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  • Timon0201, yes, I started by saying that I would only have one square a day (70%). I am going to try 90%. Maybe that'll stop me! lol
  • nill4me and amehrkens, how often do you have chocolate? I think that my chocolate consumption is really getting in the way of my weight loss (I eat 4-5 squares a day). I am addicted. Tonight, I made Perlmutter's chocolate truffles from scratch. MISTAKE (I ate three truffles just making the darn things!) I gave up my…
  • Ditto Dan, it is kind of Paleo Keto, if I understand what that it (I have never done that). I think that the main differences may be that the Grain Brain diet does allow for dairy and some sugars (for example, you can have four squares of 70% chocolate daily, or a few times per week). I think that the book may differ in…
  • Glad to hear that people are interested in the book (Ditto Dan, the book title is Grain Brain and the author is Dr. Perlmutter, neurologist and certified nutritionist. In a nutshell, his argument is that a diet that includes gluten, grains, and/or lots of carbs is really not good for our health--esp. our brains). Thank you…
  • Please add me too! I just started and look forward to seeing what others are eating and doing to stay on track!
  • By the way, I admire your willpower for keeping low carb in the midst of a rice culture! I am glad that your resolve has met with such success. Good luck with your journey.
  • Thanks, camtosh!
  • I am new to Myfitness Pal and to the lowcarb, high fat, mod protein lifestyle. I would love some support and don't mind sharing ideas and sending encouraging words to those involved in the struggle to go low carb and stay there! Please let me know how I can be added to this group.
  • I am just beginning this life change also and I could use some support and am willing to give support. I could also use as many ideas as possible (so I will check out the Low Carber Daily Group--thanks, Dragonwolf!). Please add me!
  • I'll post the results. myheartsabattle, What's gross about the diet?
  • I just started the the low carb, high fat (moderate protein) based on reading Grain Brain too. As I read, it just all made sense. I have never been on a low carb diet before (always low fat), but I feel like I get tired easily, hungry too fast, and my mental clarity is not what is used to be (I am sure that some of this is…