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  • I've only been back on keto for a week, but I just took my bp and it was 119/65 (I'm not on meds). I haven't had it that low in years. I've never seen as low as 65. Granted it may change long term, but I'm happy for now. :)
  • I haven't been drinking tea. I guess that's why I'm so shocked! I may add that in though. I'll have to drink it cold, hot liquids make me sick to my stomach. :P
  • I've done both. High carb made me feel wonderful, but I lost no weight. High fat made me feel like dog crap, but I lost weight. Now I just eat one meal a day and eat whatever I want (up to my calorie goal) and that is working wonderfully. I feel good and am losing weight. Everyone is different, experiment! Good luck. :)
  • This is wonderful! I have 150+ pounds to lose and exercise was always something that was so difficult for me. Walking and slow elliptical seems to do best for me, especially the walking. I am not sure about how low I should drop my calories though. Right now I am eating 1500. Should I go lower? Thanks so much, you are a…
  • Eating my feelings and having a bottomless pit for a stomach, I could never get full no matter what I did. One time I ate two big macs, two large fries and three little hamburgers in one sitting... and hour later felt like I could have done it again. I was so lonely (still am but am working on being ok with that instead of…
  • That is awesome!
  • Awesome! Thanks for the reply! I will look for some Bragg's at the store when I go tonight. If I can't find any I'll just use what I have until I find some.
  • Today is only my second day, but I have drank only water so far during the fasting period. I used to love those Kool-aid water enhancers (kind of like Mio), would that be ok once in a while to switch up from the water? I am not a coffee drinker and hate tea so these would be my only other option. I do lemon water sometimes…
  • Name: Jayme Weight: 261.4 Height: 4 ft 10 Struggles: Binging for sure. I've lost touch with my body and hunger signals and I hope to reconnect with them by doing OMAD. Goal weight range: 90 to 105 pounds Time of your OMAD: 4:30pm to 5:30pm Your OMAD start date: March 5th, 2015 If anyone would like another friend or more…
  • Wow! Thank you so much and I'm so happy that you've gotten better. :)
  • This sounds wonderful and I plan to start tomorrow! I'm 170 pounds overweight and need to get in control of myself before I keel over. :( Thank you so much for posting this! Is Bragg's a good brand for the apple cider vinegar? I only have the regular kind right now so I'll have to get some raw stuff. :)
  • My father has blood pressure issues and when he eats wheat (he finally quit, yay!) his blood pressure skyrockets. Caffeine does it to him too.