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  • Thanks everyone for your help! I wont be giving up my fruit anytime soon, I dont eat alot of it anyway, I just think it would be a good idea to differentiate between sugar if that was possible, fruit is good in the diet and I know sugar is sugar, I just think its sugar mixed with fat is not a good option
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  • Thanks its great to be working out with my lads! Hopefully next week my daughter will be back with us unfortunately out with covid but shes fine now! My sons are very helpful, ironically another of my sons is a personal trainer but hes usually working in a diffrent gym ( teaching swimming lessons) so hes never around when…
  • I agree! I think if you can eat fresh unprocessed food as much as possible and try to avoid sugar, as in the white stuff people load into everything, I think you will be fine! Also a little of what you like keeps you motivated I think if you are too strict it puts you off and you can give up. Well done and keep it going!
  • Hi everyone Id love to join in on this thread.Im not new to MFP Ive been on and off for years,Ive once again decided to clean up my act and loose the weight.Isint it so much harder than it use to be? Im 52 now heading for 53 this year,Im in good health Im through the menopause without any problems so far anyway,apart from…
  • Eggs,prunes,grapefruit,meat or fish and chocolate
  • Hey Id say u r doing great,im 49 this year and I can definitely say it gets harder to loose as you get older,Im fighting with the same 2 stone since I was 21 in between having 5 children,since March 2016 Ive lost 24lbs and Ive kept most of it off I enjoy the gym and swimming,cant kick my love of chocolate and the odd glass…
  • In my late 40s 5 kids reared now back to me time!!!Early morning workouts before work,sometimes I join my 17 year old daughter after work! :-)