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  • Feel free to add me. I'm down 47lbs and about half way through my journey.
  • I couldn't notice changes in myself until I was down about 30ish pounds. I can see the differences now when I look at pictures comparing the progress from the beginning to those times, but at the time it was difficult for me to tell. Other people were commenting after around 20lbs or so. (my goal is to lose 100lbs in…
  • You can eat whenever you want. I work 4pm-4am and I find that I'm usually hungrier at night time so I try to save a larger portion of my calories for later in the day. Do what works for you and makes you more likely to stick to your goals.
  • Thank you. I don't think I was squeezing my back muscles enough after reading everyone's recommendations so hopefully that will fix the problem.
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  • Thanks. It was just the skin that was sensitive so that sounds like good news. I'll make sure to check everyone's suggestions just to ensure I'm doing it right, but hopefully its just from my body not being used to the weight being there like you said.
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  • I will work on that. Thank you everyone for the help
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  • Thank you. It wasn't on my neck- it was resting just below it. I didn't have any pain while doing the squats only in the next couple days after and I have a bruise. It doesn't hurt unless I touch it- the only reason I even knew it was there was because I went to try to do squats a few days later and felt the pain when the…
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  • Thank you. This definitely helps for a visual. I'm thinking it may have been a bit too low judging from the pictures I posted above, but I'm going to use this as a reference the next time I go to the gym to see.
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  • I definitely agree. I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right, but I go to the gym at night and there's never anyone there to help. Can you tell from the pictures if the bar is in the correct spot? Not sure if the video will really show anymore than the pictures already do, but I can try uploading it if needed.
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  • I will look and see if we have those in my gym. Thanks for the suggestion
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  • Here are some stills from the video
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  • I'm not sure how to post a video on the threads, but I have one I could send to someone's email if they are willing to help
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  • I don't have a lot of knowledge on this, but I do know that my sister had her gallbladder taken out about a year or so ago and she eats out a decent amount (so probably gets a lot more fats in her diet than what you are saying you do) and she hasn't had any troubles with gaining weight. A lot of greasy foods leave her…
  • My hall bathroom is kind of small as well so I put mine in the kitchen. And as an added bonus, it reminds me of my goals and progress when I may be wanting to go in there and get something that doesn't fit my calories.
  • As far as how many calories you should be eating- you can use MFP with all your info plugged in and it will tell you how many to eat. You are also able to eat back exercise calories with this method, but try only eating 1/2 of them back due to MFP overestimating most calorie burns. OR another method is to use this TDEE…
  • I'm not exactly a new mom, but I am a mom to a 2 year old and I gained 100lbs over the course of my pregnancy and within the few months following. I'm setting out to lose it now and have lost 42lbs so far. Anyone can feel free to send me a friend request. I'll send you one OP.
  • Sending you a friend request. I have about 100lb to lose total, but have lost 40 of it already. You can do this. Feel free to send me a message if you ever need to talk/vent. <3
  • I wanted to make these when i got home from work but now I'm super jealous because i don't have chocolate chips :'( Off to the store at 4am... *sighs*
  • Great job. And I love your hair!
  • I make just about anything for meal preps. I get bored eating the same stuff all the time (not knocking it at all because that's what works for some people, but I just lose interest). Some of my usuals are Loaded potato soup (, salsa chicken (just put chicken breast…
  • Boneless wings and wedges with cheese from Buffalo Wild Wings... And most pizzas. The amounts that I would be able to eat to stay within my calories would leave me super unsatisfied. Of course I'll have them every now and again, but just not frequently.
  • I'll send you a request. I'm also wanting to lose a total of 100lb and have already lost 40 of it :)
  • I fit in a treat almost everyday. Usually ice cream because I love it. I find I'm less likely to binge or crave it so much if I just allow myself to have a little every day and make plans to be able to eat it and stay within my calories. No guilt and I have a lot more success sticking to my weight loss because it doesn't…
  • 3 egg omelette with a slice of cheese and a serving of turkey/ham lunch meat makes for an easy and filling breakfast. You can also add in tomatoes, spinach, onion, and mushroom for minimal calories. Comes to around 340 cal before any added veggies. You could lower it more by adding in some egg whites as a substitute for…
  • As far as hunger goes there will be easy days and there will be hard days. You will probably mess up here and there- you just move past those days and don't let them stop you from meeting your ultimate goal. The first few pounds came off the first weeks- just try not to fixate on the scale and remember that it takes time…
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  • I'm 5'9" I'm aiming for 150ish currently. I looked quite thin at that size and I really liked my body at that weight. For me (when I was this weight) my hip bones were pretty noticable and my stomach was flat, but I'm not sure how it will look after losing a large amount of weight so who knows what I'll want to do when I…
  • This happens to me too. If I eat breakfast too early I am ready for another meal just a couple hours later no matter how big my breakfast was, but if I put it off until a little later then I don't feel the desire to eat as much
  • Just try to keep a better watch on it and see if that might be your problem. I usually go through periods where I feel totally fine and have no cravings at all and then a week or two where I just want to binge and binge. Push through it and try to change things here and there to see if they help. For example, if I eat…