Body dys·mor·phi·a

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I've had this problem and most recently! Not realizing that I'm losing weight and shedding Fat/inches! A feeling of non accomplishment❗ Seeing only the negative and not the progress. I'm wearing the same clothes I was an 18 and now a 12😣


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    It’s real and is not comfortable but much more common than than you think.
    Some people can work through it on their own and progress to seeing themselves (nearly) as they actually are. Others need external help (therapy) to do this. Only you and time know which group you are likely to fall into.
    In the meantime, stick around here. This community is super helpful and supportive.
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    I understand this completely. I lost 85 pounds and have hung out in a 5 pound range since. I purchased clothes through the weight loss so knew my size but could not see myself relative to others for almost two years. Taking monthly measurements. Was the most helpful for me. Selfies were not helpful because the eyes immediately went to the “problem” areas plus found out that I appear larger in my mirror than in photos others take of me. If you have not taken measurements then you can either try on an old pair of pants or shirt that used to be tight or lay a correctly fitting item on top of an old item and note the differences or go to the store and try on an outfit in the old size then in the new size. Take pictures in the different outfits and take monthly pictures along with your measurements. Eventually you will notice a difference. It takes time for our brains to catch up with our changing bodies.
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    I agree with Beautyofdreams. Taking my measurements at the very beginning of my weight loss was the best thing I did. I weighed 221 pounds when I started this journey and now weigh 154.5 and I am near my goal loss of 70 pounds. I can actually see the brightness at the end of the tunnel. But, I could not see the weight loss when I looked in the mirror or a photo. I saw subtle changes, even after losing 40 pounds. When I took my recent measurements on 1/31/22 (I take them every three months), I have lost 12 inches on my waist. Just saying that was shocking. After, that day I now see clearly the weight loss in photos and mirrors and I am amazed that I didn’t see it before. But, I have been overweight most of my life, and this is really all new for me. I am now a 65 year old woman who has more energy then some of her grandkids. I am trying to set a healthy example for my family, friends, neighbors and others who feel that after a certain age you could not lose weight. Well I did it, it feels great, and I will never go back to my old ways. It took a lot of hard work, determination, making myself the priority and learning self love.

    I am just now buying clothes that are tighter on me. I threw away all my baggy clothes. They felt heavy and reminded me of how I looked. Buying new clothes is a wonderful reward!

    🐝 Bee kind
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