Feeling gutted and discouraged

It’s been a long hell of a week. I’ve tried very hard to not stress, breathe, count to 10 and all that malarkey but the long and short of it is I’ve eaten the fridge, my weight in chocolate and drank hardly any water - so now imagine how much more eating I’ve really done since I’m literally always hungry. Every day I’ve woken up motivated and raring to go - one day I even wanted to go for a jog early…. No guesses, didn’t happen.

This is not unusual for me. I am jam packed with work. In fact this is a repetitive crappy cycle that occurs whenever I am inundated with work. BUT although I am managing the work load, without a doubt I feel stressed. Tiny pockets of stress throughout the day.

I’m fed up. 43 years old and feel Like I missed the boat. There was a few years ago, well 7 years ago I would do a dance class 3-4 Times a week. I would watch what I eat and I was at my absolute slimmest. But then as soon as I was back at a full time role / at a desk I was putting on weight again.

Oh / and I’m sooo tired. My sleeop is not consistent

Arrrrrr frustrated isn’t even the work

How do I crack this again? Is it because I can’t be bothered to change? Why do I keep eating so much all the time - I can’t stop)

I think I need real buddies to help me. I just want to lose the weight.

Will it really take me forever.

And how do I stop eating junk - now?


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    I totally agree with attacking one positive change at a time. I used to think it was an all or nothing lifestyle change, expecting/needing and wanting results asap. That's almost always a set-up for failure.

    I love Ann's metaphor and way of putting that idea across. Small changes create big and lasting results. Make a small change a habit then go on to #2 small change. You WILL get there. Don't look at the big picture because it always feels overwhelming.

    Wishing you the very best!!
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    It's normal to have some stress but constant stress is another story in terms of what it can do to your health. Also not getting regular sleep just adds to the the issues.

    My advice (even for myself) is to practice some mindfulness meditation 10-20 minutes and turn off all the devices before sleep and stick to a regular sleep schedule. I also schedule daily walks to clear my head which helps with tasking my work. When I've lost weight in the past it was more about a routine and sticking to it but stress has derailed my efforts. While it's a bit disheartening I know how to use the tools to get me back to what I want. Like others have said take one step at a time until its routine and then add another. Meditation is a bit difficult but it really helps with everything else in my opinion and I can tell when I miss a day or two.

    As for being hungry all the time, well for me its food dependent if I eat meals that spike my blood sugar I will definitely return to hunger faster so I've worked to replace those meals with healthier options that are nutrient dense and higher in fiber so I don't feel like eating all the time. Sugar, fast food, and processed foods are difficult to kick but it will do a world of good if you can move away from them. I live in an arid climate and have noticed that I can mistake being hungry for dehydration and sometimes I just need to up my fluids.

    So far I've got the daily walking as part of my routine and next up will be upping my exercise. Food has been hit or miss much like meditation the past couple months so I am concentrating on bringing those up to speed. I know from my past once those are a solid part of my routine then I can tweak them for weight loss, stress reduction, and better sleep.

    It sounds like you are adding a lot to a full workload but really these things help you be more productive which makes that workload a lot more manageable in my opinion.
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    I feel the same way. I am in a rut and it's hard to get out. I just came for the comments in hopes that I can use them in my life. I guess I have nothing to say except you are not alone.

    Sometimes just that is a first step out of a rut. If something you read sounds like something you can do, give it a go. I have fallen and gotten back up more times than I feel comfortable mentioning. Why can't I be a long time maintainer? Bottom line is that I learned how to lose the weight and I didn't learn how to maintain the loss. So the cycle begins again, with that knowledge. It so easy to get into a rut. But if you can take control of just one thing, little by little, with not a lot of change or effort, you can do it. My second "thread pull" is no nighttime snacking after dinner. I eat plenty at dinner. I snack out of habit. That is totally undermining my efforts.

    Is there a "thread" you can tug at? Maybe it's not even in relation to your weight, but just something you can do to make the rut less claustrophobic :heart: We're rooting for you. We're all rooting for each other. It's what makes this community a great thing.
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    I am just reading so many comments and agree 100% .. to take one step at a time. I just started about a month ago on my journey to lose weight.... what was my one thing.. or first step... just not drinking my soda.. it had a big hold on me so i decided to try and stop... can't say i full stop since it has a hold on me but i can say i only drank it 3 time this month.. just that... didn't change my eating habits or nothing.. but 140 calories every day adds up. Before you know it you will add another thing which 2 weeks starting my journey i also started in walking at least 10-20 mins...

    You can do it. Just one step at a time.
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    I had a big issue 60kg ago with "having" to finish everything on my plate. It was a thing from growing up ..we weren't allowed to leave the table until we finished our plate. Not sure of my parents' reasoning, but it meant that for my entire life I ate whatever was in front of me.
    So my first thread to pull was allowing myself to leave food. Wasteful? Possibly. Life-changing? Undoubtedly. 60+ kilos gone. It was my first step. So your first thread could easily be a mental one.
    The second thread I pulled was sitting down every time I ate. Sit down, savour the food and take your time. Mindful eating I guess they call it now. Give yourself time to eat. Eg. Take a full 30 minutes to eat dinner. Wait 30 seconds between each mouthful. For me, this made a huge difference and enabled me to stop snacking. If I wasn't sitting down, and didn't have 30 minutes, I didn't eat it. My "rules" have relaxed now, but I still take 30 minutes to eat dinner.

    Oh, yes, we were members of the "Clean Plate Club"...because of the starving children in Africa.

    This wasn't a problem for me when I was a kid living at home where portions were reasonable, but sure became a problem when I started eating out. I have made a lot of progress with this, but I still struggle with Completion Compulsion with candy bars, containers of ice cream, etc. It's easier for me to just have single serving size containers in the house - chocolate minis instead of full size, 50-70 calorie chocolate squares, single serve ice cream containers, etc.
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    @Rsrs35 Just checking back to see how you're doing?

    I swear there's a button inside some of us that if we could simply click it off, our brain would stop us from going on these binges. :/

    To touch upon restaurant servings a little bit......why do some restaurants give a diner sooooo much food, it would make us sick to finish everything on our plates? And lots of times, if you bring it home and try to reheat things, it's not the same. Soggy seconds. Last time I went to a restaurant, actually the last 2 times, we were given so much food, dh couldn't comfortably eat his dinner. And he's not one to bring home and reheat food. :( Such a waste IMO.