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  • So I attempted burdock once, a random googled recipe. Edible, but only barely. Then a Japanese friend brought some over prepared according to some form of magic. It was killer. Always catches my eye. I’ll attempt again, someday.
  • Very typical trough o’ greens, fizzy style. Spinach & baby red leaf Fresh cilantro Scallion tops ‘fried’ on an oiled plate in micro Pom arils (on their way out..) Avocado oil (spray) Bit of Red Shell Miso dressing Many grinds of TJs ‘everyday’ seasoning TJ’s ‘all the alliums’ seasoning Squeezed over @ end some yuzu (I…
  • We are brand challenged on this rock, but I get around. Oh Heck, my eyes are peeled now ;)
  • This is all so helpful. ❤️ Thank you!!! I enjoy water chestnuts, but I will bulk consume new veggies and it’s sometimes not looked kindly upon by my body. I appreciate the heads up! The vegan sausages- brand name?
  • @BarbaraHelen2013 please update with review and preparation used. I’ve never had them. They were always dang pricey and not ‘eye pretty’ enough to win me over.
  • I had a ‘scallion pancake’ type thing once with copious mung bean sprouts cooked in. I remember ginger, scallion, mung bean, carrot shreds, and it had an egg-y batter that prolly also had a starch binder. Was pan fried till quite golden, and I remember some type of sauce. Maybe also sesame seeds? Was at a delicious little…
  • Dessert, fizzy style. Double cooked ‘oriental beauty’ sweet potato (slow long baked, chilled, resteamed) with pomegranate arils. Added tahini but ate before pic. @lemurcat2 My vote for daikon is spiralized thin, added to very hot broth (the boxed ramen or pho starter, or scratch if you’re particularly ambitious.) Cilantro,…
  • @AnnPT77 I see that you scored some… and while my FIRST thought is indeed preserved (I prefer the whole lemons, nubs cut off, shallow X cut into each end, pink sea salt dredged and packed in own juice, with peppercorn, bay leaf, and star anise)… sounds like you are not a fan of the process 😂 The simple thing I do with a…
  • I’m a huge fan of the perfectly custardy yolk. I find steaming them (not actual boiling), full rolling boil, 7.5 mins, then a dunk in ice water as a stop-bath (about a minute), then submerged in the boiling water (few seconds) then back to ice for a minute - perfectly cooked, and easy to peel. The steaming helps with the…
  • ‘Red shell’ miso dressing. More sugar than I’d like to admit and some questionable oil (soy) but so. Dang. Good. A Tbsp goes a looooong way. Like half a giant tub of greens, if you are a diligent mixer upper.
  • OMG yes green papaya salad. Here (Big Island Hawaii, Hilo side) it’s probably the best ‘local spin on’ cusine - they do it with avocado. And we have a LOT of papaya - it’s the most affordable produce. I adore it, and have never nailed the dressing. It’s a very finicky balance of lime, chile, and (depending on the recipe)…
  • Do you have sprouting experience for things like lentils? There is a local market that does a mix of semi sprouted things, I think they are red lentils, some form of small yellowish round bean, and some form of pea. They are crunchy and short tailed. Delish. Would love to know your faves for eating raw if you have them.
  • Wow! I’ve NEVER encountered. So fun!
  • Ann, blowing my mind with the various levels of insight and really applicable framing. Thank you so much for the time. This is really helpful. You nailed it, on the core identity part. I have had phases where I was terrifically inactive in sporting terms, and got quite heavy - but much of my life, and the best times, have…
  • Zombie 🧟‍♀️ thread resurrection. I heard so much good stuff, when I needed it. The recap: I again find myself hobbled by an assortment of physical issues. After the hamstring reattachment & neck surgery, I really dedicated myself to the PT, and came back swinging. Maybe too swing-y; I completed the North Face 50K 10 months…
  • 💯. My fave protein bar for a few years now. I originally thought they were ‘close enough’ to quest, and waaaaay cheaper, but now I actually prefer them. I have very occasionally eaten them zapped, but I actually prefer them chilled, they’re slightly less sweet.
  • Love seeing the ‘whole head’ circulating. Agreed that when it’s just me, not always worth the wait. But when I’m using the oven as a proxy heater, I like to give it about half hour hot (400ish) and then drop it low and slow until I can’t wait anymore. Gets so delightfully crispy-chewy.
  • Local Breadfruit- made into cranberry bread pudding & paleo brownies (those also have local butter avocado.) Not pictured: -cranberry salsa with local mango -taro chips (came out too done. Lower oven next time) Other pic: -salad: local kale, roasted miso-maple pumpkin, spiced fried walnuts, pomegranate (herbed tahini…
  • Lilikoi! The purple ones especially ❤️ Like slurping on floral perfumed heaven.
  • A quick trip to California and I’m stuffing myself with all of the west coast things I can’t get on-island. Apples, good ones - ones that haven’t been in a container bobbing across the ocean for weeks. Fresh figs. A perfect pear. Jicama. Don’t get me wrong. Hawaii produce is unreal and varied in ways I’m still discovering.…
  • Breakfast salad :) Purple local yams, broiled with avo oil, spices, micro grated good parm. Dressed with hummus cut with lemon and vinegar and fancied up a bit.
  • That would be me. I'm glad you found them and love them. I see them around here (PNW USA) every now and then, but they look old and shriveled, and they aren't as tasty. They are pretty magic little fruits. So many delicious things there. All kinds of bananas. Fresh papaya. Pineapple that is actually ripe. Yeah. I'm…
  • Strawberry guava season!! 🙌
  • Detail shot of rambutan;)
  • Rambutan for the win. Someone here told me to look out for those. Brilliant suggestion.
  • Just had a life changing experience. Soursop. (I think.)
  • Hey, frozen veg have a place. They let us add variety and are sometimes just what the dish needed. I support this picture and would likely lick the bowl.
  • I couldn’t afford Kauai (yet!) so this was the first stop. En route to there in the 3 year plan :) The bananas- yeassss. I was not previously a ‘banana person’ but the little apple bananas changed all of that.
  • Big Island. Strikingly affordable compared to CA Bay Area. Also: egg fruit. Wowza. I’ll look for rambutan!