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  • @anglyn1 From the things you have shared here, you and I have very similar ideas about how and when to put ourselves in the limelight (never). Even here, it's difficult for me to post contrarian things. I got INFJ-T result, but don't feel that it quite fits me. There is one phrase that has stuck in my mind since I heard…
  • I have only heard of it for C-diff treatment.
  • Check out Butter Bob's recipe for LC Mayo and Ranch dressing!
  • My two cents worth is that if you and he are living together, you can lead by example. You would buy the groceries and teach him how to be healthy. Also, ask him if he will support you in your health goals, that means, no off plan temptations in the house. So, ball in his court!
  • This thread made me look at my reports to see when I last whooshed and if there was a pattern I could detect from my diary. Basically, I saw that I had a whoosh when I ate MORE calories, but fewer carbs. I just set my macros for those variables to see if that speeds up the timing of the "whooshes"... will let you know if…
  • I weigh most things, too... especially nuts. I have found that it makes me more mindful of what I put in my mouth and my head will also tell my stomach that it's satisfied when I have eaten the prescribed portion. The kitchen scale works for me! :)
  • Mall walking?
  • @KnitOrMiss Make sure the Rick Riordan books are the young adult series he writes... there is a series with adults that would be HIGHLY inappropriate for preteen and maybe young teen readers. The ones with Trey Navarre are murder mysteries with various adult topics included.
  • @Almoshposh YES! You deserve good health, more energy and fewer pills! You can do this without adding stress to your overburdened psyche. You will be amazed at how much better you feel and how much less hungry or food obsessed you are on this WOE. Come back often for inspiration and let us know how it's going with you. :)
  • This is the recipe I used :) Extremely delicious!
  • @ProCoffeenator So sorry about your crappy day yesterday, but you showed your true grit pulling it together and vowing to have a good day today. That's my hope for you and everyone, to have a great day today!
  • Be who you are and do what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter won't mind. --(paraphrased slightly from Dr. Seuss)
  • At around 2 months in, I experienced what I thought was passing kidney stones. Turns out it was muscle cramps/spasms. My electrolytes were out of whack, so MAGNESIUM is necessary.
  • Currently, I have a Shorkie (Shih Tzu/Yorkie) that is also larger and heavier than he was supposed to be, at approx. 22 lbs. He eats grain free Blue Diamond due to food allergies. He's my sweetie, but such a mess! lol I usually have a big dog and a small dog at the same time, but our Dalmation passed away and we haven't…
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  • I have to just Keep Calm and Keto on! Not going to try to fix anything or tweak anything because I am stressed enough as it is. ;)
  • Bring here the bacon?
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  • Can I buy a vowel?
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  • Hi, Greg! This is a great group with a HUGE collective knowledge base that is very helpful. I love this Low Carb way of eating (WOE) and have a starter suggestion today... make sure you keep your electrolytes in balance, which usually means supplementing sodium and magnesium. Sodium, because low carb really dehydrates, and…
  • I agree with samantha... bring some roasted turkey and pumpkin-cream cheese muffins and reassure her that you will be celebrating with the PEOPLE, not the food. :)
  • Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am thankful for this group of people, who are working toward better health and are respectful of each others' differences. I made the Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins for my feast dessert and they are hands down the BEST holiday dessert treat of ANY WOE... whoever posted that link for the…
  • Good luck and congratulations on the baby and the determination to be better at controlling something that sometimes makes us feel out of control. Baby steps is how I am working it too, learning to listen better to my body. :)
  • It really is sustainable, and I feel the reason is BECAUSE of this group. So much research done with zero judgement about what fits you personally, as everyone has a unique challenge and goal. I have learned so much here. Thank you everyone and good journey to better health and a wealth of new knowledge about what works…
  • @ProCoffeenator You sound pretty stressed out right now... There are two rules that should be observed in the holiday season. 1- Don't sweat the small stuff!! 2- It's all small stuff. :wink: You have goals and this is a marathon, not a sprint... cut yourself some slack and make sure your loved ones (including YOURSELF)…
  • @RalfLott I resemble that remark lol
  • There is very little choice at the market for keto eating. Keeping to the perimeter does work, with a few forays into the cleaning products aisle. Still, for those who are getting the bad information, 90% of the "foods" at the market are sugar-sweetened and carb laden. ETA: I went off my insulin without consulting my…
  • oh yep! This was going to be my first cheat... cornbread dressing because I have had it every Thanksgiving and Christmas for all of my life.
  • @KnitOrMiss I think you have hit it out of the park! It's the crunch and the sweetness... except the roasted brussel sprouts, which taste like chips to me. Thank you for that great information.
  • Another carb question... before this WOE, I craved sweets and bread. Lately, I have found myself craving (mouth-watering, can't think of anything else) green beans, braised cabbage and onions, okra fried with almond flour, roasted brussel sprouts, well you get the picture! I wonder if there's a supplement I am missing or…
  • My brother was talking about the young girls at the tailgater at Ole Miss wearing only body paint on their upper half. There had to be an adult with them who obviously DIDN'T disapprove of that. Not sure how this is happening. I don't think we should body shame, but PLEASE teach your children what is appropriate and what…
  • There are loads of museums worth visiting in Houston, not just the Space Center.