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  • When you say 107, you mean 107lbs, right? 107kgs would be roughly 235lbs. I ask only because you referenced European sizing.....that *typically* indicates kgs and cm. I would hate to assume anything.
  • I hope not. I am 51 - and then some. So, if 52 is too me an old fart and kick my *kitten* out! Good luck on that! I am fiesty and contact friendly! LOL!
  • Awesome, dude! I think that you have things right! Cardio (walking) is on the "calories out" side of, you can do some more cardio to "make room" for some of that yummy food or you can eat that yummy food and then go do some extra cardio. Cardio is a tool. Plain and simple. Eating too little and doing too much…
  • In my experience - and this is 100% my experience - asking an MD for nutritional advise is like asking the fox to guard the hen house (in other words, a really HORRIBLE idea). MDs - and this is a super general statement and super specific to my experience - know little to nothing about nutrition. Granted, I am tough on…
  • Glad to help. There are likely several more, but all of those that I included I have actually watched (two or three times). There is such a wide array of information out is difficult - at times - to know what is hogwash and what is valid. Anyway, as mentioned, always glad to contribute and to help.
  • You have not seen the starting pics yet! You might VERY QUICKLY change your mind! LOL! Anyway, getting over that and manning up and just gonna do it. I mean, why the heck not? One way or is happening!
  • So, lots of good questions! I will purchase the book (would not think about doing this without it....everything that I have read so far STRONGLY states having the book available at all times). I will also run the workout with the diet. I agree - the two go hand-in-hand! Again, everything that I have read STRONGLY suggests…
  • I like to challenge myself and dont really like "easy". I am very interested. I do appreciate everyone replying. Please dont think that I dont.
  • Thank you, Stephanie, for the reply. I knew that there were one or two guys here who have done this....are doing this. I just could not remember who! Now I know! :-) Yes - I would very definitely go out of Ketosis as the grams of fat consumed in UD2.0 are very low. Typically in the 30g - 50g range. I usually get about 145g…
  • @CricketKate - not an accident that I posted #2,000 on your board!
  • Just for Today: I will pay something someone a kindness that they did not expect, and maybe - just maybe - change their day. And, their outlook! :-)
  • Just for Today: I will reach my 2,000th MFP Post!
  • People - and, yes....using that word specifically and intentionally here - can be subtly cruel without realizing it. Kinda like "blissful ignorance". Not sure why everyone (and, clearly being lazy with language here....not "everyone") has to stick their nose in other's business. Maybe they all have a lot of weight to lose…
  • I do not disagree.....that thing called L.I.S.S.! Some people get funny and call their walking "NEAT"! :-) 6:1, half-dozen the other.....all part of "calories out"! No matter what the letters associated with it are!
  • Exactly. The cardio (if we are calling the 3.5 mile walk "cardio") simply helps to burn some additional calories. That might allow you to eat some more food. :-) I find that - while weight loss is all about calories in vs. calories out - that I do much better when I am in the gym (training sessions). I just recently added…
  • I am huge on, I get what you are saying. But, if I might comment on this....and, we are all different.... To me, it is "get healthy, then get fit"! Just how I see things!
  • I have not seen it. That is why I was so clear to state that I am repeating what others have said. :-)
  • Agreed! But, everyone is different!! :-) The great thing is.....if you do not know, then you don't know that there are other options out there. I am a fan of trying new things....I like to know how things work and I like to know how things work for me. I love eating the Keto way. But, as I have mentioned often, that is me.…
  • I am told that I am old (sometimes, "way too old"!)......but I strongly disagree. 50 is the new 30. So, I must be 31? :-)
  • I do me. If people are not okay with that, then too bad! It all depends on the situation and the context. If I am meeting colleagues for some event and they all know my story then I do not worry. Shoot - sometimes I even indulge and surprise the poop out of them. Other times, I just stick with my amazing food! I am at the…
  • I have not seen that myself, so I can not comment on it specifically. However, many many many others in MFP have and generally speaking most call it rubbish. I am very active in Keto and love that way of eating *BUT* it is quite restrictive - as I have mentioned 1,000 times (in different posts). Everyone is different and…
  • Kathleen! Welcome aboard MFP! Feel free to add me. I *never* send friend least, not yet! Great work with the A1C numbers.... Cary
  • I have been following Keto since Febrauary 1, 2018. I absolutely love it....but it works well for me (with respect to the types of food that you eat following this). It is ***SUPER*** restrictive in that you essentially eat no carbs (well, roughly 5% of your calories come from carbs - I would call that super restrictive).…
  • Well, good for you @HayleeRenaeFit ! Ultimately, it is your choice and your body (and, your sanity!). Very wise of you to recognize the potential for bad and to decide for enjoyment and "positive" health instead. Being tired and hangry sucks big time. Well done, young lady!
  • NICE! I do believe that I am picking up the hint that you are dropping! Anyway....just another perfect example of how we are all so very different. :-)
  • I follow Keto as well. Here is a crazy suggestion (that has worked well for me): pickle juice! Yes, sir! You are reading that correctly....pickle juice! Bone Broth will also help with this. For Pickle Juice, I get the Harris Teeter Bread and Butter Pickles (because I like those best) and after eating four or five of those…
  • And, forgot...see, picture painted with words vs the one in my head does not always translate well.... A big part of the goal for reverse dieting is to get you back in a position for another show....or, to bring you back to a healthy(ier) metabolic state. Often, people who do a well planned reverse diet will put themselves…
  • Good morning, @HayleeRenaeFit ! A reverse diet is essentially the anti-diet! You have been dieting and reducing "calories in" and increasing "calories out" (via Cardio and whatnot). The balance is lost. Depending on the time spent in the diet, you very well may have adjusted down (metabolically speaking). The reverse diet…
  • Small victories.....fuel the success and confidence. Keep on, keeping on!