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  • MFP My cheap little pedometer watch The Mirror (workout from home 6 days a week) My phone (makes it easy to stay connected to MFP throughout the day) Wifi I guess for the same reason Fasting - I started fasting until lunch, basically so I can eat a bigger lunch and dinner and feel more satisfied. This helps me stay on…
  • I aim to save about 100 calories each day. I do this to help offset inaccuracies (between exercise and food logging estimates--something is bound to be a little off). But other than that, I eat most of my exercise calories.
  • Bingo. They disclose exact type and amount of the protein and veggies. But I have no way of knowing what's exactly in the sauce. Evidently it's all salt lol.
  • For sure. Fat is not the enemy. However, 71 grams of fat is a bit extreme for a serving. As is 60% of the daily recommended sodium in one serving. Yikes.
  • Yes, agreed with all of this. It's got to be the sauces, since the rest is mostly meat and veggies. I'm halving the larger meals (the ones around 800-1000). We have another meal coming with shrimp that's around 600 calories. That's still a little high for me, but I'll take the total amount and divide it into 5 or 6…
  • Absolutely. I get all of that. But again, the fat and sodium content are insane considering it's pretty much just meat and veggies. So....there's something off there to me. But yes, it certainly reiterates the importance of doing my homework and looking up the information before I decide to eat something.
  • I understand. But I disagree a bit....part of a healthy diet is eating sane and reasonable amounts of food. 980 calories a serving for a product advertised as "healthy" is a bit misleading. Plus the fat and sodium contents are through the roof. I'm just glad I looked! :)
  • Thanks for all the ideas! I'll have to experiment and maybe change it up Day to Day depending on what I have going on each day.
  • Haha! Didn't realize I was asking a guy about makeup. I mean, you never know
  • If you don't mind me asking, do you shower and do the whole makeup/hair routine both before work/school and then again after your workout? Part of my issue is since I quit my job to be a stay at home 2 years ago I prided myself on showering and getting someone presentable every morning so I feel great about myself when…
  • Lol. That's a lot of showers! Go girl!
  • That's a great partnership! Yes, I'm married. But since I'm a stay at home mom and will have a few hours in the afternoon, I feel I need to do it at that time. When I used to work outside the home, hubby and I alternated who got up with the kids so the other could workout.
  • I'll probably just wear my workout clothes most mornings and then run/shower in the afternoon. Unless we have to go somewhere in the morning (I'd like to occasionally look out together!)
  • I have my activity level on mfp set to sedentary and then I do add in the steps I count. However, I aim to save about 100 calories a day since even a sedentary level would I include around 3000ish steps.
  • I realize this is a post from 2 years ago and maybe a long shot, but if you are still around and want to talk I would like to. I am considering going to my first al anon meeting tomorrow.
  • 1200 is likely what you need for just .5 loss. You'd have to eat less than 1200 for more than that, but Mfp won't advise less than 1200.
  • I agree. I should have clarified specifically regarding weight loss.
  • Does that apply when the deficit amount is very small? (Such as 250 calories or less)?
  • Thank you for sharing. I also feel it is impossible to stop.
  • I'm so happy I just found this group!! I used to be on the Mfp community boards a lot but haven't been in months (though I do continue to log calories every day and have been for almost 2 years). I was successful losing weight and then have plateaued the past year due to binging (all that excess food completely destroys…
  • Awesome job!! I am super jealous. I'm about 4 inches shorter than you and 124lbs...I think I need to lose another 5-10 lbs to look anything like you!!
  • How many days/weeks did your scale show the 10lbs lost vs 7? If it was mostly 10 followed by a brief phase showing only 7 lost, then it may be water retention. If it's the opposite(you briefly saw the 10 lb loss and then more weighings showed only 7) then you probably have only lost 7 (weight can temporarily reflect down…
  • I have 1200 calories (I'm 4'11 and close to goal--but majorly stalled). Any other day I would have plenty of exercise to increase calories around 1400 or 1500 but Saturday happens to be the one rest day (hubby lets me sleep in Saturdays so I forfeit working out). Yeah I will probably eat something light like soup or maybe…
  • Not really. I may have several days eating at or close to Maintence but I certainly don't feel that is cheating. I try to take advantage of the free time and get in more physical activity so that helps a little with some over eating. Also, we usually stay in a house with a kitchen so I eat my normal type of breakfast and…
  • Agree with above. Also, make sure you aren't weighing yourself after you exercise. I believe your body is holding on to fluids for dear life right after a workout.
  • Ah, that might be the reason for me. I know it doesn't matter in the long run but occasionally I see a new scale low and get excited just to see it disappear for long enough to know it was never a real loss.
  • For me this usually leads to a temporary scale gain, not loss. Interesting.
  • Tell your husband you'd rather him give you a massage than bring ice cream. Win win.
  • I don't worry about getting every single vitamin and mineral daily. I focus on a theme and variety of mostly healthy food. I mostly concentrate on hitting my protein and fiber goals and everything else tends to fall in place this way.
  • Side bar: why are so many people hung up on the 1950s? Just once I'd love to hear "I have a 1920s marriage".