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  • I started my journey 10 years ago, at age 60 and 215 pounds. I made goal of 152 a few years ago, maintained until the pandemic hit, then like many others, I regained some of that weight. I'm now 70, and I'm 10 pounds from goal again (I gained 20). So yeah, you can do it regardless of your age.
  • exactly. Like when someone says "are you losing weight" or "hey, you're looking good", that's an NSV. Fitting into that pair of old jeans that you haven't been able to get past your hips for years? That's an NSV. Being able to buy clothes off the rack at a "Normal" store instead of a "big and tall" store... that's an NSV.…
  • 2 things... putting my fork down between bites which slowed me down enough to let my mind realize my belly was full, and drinking lots of water/fluids during the day. Often, when we think we're hungry we're actually just thirsty!
  • You GO girl! And that's how it's done, make a plan and stick to it! Kudos to you for a job well done. And I hope to see you in my corner, the "I'm gonna live forever" one! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
  • Oh, what a fantastic difference! Not just in your face, but in your chest and belly area as well! You're doing fantastic, keep with the plan and you have SO got this! Great job!
  • YAY for getting back on track! I started my journey at 213, reached goal, then the pandemic hit, and like so many others, I regained 18 pounds. I'm whittling it back down again, still have another 8 pounds to go to hit goal for the second time. But I'm now a life time tracker, I've found that if I don't track, I gain, end…
  • You've done a great job, and it SHOWS! And you're almost to Onederland!!! You've got this, girl, keep on keepin' on!
  • I'm not D deficient, but my multivitamin contains 1000 IU of D3. My husband WAS deficient, and the doctor had him on an additional 2000 IU of D3 on top of the 1000 IU in his multivitamin. But your doctor should tell you how much of it you need to get your counts where they need to be.
  • Along with all of these great ideas, I can add a strange one. Invest is a few kitchen appliances that make food prep easier and faster. A slow cooker/instant pot, that cooks your food slowly over the day, or makes it in minutes to the hour that you'd spend cooking it normally. Maybe an air fryer, that's my go to right now,…
  • Fantastic transformation! Give 'em heck next week, Ray!
  • Fantastic NSV! You've got this, AmyLS2022!
  • I'm not sure what having kidney stones or gout would have to do with losing weight. I'm wondering if this is actually just a way to get people for you to send either health spam to or to try to get them to purchase stuff from you. People, I'd be very wary of anything you say here. Be safe, not sorry!
  • I had reached goal, dropped another 5 pounds, was finally happy with myself... and the pandemic hit. Like many I gained 20 pounds or so and just couldn't get rid of it. I lost my hubby, too, in September, and now I'm finally starting to lose the pandemic weight. And I know the hubby is up there cheering me on! Stay the…
  • YOU RULE!!! Getting out of the "morbidly obese" category is hard work, and you've done it! Now just stick with the plan, whatever plan you're using, and start saving up some money... so you can treat yourself with a new wardrobe! You deserve it! Again, congrats!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Great job. Little changes made over time are the way to lose that weight and keep it off! Increasing your step count? FANTASTIC! Logging everything you ate, and being honest about it? PRICELESS! Knowing when to call it a day? INSPIRING! Just stick with your plan, and you've got this!
  • Any time, throughout my life, that I've noticed someone shooting daggers at me that I don't know, I always do the same thing. I smile, a huge, tooth showing grin. It means I must be doing something right.
  • I weigh myself every day as well. I also used walking as my main exercise regimen to lose my excess weight. You're doing fantastic, just keep with the program! (OH, and I also agree with NOT calling it a cheat day. Why in the world would you want to cheat yourself? It's just a special treat day! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š)
  • Two words. CHANGE DOCTORS! I had a heart stent put in 8 years ago, at age 61...first meeting with my cardiologist a month later and he asked me to lose 20 pounds. He said more would be good, but 20 just to give it a try. I'm now down 45 pounds and reached goal a few years ago. Now I just maintain (though I DID add 15…
  • And BOOM! THAT'S how it's done! Fantastic job, pat yourself on the back, you should be so proud!!!
  • 1164. I'm not on a diet, this is just a way of life.
  • πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ I've been complaining about both the mobile app and the computer app for over 8 years now, and they still haven't fixed it, so don't hold your breath guys. Actually, though, I have worse problems with the web site than the mobile app! Error messages constantly while trying to log food or exercise, frozen screens when…
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  • Every time I come over the forums, I see something you've posted and I am always inspired! I'm 69 myself, I've lost over 60 pounds, but regained 15-20 since the pandemic. But my point is that at no time did I look as good as you do! In my book, you are awesomeness incarnate! Fantastic story, great photos, and you look…
  • Ooo, don't toss those old clothes! Instead, turn to YouTube and learn how to alter them into completely new things! I don't mean just altering them to fit, I mean completely and totally change them! I watched a gal last night make an adorable short skirt out of a huge pair of pants! You can do some amazing stuff with old…
  • You know what they say... every journey starts with a first step (or something along those lines, I stink at quotes!) so I'm glad you've taken yours! Congrats on the breakthrough, and I wish you many more successes as you battle your food relationship. πŸ‘
  • See what you can do when you try? You're doing an amazing job, just stick with it and all those "1 lb" losses will add up until you reach your goal. You have got this! πŸ‘
  • I've honestly never had that happen. I've had people ask if the hubby was also "on a diet" (as most people phrase it). But the next time it happens, just say "why do you ask?" An innocent question can derail a sarcastic/wise *kitten* comment, and possibly find out why they ask if it's truly an innocent one.
  • A "sorta prepper" friend of mine told me not to worry, take old clothes (he mentioned T shirts), cut them into squares and use those. Wash, rinse and repeat. Hey, if you have to... but EWWW!🀒
  • when in doubt, go to an urgent care service! If in pain, DEFINITELY go, don't wait for someone on the internet to give you an opinion!