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  • We are similar I'm height for being male (I'm 5'4"). I've been working off and on this weight loss journey for over 5 years now but have had many periods of stopping then starting up again, that's why I'm still working on it. However I didn't find MFP until August 2017. My heaviest was around the 240 range. I managed to…
  • Congrats on your transformation. Must feel great to know you have a new lease on life
  • That was quite funny and unexpected. Only bad thing about it is I viewed it as I was sitting down at work fixing to eat my supper- tuna and crackers 😒 Now I want ribs 😁
  • I have pizza at least once a week but skip it every once in a while if I feel like having something different. I do prefer mine thin crust though which I think might save on some of the carbs. I also eat it after a weigh in which are on Saturdays for me. I've managed to lose around 50 lbs while starting in August 2017 so…
  • I set mine to 10k as well when I first got my Fitbit but having an active job(s) I have no problem hitting it during the week. I routinely hit a minimum of 17,000 to as much as 25,000 with the higher end being days I work 2 jobs. I bought a treadmill nearly 3 years ago before finding this app and getting the Fitbit and now…
  • Just once a week for me. Saturday mornings when I wake up and after using the restroom, in my birthday suit naturally. I only do it once as I'd go crazy seeing my weight fluctuate from day to day. And I chose Saturdays because I stick to my allotted calorie intake during the week and keep a deficit in my 'bank' then cash…
  • Here's mine (if it works right). Been a long journey and I still want to lose another 20-ish pounds. Started back in November 2012 and have had many ups and downs until getting back on it last August (2017) and dropping 50 pounds since finding this MFP app. I'm so proud of what I've accomplished this far and look forward…
  • Wow, nice work in just 2 months time. I consistently watch my calories and stay under (with a deficit) which I know is working. What else do you recommend as for food intake? Obviously more plant based foods and a higher protein may be called for I assume. Care to tell what your go-to foods are (or have been) over the last…
  • This is really inspiring! But did you really do all this in just 10 months time? I'm jealous but know I'll get there eventually. Hope my belly turns out as good as yours did. Can you elaborate on any workout regimen you followed...?
  • Wow that's very impressive especially in just a year and a half time. Looks like you have minimal loose skin too which I'm sure you're planning to work on that as well. I hit under 170# yesterday so I've got less than 30 more pounds to hit my goal. I've been on it since August 2017 using this app. Again, congratulations!
  • I'll be going everywhere I could without a shirt on if I looked like that. I've got a ways to go but hopefully can pull it off with very minimal loose skin like you did. Overall I'll be looking at about 100# lost as well. Again, be proud of what you've accomplished. I'm not done yet but I'm already thrilled with my…
  • Congrats on the progress. I'm roughly 4 months from my 500th log in day. Hope to see progress like yours.
  • This had me ROTFLMAO haha.. All joking aside that really is a terrific progress in such a short time and you should be proud of what you've achieved. Great job!
  • Great job David. I'm astonished at the difference in such little time. Ironically I also work at a school and started my journey in August (the day of that solar eclipse to be exact) and as of last week am down 46 pounds. I'm estimating another 31 pounds to my goal of 140# but really need to see how I look as I get closer.…
  • Congratulations, truly inspiring. You must feel so proud of yourself, as we all do. Great job!
  • Thanks Vince for the help. I figured out how to add friends shortly after my post however I'm still stumped on how to post pictures if anyone can help with that. On my phone there's no icon shown to insert an image. I have an Android phone if that makes a difference... Thanks again
  • Congratulations to you! That's an incredible success to achieve and you did it! I enjoyed reading some of your notations and if you don't mind me adding one of mine, it's something that's been on my mind the last several weeks at bedtime but with the 45# I've lost I can now feel my ribs/ribcage when I lay down at night and…
  • Well done. Hats off to you!!!
  • I just sent you a request (at least I think I did). I opened up diary the other day for others to see. I stick to wasting a bunch of the same stuff simply because it works for me and doesn't bother me. On weekends I'll splurge a little and have pizza one night (but I get thin crust) or if I go out to eat I'll have a couple…
  • I too would like to achieve a similar look but I'm only 5'4" so not looking to be extremely buff. Just want to rid all the fat and ensure I have as little loose skin as possible sound my lower abdomen.
  • Way to go, you look great! Mind sharing how long your journey took you?
  • I just opened up my diary today, anyone feel free to add me. You'll probably see that I eat a bunch of the same stuff but it works for me ;) I've yet to figure out how to send a friend request and post pictures here.
  • Cool! I was in Cookeville about 2 weeks ago. Got a brother and sister in law over in Gordonsville and we went to Cookeville for lunch
  • I'm originally from Florida and I know exactly what you're talking about, makes me think that's why I'm in this situation in the first place (too hot to get outside haha). I now live in Middle Tennessee about 35 miles South of Nashville
  • Same here! That's got to be the most dreadful term in the English language
  • I agree, you look outstanding! I've been keeping an eye on all your updates and hope to progress as far as you have. I still have another 35+ pounds to hit my goal and then see if I'm happy there.
  • You look great! Congrats and keep up the hard work.
  • Congrats! As of Friday, I too have lost 45 lbs and can't believe the difference I feel in getting around. I have much more energy and feel so much better about myself. It's taken me 7 months and this is just since starting MFP, in all I've lost maybe an additional 20-25 from my heaviest weight. 32 lbs to go to hit my goal…
  • Today marked my 90 day anniversary of logging in to this wonderful app. Here's my progress thus far: SW (August 21, 2017): 218.2 lbs CW (November 17, 2017): 193.2 lbs I'm a male who stands at only 5'4" so a normal (healthy) BMI is around 145 pounds which is my goal weight. Out of those 90 days I was under my calorie goal…