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  • Maybe it’s the added draught from running? Seems obvious when you mention wind @spiriteagle99 but I hadn’t thought of it!
  • Well, me for starters! And a few others here by the sounds of it. Don’t get me wrong. I really like sweets and chocolate. But I have had to teach myself moderation and restraint. (Logging helped because I knew I’d have to write it down if I ate it - and that was even before I joined MFP and just used pen and paper).…
  • Or just eat a little bit of it now and again within your calorie budget.
  • Basically this, but if you want an alternative window / glass cleaning product try vinegar.
  • I got 4+ years out of my Fitbit one. It was still working when I changed it for an Inspire 2 back in April (unusual for me to change tech that works, but really wanted an upgrade). No problems with the inspire 2 yet either. Husband has an inspire which is 2 yr old. Again, zero issues. (Unless you count a scratched up…
  • My profile details my story over the last 5-6 yrs. The full version of it is I took up fencing at 14 (43 now!) and turned out to be ok at it. Competing at national events and gaining a spot on my regional squad but never really quite breaking through to being “properly good”. Probably because I was also doing a ton of…
  • 1/2 cup of coffee, then the other half (cold) after my 5km run. That’s the pattern for most work mornings. If I have time I’ll have another hot cup after my shower. I’m just not hungry after running and I’ll get through until lunch (1pm-ish) quite happily like that. If I don’t run, it’s a whole different story…
  • I’m a UK’er and in healthcare. We use kilos and metres at work. I chose to use kilos for my own weight because I was less likely to get fixated on a particular number/ target. My height I do either. Exercise (running / cycling / weights) is in km / kilos. I cook in lbs and ounces. (I don’t think of myself as THAT old - 43)
  • Most weeks it’s grapes. (5/7 days generally). But if they’re in season raspberries or rhubarb come a close second.
  • This thread probably needs making sticky for those last few posts from @springlering62 alone.
  • This. Especially the last sentence. There are days where if I didn’t “eat back” I would net less than 500cal, which is clearly not a good idea.
  • Congrats on the weight loss so far. I know a “stall” can be frustrating, they happen and tend to resolve. There are several really good threads here that try to explain what’s going on and suggest work arounds. One is called something like “why weight loss isn’t linear”. I bet someone will come along and link to it in a…
  • You would be surprised and I hope saddened how often the answer to “excuse me can I work in?” or “are you nearly done, I’d like to use that too?” is “No. I need it” After a while, it tends to make one give up asking. And there are rarely any staff to ask to intervene. The same goes for the bars left waaayy above my head…
  • 1300 cal may not be enough for you to fuel your day safely, but there is no such zone as “too few calories to lose weight” I’m afraid. “Starvation mode” doesn’t really exist, at least not in the way the media/influencers would us to think it does. If it no-one would ever starve to death, they’d get to a point and then stop…
  • These. And “that guy” who takes 20min breaks between sets but won’t vacate the bench / squat rack / machine to do so preventing others (ok, me) using it.
  • I may be weird, or it may be a UK thing, but I’ve only ever used milk. Semi skimmed (2%), about 50ml. Adds 25cal per mug.
  • Those stats give this person a BMI of 15. Given that, they are likely to need serious professional help in order to safely address their weight and other issues. This is not something that is suitable for a “friend” or a bunch of internet strangers to fix.
  • [ Actually, pericarditis causes very specific and diagnostic changes on an ECG, if you know what you’re looking for. (UK Medical professional)
  • Thanks all. I’ll have a look at those
  • @natasor1 Please. Stop. This is not how metabolism works and is unnecessarily complicated, confusing and unhelpful advice. In terms of energy, the body doesn’t “know” what source it is coming from, in the same way a bonfire doesn’t “know” whether you’re burning garden waste or wood. Low carb will make the scale move down,…
  • No. Don’t do this. Why would someone severely underweight want to do a 3 day fast?! This advice could be seriously dangerous.
  • If the prediction is for 20lb loss and the achieved loss is 0, then there is a logging issue. In fact there’s probably a logging issue full stop since a 4lb/ week predicted loss is a 2000kcal / day deficit which would be really difficult for many people to achieve / sustain. Things to check: 1. Have you set up MFP with…
  • “Tri-cycling” the combined pill (taking 3 packs back to back without a 7 day break) is not uncommon and is sometimes even medically recommended. I wouldn’t do it forever though. There are good reasons to shed that old endometrium / not let it get too big. Glad to read you’ve also spoken to your doctor about this.
  • Good to hear that you’re getting appropriate medical care. Just a thought though. Have you had your anaemia looked into? As in, do you know what’s caused it? It isn’t always as simple as a lack of iron intake…
  • My husband and I are avid campers and have 7 tents between us. We only have 1 manufacture’s footprint. For the other tents we use an ancient groundsheet / random tarp (depending on size) which we fold as needed to fit said tent to act as a “stone sheet”. This includes the ultra-lightweight Vango Halo (we’re in the Uk) that…
  • Actually the medical “normal range” is 2/week - 3/day. DoI: licenced medical practitioner.
  • I have a quarter of a supermarket quiche pretty much every day for my lunch at work. Come in about 270-300 cal / 100g (depending on recipe) and 100g / portion To be honest, I find it more satisfying than spending similar calories on a sandwich.
  • If you have a trangia, did you know that the lids of the pans are designed to double up as teeny frying pans? (Some are even non-stick)
  • It is quite common that if you massively change your eating habits from higher calorie foods to very low calorie items (such as your salad bowl listed above), that you get full quickly on what turns out to be very low calories. Veggies / salad / fruit tend to be high volume, low calorie items. I love massive salads but…
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  • It raises your calorie allowance when you’ve exercised because that’s how this app is designed to work. Think of your 1200 (yes, I KNOW you said a different number, but it’s lower than the “floor” for safe eating…) as your standard ordinary day allowance. It reflects your normal non-exercise day to day calorie burn minus…
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