What made you fat?



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    8 quest bars a day...lol. I can't believe I said it. I only eat one these days. Except days when I eat two;)
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    Starvation mode. I was eating 700 calories and balooned up to obese status.

    I almost just spit yogurt all over my computer reading this

    I laughed out loud at this too.
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    For years I was in a really abusive relationship with beer, Chinese food and sitting.

    They would consistently force themselves upon me, all the time. I wasn't allowed to even look at some of my other friends, like veggies and exercise. I would try to resist or run away from them, but they would simply find me again the next week and the abuse got even worse. Eventually I told myself that it would just be easier to do what they wanted, rather than risking the abuse. I even got a scale and a treadmill, but they weren't afraid of those things. It was unbearable.

    To this day, they are always looking for me. I'm constantly on the run. I've had to change my appearance and buy new clothes yet everywhere I turn they seem to be there.

    I wish they would just leave me alone...

    :D Nicely done.
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    Eating too much and not exercising.

    Someone blamed their mother :o . lol

    Mothers (well, parents/guardians) are to blame for some of these young overweight kids.
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    Ive always been a big eater and could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight. Once I hit my 40's it started to creep on. Of course, boredom, chips and salsa, and wine helped some too.....
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    not keeping track of my weight
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    MrM27 wrote: »
    Starvation mode. I was eating 700 calories and balooned up to obese status.

    oh my, hahaa

    Lot's of drinking. Eating take out (pizza,fries,mexican food etc.) 2-3x daily.

    I won't lie, I do miss it.

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    Eating my feelings and having a bottomless pit for a stomach, I could never get full no matter what I did. One time I ate two big macs, two large fries and three little hamburgers in one sitting... and hour later felt like I could have done it again. I was so lonely (still am but am working on being ok with that instead of eating my problems) that food was the only thing that made me feel like I wasn't alone. Pathetic, but there it is.
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    I am a human rubbish bin when it comes to food. I just don't get full. The switch that is meant to click when you are full is well and truely broken and always has been.
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    Lots of Mexican Food, fried chicken wings and wine.
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    Too much food.
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    Bored eating/snacking
    Fast food (too much of it)
    Reese's ;)
    No exercise
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    My food addiction and lack of self control.
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    This is an important question and we all should really pause and consider the answers. I'll post this before reading the other posts:

    Genetics - I certainly don't blame much of it on this, but it definitely is a factor

    Childhood nutrition - Too much formula/milk/juice/unhealthy meals prepared for me by a wonderful woman who was only doing the best she could with what she knew and had. I have no blame here, but it certainly set me up for a lifetime of struggle without a good role model

    The notion that I needed to clean my plate because: a) people elsewhere were "starving" b) mother worked hard to shop/cook/prepare the meal so should be complimented by my need to finish every bite c) if I didn't finish, I'd be hungry later and would have to go without

    A life-span of decades of yo-yo and fad diets

    Internalized belief system that I could comfort myself with food

    Having the focus of nearly every celebration in life be centered around food

    Sedentary lifestyle - though I have exercised throughout my life, I spend far too much time in front of a screen and it has become habitual.

    Lack of education and knowledge about nutrition. I have come a long way with this. I know now that "low-fat" and "fat-free" are often not the best way to go. Falling for marketing tricks like that.

    I'm probably missing a few things, but these were the first that came to my mind.

    *goes off to read the thread now*
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    My activity level as a college student--biking everywhere I went and working out at the gym--changed dramatically when i got a desk job after graduation. My eating habits didn't change and I slowly ballooned up. I miss being able to eat anything and never gain :( But there's no way I could fit that much activity in my day now, so I've gotta keep it in check. Sigh.
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    After I had my son, I was 20 pounds overweight. I went back to work doing home health, so I spent a lot of time driving. I started eating fast food and drinking tons of sugary/caffeinated drinks to stay awake. I would make a bag of Movie Theater Butter popcorn every night and eat the whole bag while I watched tv. And the kicker...I would make a big glass of chocolate milk (with 2% and Hershey syrup) every night. I would literally drink it in bed and sit the glass on the floor and then fall right to sleep. But I couldn't figure out why I was gaining weight! In my mind, I didn't eat more than anyone else. Doh!
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    I've always been a comfort eater (I ate all my feelings during my frequent periods of depression) and in recent years I also fell into the habit of boredom snacking. For 3 years I put away soooo much regular Coca Cola every day, and I paired it with huge bars of chocolate. I paid no attention to calories, I just ate and drank whatever I wanted, then complained when I got fat.

    When I finally got over complaining about it and really started to be serious about losing weight, I found mfp, discovered the beautiful simplicity of CICO, and stuck with it. :)
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    Eating to keep up with my husband, graduating from college and getting a desk job and getting pregnant.