I'm on day 1338 and all my friends have been lost... I need new MFP buddies.

For a while one of my MFP friends and I had a good-natured competition to see which of us could make it to 1400 days, but she missed a day, and now she hasn't logged in for over two weeks. I know life happens, but all of my MFP friends have been fading away. Maybe they met their goals, maybe life got in the way. But now I'm down to a fingle MFP buddy who still logs in consistently.

I need some new buddies!


  • CStellaGo
    CStellaGo Posts: 278 Member
    Same here my friends list has gotten so small.
  • DwerryMouse
    DwerryMouse Posts: 23 Member
    Congrats on doing so well! Feel free to add me :smile:
  • cammiecane
    cammiecane Posts: 62 Member
    That’s a lot of days!! Congrats!! I’m brand new, but I’m super-dedicated if you want to add me.
  • JetJaguar
    JetJaguar Posts: 801 Member
    Add me if you like. I'm only at day 450-ish and recently purged my friends list of everyone who hadn't logged in for 3 months or more. I'm thinking to skip a day on purpose, just to relieve the pressure of keeping the streak going. :)
  • mizz_tizzy
    mizz_tizzy Posts: 4 Member
    I’m also looking for new friends and support! People are dropping like flies this summer :) happy to support you all and welldone JT! That is a lot of days!
  • waytoofat3
    waytoofat3 Posts: 278 Member
    Add me if you like.I log in every day & my diary is open as well
  • jgitau
    jgitau Posts: 6 Member
    feel free to add me. been consistently active for 35 days . not planning to leave... :)