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  • Hope tomorrow finds you feeling better, Alexandra - and that the eye doctor is a success!
  • One day later than I said - but tonight, PAV, I followed your fine example. Supper=frozen green beans& butternut squash + veggie sausage on a bed of riced cauliflower. 5 bunnies worth of veggies - 5 minutes of cooking. Full belly.
  • I'm afraid my portion would be the entire pie...will only buy it if I am taking it somewhere else and leaving the leftovers there too. TOOOOOO dangerous :(
  • Ding dong, the pie is gone, which old pie, the chocolate one. Ding dong the wicked pie is gone!
  • Great work, ABD!
  • Scant Monday Bunnies Breakfast potato salad bunnies: 🐰🐰 Snack tomatoes cucumbers and peppers bunnies: 🐰🐰 Supper potato salad bunnies: 🐰🐰
  • Will post - my quanitities are silly though - but you can adjust down.
  • Great advice, PAV. I'm going to try to take it on - starting with supper today. Too easy to get into that "gotta cook 'something'" state of mind. No. Don't "gotta." Just open bag! (I might kinda half boil/half steam mine though).
  • Yesterday was younger son's birthday celebration. Beautiful day, lots of sun (and a big sun umbrella over the table thank goodness) and lots of food. Mostly very healthy - younger son loves healthy food - though too much. And...the highpoint...thanks to Dante's shared trick of putting vinegar into the cooking water, a…
  • I think our bodies are so tickled with reduced weight that they respond very dramatically to any weight gain. Glad it was only 3 pounds for you....hope they leave again without too much of a fight. Pups are great fun, Alexandra. A whole different dynamic from felines! Will have you all on your toes and joyfully occupied.…
  • Bella, it seems like you covered the bunnies for us too! I had some - a handful? Today they are in big trouble.
  • Welcome back, Bella. Those freakin' hamsters. PAV - that was my go to recipe for the stink masters too. We used it a few weeks ago. And then my friend - brand new to dog ownership - told me about how his vet sold him this special shampoo - and I didn't expect it to work - but WOW. Absolutely no (maybe .00005%) stink left…
  • Hope things level out on the lower end, Yooly!
  • No drug coverage for us lowly "self-employed" contract works ... lol. Normally not an issue - just had a post-pandemic - disorganized billing perfect storm :) Cant wait for the freakin' foot to feel better. Seems to want to not be used - but that isn't a very practical thing is it???? Furry one isn't too pleased either.
  • The hominy is too hard to find around here to be any kind of real go to with those little sausage babies is jewel potatoes and saurkraut :)
  • I haven't had those beets in awhile. Maybe a good week to try something new with them....hmmm :)
  • I have a moment to rewrite my original post now: A few months after I quit smoking - sixish years ago - I had similar things going on as I do now. Weight creeped up, despite a few months of eating around 1500 calories per day. I also lost the nails from my big toes, lost lots of hair, resting heart rate slowed down, lots…
  • They came....they came
  • You are such a good partner, Yooly.
  • Oh my...I wrote a big long post and then lost it :( so a short version: I ran out of cash/credit in April = running out of a supplement that is good for me all over. Hopefully that sudden change also had a hand in my weight creeping up and up and up despite reasonable calories in/calories out levels. And, the best part,…
  • Great progress this week, Dante. They'll have to tie you down soon so you don't get blown away by those ocean breezes next time you are visiting an island :)
  • Great work, Athijade - especially since you are feeling under the weather. Hope you get lots done, Alexandra. Fingers crossed for you. Yooly. Toss it. It is either going "out" - via the garbage can with you unscathed or via the toilet after your body takes the hit. And. Maybe. Your husband will get that you are serious…
  • Late night tonight because of the 2nd annual (as in second time this year kind of annual) post-skunk at the bay clean-up party. I'm blessed with a friend who is a night owl and takes me and my furry one to the lake for late evening walks and to the dog park where we line up with other owners and their naughty dogs who…
  • Thursday bunnies 🐰🐰🐰 🐰🐰🐰 🐰 Clementine bunnies for breakfast 🐰🐰🐰 cucumbers and grape tomatoes with cheese snack bunnies 🐰🐰🐰 blueberries on cottage cheese bunny 🐰 Thought I would share more with the bunnies today :smile:
  • Okay - if I can't eat it - maybe I can fling it????? Or maybe someone can fling it at me and I would at least get to have what kinda of ended up in my mouth area???? :)
  • oh beautiful hominy ... mmmmm <3 Yves mediterranean harissa sausage <3 They would go so well together!
  • Oh....that chocolate pie.....sounds SOOOOOO good - I'd even pay full price!
  • I kind like hominy - not always easy to find around here. I don't mind the calorie count - it leaves me feeling pretty satisified (and entertained since it is novel in this area). Tonight's supper is ... I think ... one of those "forbidden" veggie sausages and maybe some little potatoes and salad.
  • Cover letter template sounds pretty mind numbing - either good or bad for a day you don't feel well. Hope you feel better though before the day is through. Alexandra - as always you amaze me. I'm chuckling imagining you following your husband, Yooly! My day is pretty peaceful....spent the past three hours avoiding the work…
  • Wednesday bunnies 🐰🐰🐰 🐰🐰🐰 🐰🐰🐰 🐰 Clementine bunnies for breakfast 🐰🐰🐰 cucumbers and grape tomatoes with cheese snack bunnies 🐰🐰🐰 field of greens with cucumbers, berries and peppers bunnies 🐰🐰🐰🐰 A decent day all round until that McDonald's milkshake (worth it though - it was so wonderfully cold!)