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  • I like adding it to bean salads, regular salads, plain or with a sprinkle of lemon juice, with fish, on top of roasted sweet potato, on a sandwich in lieu of mayo.
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  • Hi! I'm also 32 and live in NYC. Welcome back and good luck!
  • @Kimegatron I've been very heavy for most of my adult life, above 300 lbs. for some of it, and unfortunately have had a handful of run-ins with rocks-for-brains, or just people who lacked tact. I was on the subway minding my own business with a book when a woman sat next to me and started loudly lecturing me about how much…
  • I'm excited to be taken seriously by people that might not have done so when I was at a higher weight. And maybe I'll also be more likely to speak my mind. Better start practicing now I guess.
  • I'm a New Yorker who lives on public transportation/walking the streets. Some days they feel like full contact sports, and ones I need to train for. Also I indulge in the funnest, trashiest music while I do cardio (Britney Spears, 3, anyone?). It's motivating, dammit.
  • Congratulations on your loss and changed habits! You look great. I'm 5'7'' and looking to go from 283 lbs. to at least 159 lbs. (a healthy BMI). I'm now at 273 lbs. Always open to MFP friends on similar journeys.
  • @jemhh I cube the avocado half in the shell and then turn it inside out over the potato and scrape out any cubesthat don't come out with a butter knife. Then scoop up the cubes with the potato, but you could smash it too.
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  • Avocado half + roasted sweet potato = heaven on a plate (ymmv).
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  • I'm doing it to turn my diabetes diagnosis around (blood sugar already stabilized a lot); I want an A1C I can be proud of. I'm doing it to be a nimble New Yorker on public transit (i.e., run around the tourists). I'm doing it for my yet-to-be-born nephew. I'm doing it so I can feel what it's like to have a body that's…
  • Ooh, I have a box similar to this but it contains things to help me deal with anxiety. It was an idea from my therapist: you fill the box with one thing that's soothing for each sense. So there's some nice lotion for touch, a candle for sight, the candle also works for smell as it's an aromatherapy candle (orange…
  • Roasted sweet potato topped with a balsamic vinegar chickpea salad, half an avocado, and fat-free Chobani Greek yogurt (someone else did the shopping; I'm on the lookout for full fat Fage). And a bowl of cherries.
  • @sofaking6 Ha ha, gotcha. I get sleepy I'd I miss a meal but have never had a hunger headache. So many varieties of human!
  • Huh, interesting. I've not experienced those symptoms. Wonder if that'll change as I lose weight. Thanks for sharing!
  • Truly ripe Georgia peaches. +1 if bought at a roadside stand. Kumquats are fun, too.
  • ^This. And amazing achievement @funchords! Congrats on your maintenance.
  • I have Major Depression, Recurrent and PTSD, too (and just tend to be anxious/obsessive in general). Taking care of your health is a great way to reinforce taking care of yourself in all kinds of ways (taking your meds regularly as directed, getting to therapist's appointments, trying new things, meeting new people, etc.).…
  • On your profile page you say your inspiration is watching your niece grow up (great inspiration). Could you put a picture of your niece up where most of the snacks in your house are and choose to "meditate" (just think) on it before you reach for a sweet-tooth item? I would also think on your goals (feeling comfortable…
  • I also have 100+ to lose and enjoy supporting MFP pals!
  • I'm also sci-fi nerdy (Doctor Who, Orphan Black) and have a lot to weight to lose. I've an open diary and love to give encouragement!
  • 1. Yes - better physical (e.g., manage, maybe eliminate, diabetes) and mental (e.g., manage depression) health. 2. Very. Both of the above have a huge affect on my day to day existence. 3.a) Support: It's nice to live with someone who also eats healthy so grocery shopping is easier to decide and there aren't temptations in…
  • Welcome! You've got a great attitude, good luck on reaching your goals. I'm a refugee from WW, too, and never thought I'd count calories, but I'm loving MFP so far and it's working for me. Enjoy yourself here!
  • Yes, on the path every day. Lost 6lbs/3kgs so far (day 10, so obviously won't stay this fast a rate, still, yay). CICO/tracking as accurately as I can every day (I'm getting a digital scale, promise!) Goal is to exercise smart/persistent/sane daily habits including rest days that will control my blood sugar spikes and…
  • That I would use my weight loss/healthy habits as place to get to a bad place emotionally, i.e., judging others harshly (which would ultimately mean holding myself to stringent physical standards and not appreciating who I am as a whole person who's on a journey, and not just an object to be photographed).
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  • +1 @wkwebby & @kitkatkarr, I just figured both of these out using MFP. I wish I'd known that just because I got myself into this situation by myself doesn't mean I can't ask for help (e.g., join a gym, hire a personal trainer, use the forums here).
  • Lesbian in NYC, open to new MFP pals!
  • Hi everyone, I'm new to MFP and new to the group! I'm running late so will keep it short, but I'm proud of handling my eating-when-anxious times better and am also about to start a lifting routine with a personal trainer, both of which are firsts for me. Hope everyone else is having a great day! Good luck with all your…
  • Lime juice, mustard, garlic, sesame oil (a little goes a long way), citrus zest, agave (again, a little goes a long way), basil, rosemary, Bragg's liquid aminos or tamari, balsamic vinegar. Almost anything will work as long as you like the flavor (but then I'm half-Japanese and love tofu, so I would say that, wouldn't I ;)…