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  • If I was single, then sure!
  • You have nice eyes so 10 😊
  • 2013 vs a couple of weeks ago 😊
  • First picture from 2013 vs a couple of weeks ago 😊
  • Shoulders + back + beard = me drooling
  • I gained about 5 stubborn lbs back (over the coarse of a few weeks) my mini goal is to get back into the habit of tracking again
  • Have finally started running in my sports bra! It's just too hot and muggy to have my shirt sticking to me all the time. My size 14 self is strong and beautiful :) Also, I was called a "real runner" by a friend today. I firmly believe that from the first moment you start running even if only for 10 seconds at a time, you…
  • Went to the library today and one of the Librarians looked at me and said "WOW you are looking so slim and fit!" the other librarian agreed with her. :) I see them at least once a week so the fact that they are noticing was nice....I also was wearing a newer outfit that is more form fitting than my running shirts which…
  • Ran my farthest run ever last saturday! 14 miles!! I am so excited to run my first marathon <3
  • First pic. around a week ago at 180. The second pic. from 2014 at 235ish (not even my highest point).
  • So earlier I mentioned getting down to my first big goal that was 4 lbs away....I DID it! My next Big goal is to get to 160, but my next mini goal is to get to 170 :D
  • Have to show them off :D
  • I bought some new clothes today! I tried on the biggest shirt size since it was in the jr. section....too big!! I had to get the next size down :D and everything I tried on fit even though the number was intimidating when I grabbed it off the rack. My only problem? Trying to decide to keep or leave each thing (it all…
  • chocolate covered raisins!! yum yum!
  • well this nsv happened about a month and half ago but I had not written it here yet and I am just to excited to not tell the world. I finally had the courage to jumped in with both feet and signed up for my first FULL marathon! I have done 3 halves, a 10 miler and countless 5k but I never thought I would go off the edge…
  • I have been maintaining for the last several months (which I am proud of myself for) BUT it's still not where I want to be. I have 4 lbs until I hit my first BIG goal. So my mini goal is to FINALLY get the last 4 lbs off so I can start on my next big goal :)
  • You are not alone! I lost 50lb about 20 more to lose (maybe a little more). I have maintained for a year because I have not been able to get motivated on counting again all the time. I'm trying to start again today! We can do it!! :)
  • The one with the two kiddos hugging I was around 245ish in 2014. The others were from this weekend 184 :) been maintaining for the last year or so, but I am ready to lose another 20- 25 lbs now!
  • My first big goal jeans....need a belt to stay up even right of the dryer and makes my butt look saggy. At the start of this I could not pull them up all the way. Not going to lie I'm going to miss those, but I have new goal jeans fitting perfectly and another beautiful pair waiting in the closet for me <3
  • I have a some running pants that have fit for around a year now but were always just a little tight and gave me a slight muffin top so I only wore them if my others were dirty. Today I put them on and they fit perfect!! I then proceeded to check myself out at every angle because I looked damn good :)
  • I've got a couple :) 1. My FAVORITE dress is almost to big on me now (sad day) the back slowly kept sliding down when I wore it yesterday..I don't think I will be able to wear it anymore :( Though now I need to go find a new favorite dress. 2. After lunch today I was craving something sweet...I was headed for the ice cream…
  • This weekend I saw my grandparents for the first time in a few weeks and the first thing my grandpa said was "Well no wonder your running time is getting so much faster! There is less of you running!" haha. Also, my mother in law told me she was looking at pictures yesterday from a year and a half ago and she said "OMG i…
  • I ran 4 miles non stop!! Even more excited because the Ozark "mountains" (huge hills) are no joke! I ran up 2 beast hills that I normally have to walk a little bit on.
  • I started running again at 245 lbs. I went super slow and took a lot of walk breaks but I gradually got faster and farther. As long as you don't push to hard and to far right off the bat then you should be alright :)
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  • It may take you more than 3 months to build up. Running takes time and patience. But I did have one thought, how are your arms/shoulders/chest muscles and even your hands when you run? If you are tense, making fists or hunched over it makes it difficult for your lungs to expand. When you are running try to focus on your…
  • GO for it. C25K is awesome. I am a former couch potato, now on week 6, The first week (60second runs) was torture, but I ran 20 minutes this past weekend. Great feeling!!! I love the de-stress and the feeling of achievement - hoping one day to be a real runner as its such an inexpensive & accessible sport to get…
  • I am going to have to start using a belt on my first "goal" jeans :) I remember when I couldn't even get them pulled all the way back up!!!!
  • I got 2 compliments the other day on my runs. I was at the store when 2 different employees at 2 different times told me they see me out all the time running and asked how far I go. I said 'eh usually only about 3-4 miles 4-5 times a week". Both stared at me in disbelief and said "ONLY 3-4 MILES?!" Its nice that my mind…