Low Carb, High Fat, LCHF, Grain Brain, Wheat Belly readers:

I have read Grain Brain and Wheat Belly and I have chosen the Low Carb, High Fat path outlined in these books for my personal journey for weight loss and better health. I am looking for friends who feel the same way. I have done very well so far, and I can promise my undying support in exchange for a similar commitment from you.


  • fruttibiscotti
    fruttibiscotti Posts: 990 Member
    I follow the LCHF diet, and it is working very well, I lose consistently about a pound per week. I feel much healthier, cleared skin, no more stomach issues, asthma cleared up, sleep better, etc. you have my support if you want it. You should also look into joining the low carb and keto groups on MFP, where you will get more support and participate in the forums. Much luck to you.
  • rduclos
    rduclos Posts: 8 Member
    Hi, I just finished reading Wheat Belly and am just sitting down to right out my grocery list to make my basic baking mixes and restock my cupboards (which I have cleaned out of most wheat). My husband isn't going to entirely follow this - but I did get rid of every I would eat. I am very excited to get started and hopefully feel like a new person from skin to bones.

    I would to have friends for and to support going through the same type of program.
  • mgore0404
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    Feel fee to add me also, I have been follow a Low carb High Fat lifestyle since August and have lost almost 30 pounds, I'm very happy with this lifestyle.
  • lavalily
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    How do I join this group? I have been on Atkins in the past and lost 40 pounds. Then I gained back that and more, so I went to WW. Managed to keep it off, became lifetime member and was even a leader for a while. But their latest program emphasizes too many fruits and veggies. I am starting to see the pounds go back on. I know for a fact that the LCHF works best for me. I have around 15 pounds to lose to get me back to where I need to stay.
  • mixelated
    mixelated Posts: 23 Member
    It would be nice to talk to others doing the same! :) Dropped 30 pounds a couple of years ago once I discovered my wheat/corn (and a bunch of other foods) intolerance. Just lost another 20 by shifting to Very Low Carb three months ago or so, and joined MFP about two months ago to help keep better track of everything - love it. I'll support you!! :)
  • mixelated
    mixelated Posts: 23 Member
    I just joined the keto and low carber daily forum ones - it looks like the latter hasn't been active in a while?
  • PaleoPath4Lyfe
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    I was general Paleo, but find when I eat in "general" terms I maintain my weight and don't lose.

    I only lose when I am low carb, high fat, moderate protein.

    Feel free to add me also. I am currently doing a whole 30 challenge and keeping my carbs low and fat high.
  • Melaniec78
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    Just started LCHF a few days ago. Done almost anything you name it. Was almost to goal weight last year just calorie counting with high protein. Went on some horrible medication and got lazy and here I am back at my original highest weight of my life. Looking for friends with similar WOE for advice and support.

  • JaceyMarieS
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    Due to diabetes, LCHF was a simple choice for me. I've found it surprisingly substainable
  • I just started low carb in Jan 6th-feel free to add me.
  • tennisdude2004
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    Hi, I eat primal blue print working well for me.

    Please feel free to add me.:smile:
  • lifeofheart
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    I just started the the low carb, high fat (moderate protein) based on reading Grain Brain too. As I read, it just all made sense. I have never been on a low carb diet before (always low fat), but I feel like I get tired easily, hungry too fast, and my mental clarity is not what is used to be (I am sure that some of this is age, but I would like to try and get those three years back that Perlmutter talks about!). Please count me in.