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  • Personally, I wouldn't worry about dieting or losing weight until after you're better. A few years ago I was prescribed Augmentin and Prednisone at the same (I had a rough bout of pneumonia). Augmentin was an absolute nightmare on my digestive system; I don't think my body absorbed one bit of the food I ate- it just ran…
  • I was prescribed Trazadone by my doctor for anxiety related insomnia. I don't take it every night, just for the occasional problematic night but it works amazingly well for me when needed. I also found in general that using a lavender scented pillow spray makes me feel more calm and relaxed.
  • This was the first year I've ever had a reaction to the flu shot; I was exhausted and achy for about 24 hours after. Interestingly, I had no reaction at all to either of my Pfizer doses.
  • Except baking from scratch I don't do any of the above. Roomba does the vast majority of my floor cleaning and is easily one of my favorite purchases. I've never lived in an HOA neighborhood, but I've heard it's a common rule in many of them to ban the use of outdoor clotheslines. I guess they think it's a poor aesthetic?
  • I developed plantar fasciitis after doing a lot of barefoot exercising. Now I am never without super supportive footwear, and I use compression socks whenever I get a flare up. There are stretches that help as well if this turns out to be your issue too.
  • Yep, I'm in a similar situation. I've been maintaining a 50 lb loss for almost a decade. But we moved from the Northeast to Georgia back in June and the stress of that and having to find a new job while in an area with lots of amazing restaurants all within walking distance...I'm up almost 15 lbs. I know what I need to do…
  • Thank you for sharing- I'll have to remember this the next time I get a flare up!
  • I think it's different for everyone and depends on how severe your case is. When I get a bad flare up I can't do much besides light walking. And I do seem to get flare ups when I start over doing it on the running and jumping. Compression socks help a lot, as do insoles. And I've learned I can't walk around barefoot ever-…
  • I used to always exercise barefoot indoors until I developed a terrible bout of plantar fasciitis last year. Now I pretty much have to wear supportive sneakers all time. It's a bummer because I love the feeling of being barefoot.
  • The biggest game changer for me was increasing my NEAT. I do very little purposeful exercise, but I try to move a lot throughout the day. I have a desk job, but I'll walk around the room while I'm on calls and get up and jog in place throughout the day. Instead of bringing a large water bottle with me to my office, I'll…
  • I didn't see much difference to my skin when I took a collagen supplement, although I did notice my fingernails were less brittle. I do notice a difference when using a collagen serum on my face- it definitely reduces the appearance of wrinkles, although it's just a temporary effect. I also second wearing sunscreen any day…
  • When I started Zoloft I had zero appetite and lost a bit of weight (many people report the opposite effect though). I also had terrible insomnia, headaches, brain fog, increase in sweat, and dizziness. After about 4-6 weeks all of the side effects dissipated, including the appetite returning to normal; I'm glad I stuck it…
  • Halloween is my favorite holiday so it does irk me when Christmas starts infringing on "my" holiday. So many stores start putting Christmas stuff out in September now! But once we're past 10/31, I think Christmas is fair game. Most years I put stuff out Thanksgiving weekend.
  • That's good to hear! I saw a PT yesterday and she seemed optimistic I could be exercising normally again in 6 weeks. I'll be going twice a week for two weeks and once a week for the following four weeks. The new sneakers, insoles, and compression socks I bought all seem to be helping as well.
  • Thank you everyone- this is all so helpful!
  • Thank you- I'll definitely try those!
  • If money was of no concern, yeah, I'd probably consider it. I haven't done any research to know what the risks are though, and would have to know more about that before getting serious about it. I have had other plastic surgery in the past and don't have any regrets about it. I think any adult who has been well informed of…
  • Not for me, no. My BMI is around 20-21 and my cholesterol is still high. Both of my parents have high cholesterol, are at normal weights, and have a pretty balanced and nutritious diet. I guess it just runs in my family.
  • I've put on 2-3 lbs since mid March, which isn't terrible. My new hobby in quarantine has been baking so even though I've had time to be more active, I've also been eating way more treats than I normally would. They've been 100% worth it, I have to say- I found a recipe for a Kentucky Derby Pecan Pie Cheesecake that was…
  • I agree. I think a lot of times when people say "skinny fat" the actual issue is looking under muscled. OP, if I were you I would personally choose to eat at maintenance calories and focus on strength training/weight lifting rather than continue to try and lose weight.
  • Yes, I estimated the whole time I was losing weight and still just estimate in maintenance (I've maintained for about 8 years now). If you stop seeing progress you may want to consider logging and/or weighing out your food. But if what you're doing is working and you're happy with your progress, there's no need to change…
  • I would rather workout at home. I like the privacy and have the space to do it. When the weather is nice I also enjoy hiking and kayaking. Years ago I had a gym membership but didn't use it much. It was not a convenient location (I live out in the middle of nowhere so there aren't not many places in general that are…
  • No, I don't bother giving weight loss advice anymore even when asked. No one seems to want to hear that it's just about eating less than you burn. They insist CICO doesn't work for them or just become immediately disinterested.
  • I've pretty much always eaten in an 8 hour window just by personal preference. I didn't know it even had a name until recently. I have been both thin and overweight eating this way. Calories are really all that matter for weight loss- if I consistently eat 3000 calories in my 8 hour window I would still gain weight because…
  • I'm the exact opposite. I do zero intentional exercise, but I'm generally keeping active. On average I get about 15-20k steps per day.
  • Exactly. Returning a dropped wallet or letting someone know they have a headlight out is objectively helpful. Presuming you have great fitness advice to offer and that everyone should want to hear it even when they haven't asked, is not. Especially if you're not a professional yourself. It's pretty condescending to assume…
  • Offering unsolicited advice is generally bad practice. If I were genuinely concerned that someone was going to injure themselves during their workout, I would quietly tell a gym trainer or staff member and let the professionals handle it. I think this guy was very out of line.
  • Homemade chocolate chip cookies. I make them only once or twice a year and indulge to my heart's content on those days.
  • If I were at a buffet my plate would also be loaded up with everything under the sun; I like to get my money's worth. It doesn't mean that I (or anyone else at a buffet) eat like that all the time. You don't know what this woman's typical diet is like or what kind of progress she may or may not have made with weight loss…
  • I have an 11 year old Papillon who did a 9 mile hike with me last weekend. I figured since she's only about 7 pounds I would just carry her if she got tuckered out, but she happily kept up the whole way.