND a bottle of wine. A 2015 Barbera too! Only in Italy! Second place was a medal and a…
  • I like this workout. I have decided that next fall I am going to do a couple of 200IM races. I will have to come up with some of my own workouts since my masters coach has us do mostly freestyle and some pretty boring practices as well. I might try this one.
  • I too have shown up at the pool gearless. That is why I always have 3 swimsuits,2 caps and 2 goggles always in my bag!
  • If you just start by walking outside, this will definitely give you a boost in confidence and in any case you are doing some kind of exercise. Also I just find it just helps my mood to be outside, especially in the springtime. If you bring your phone and headphones you can listen to music, a podcast, an audible book. There…
  • Welcome! Probably the best way to build up endurance is to gradually increase your distance each session. Besides, as a former competitive swimmer you will be very pleasantly surprised at the effect of muscle memory for endurance. It helped me a lot. Not so much for speed, alas. I am still working on that, but most of that…
  • Does anyone here use Myswimpro? It is an app kind of like myfitnesspal for swimming. It allows you to log your workouts, they have videos and suggested workouts. There is also a social aspect where you can follow your friends and see their workouts and comment. If you have an apple watch you can use it directly in the…
  • I can't believe you didn't notice the difference! You look great! Funny how your mind doesn't always catch up with what your eyes can plainly see