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  • I have a Fitbit and find it’s great for tracking cardio exercise. Because it captures heart rate I think it’s more likely to give an accurate estimate on calories burned. Plus you can link the apps to it automatically logs the extra calories earned :)
  • These sound yummy, I shall be stealing some ideas 😊
  • Vegasvada - I’d have never thought to try avacado with egg. I’ll give that a try. Callsitlikeiseeit - I do like egg muffins, sometimes add a bacon medallion too. I wish I could take it or leave it but I always seem to wake up so hungry that I could eat a large meal. Although something standard usually does the trick :)
  • Open :)
  • Contemplating whether to put the switch on or go back to a book I’m reading🧐
  • Congrats on doing so well! Feel free to add me :smile:
  • If I want a treat, I plan for it. If I want pizza for dinner or an ice cream in the evening I simply plan ahead and make sure I go to the gym and earn some extra calories, or have a low calorie breakfast and/or lunch to leave more calories for dinner. I never feel deprivied and generally eat whatever I want although often…
  • Hey, so sorry to hear that. You must be very strong to come through that. Health is my number one priority too. I think it's a healthier approach yet I can't help but poke at my wobbly bits and wish them away. You did really well to come back after only a month off! I wish I was that good the first time around but I'm…
  • Eating a magnum o:)
  • New to this Fitbit stuff & Looking for more friends to complete challenges with (I'm not a difficult challenger - I spend most of the day at a desk!) https://www.fitbit.com/user/5Q49BW
  • Hi Leah, I got one as a present today and currently charging it up at the moment, charge HR. I'm trying to add you but not sure how to as still working my way around it but if you see this first feel free to add me :)
  • I'm not the brightest button, doesn't bode well for my PhD
  • Hi guys I have to apologise for being really stupid! I reluctantly went to log my weight just now and realised my starting weight was a stone higher than I thought it was. So I've actually lost 2.5 pounds this week. I decided to start tracking calories when I realised I'd reached the heaviest I've ever been. I jumped on…
  • I have digital scales at the moment but just ordered some good old fashioned ones so I can try those out when they arrive. I don't have any weights to test them out with unfortunately.
  • Thanks guys, I've not exercised this week. I think I am close to ovulation - does that make a difference? I'm not a big drinker and haven't had any alcohol in the last two weeks. Ive just swapped the batteries and it's still the same so it must be right. I think I will try weighing daily for a bit to see if it does change…
  • Hi Lilly, thanks for your reply. I've checked my sodium and it was 792 yesterday, hugely under the generic target. I didn't add additional salt to anything I ate yesterday as my meals were porridge and chicken salad. I'm on cycle day 9 today. Im refusing to track my huge increase just yet. I wany to see if it reduces…
  • Yay nerds! Anyone here studying for a PhD? :)
  • Ian somerhalder
  • Hey all, I'm a newbie too and I was diagnosed with pcos about a year ago. After weighing myself last weekend and discovering I'm at my heaviest I've ever been. I decided it's time I made the lifestyle change before it's too late and I develop diabetes. Already have insulin resistance and prescribed metformin for pcos.…