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  • Apart from beer and milk, in my experience in the UK most things are in ml, and even those in pints likely have the ml amount on the label too. If you're thinking about something like a beer served in a pub, you can add the word "pint" when you search and many options come up. Perhaps this works for milk too, I'm not sure.
  • Not necessary for liquids like drinks, but for food, yes.
  • You can also cut the same number of calories that would be in that meal at any other time of day and it will have the same result on fat loss. Simplified: if you are in a calorie deficit, you lose.
  • If it's just a latte, selecting a latte from a comparable coffee shop chain is probably close enough.
  • You've already asked this question and been told that it doesn't work like that, it's not one linear line of weight loss and you won't lose every day/week in a consistent, predictable way.
  • And also, those scales that show water % are not very accurate.
  • I understand the frustration, and as you said it may be that your body just needs more time to adjust to all the changes. How many calories are you aiming for and what kind of deficit does that put you in? Is it roughly tracking with the amount of weight you've lost over time (e.g. 1lb per week, 0 5lb per week)?
  • Again, you talk about going to 1100 calories yesterday and "no progress". NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN ONE OR TWO DAYS. You need to look at a longer perspective.
  • Not safe. Or possible most likely.
  • In addition to what everyone else has said about needing to drink more and focus on proper hydration as a priority, I will also add you need to stop looking at time periods of a few days. "Until the end of the week" is not enough time to make any judgement. You need to do this for a few weeks, and monitor your urine and…
  • Better for what? Weight loss? Health? Energy levels?
  • No, this is totally wrong.
  • I am also interested
  • Some great advice above. Keep in mind as well that your hips are bones, so while you might be able to lose any additional fat around there, to a certain extent the width of your hips is determined by your skeleton.
  • @zfitgal you sounded desperate but then disappeared, how are you doing? Do you still want some help? Hope you're managing, coeliac is a tough condition.
  • You might want to give it more than a few hours which, for a good chunk of the world, was the middle of the night... I'm sorry you're struggling with this. It's not clear from your post if you've managed to lose some weight, just not as much as you hoped, or you aren't losing at all? Are you tracking your intake? Can you…
  • If you have a hard time eating more protein and are currently around 50% carbs, curious why you chose keto as an eating style to try?
  • Who misses work or gets medical treatment for a stubbed toe?
  • Neither. Periodically, but less structured than daily or weekly.
  • For me salt is also important, as kshama mentioned - for a while I stopped adding it to food, cooking with it etc. and I got more exersion headaches and light-headedness. I feel much better with more salt in my diet.
  • Indeed I was thinking about more fish/less rice, or adding some beans, an egg or more fat to it like oils or having some cheese afterwards. I know what you mean, the overall calories could be similar in the end but if you personally are someone who feels hungry if they eat mostly carbs and more satisfied if they have…
  • I have a feeling I've read this before... did you already post one or two very similar threads last year? I'm really sorry to read this. I hope you find some peace and a more positive mindset. Have you sought out some professional help?
  • Could you try more protein and fat at dinner? That might help you feel more full.
  • But the thing is, if that's all you're going to eat in a day then you ARE starving yourself. Even if you feel like you are eating real food and are happy with it, this is not enough calories to sustain your basic bodily functions long term. If you can't eat more volume then you need to eat more calorie dense foods or eat…
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  • You should be eating back at least some of those calories. The way MFP is set up, it is designed to give you a calorie goal based on your activity level without exercise and then expects you to eat more when you exercise. 1400 is too little for men, the lowest recommended amount for basic nutrition and safe weight loss is…
  • I would suggest not to use "active", as 22 minutes of walking is probably not enough to put you in that category. However, the most important thing would be your food intake - exercise is good for you but for weight loss,you really need to make sure you are eating less. If you had success last year when you were logging…
  • How tall are you and how much do you weigh? Those calorie numbers seem quite high. Is the 22 minutes of walking the only activity you get except the planks and dumbbells? Do you know how many steps you take in a day? One 20 minute walk is not likely to put you in the active category I don't think.
  • Not true. What are you basing that on? A calorie deficit, even if you only eat cookies, is still q calorie deficit.
  • Depends. How many calories are you eating and how does it fit into your overall nutrition and macro balance? No single food is, on its own and in complete isolation, "unhealthy " and will make you fat.
  • With only 10lbs to lose, 2lbs per week is too fast. Put your stats in MFP's guided set up, select to lose 1 lb per week MAXIMUM, and it will give you a calorie goal.