Finally not clinically obese anymore !!

Started this re-journey 63 days ago at 195.6 lbs 5"4.5 . I am now 173.6 . 22 lbs down ! I will post some pics once I'm closer to my goal !! So relieved to be out of the "obese" category ! But I really have to thank my fitness pal and the fitness community for helping me !! 22 lbs down 30 more lbs to go !! :)


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    Congratulations!! Very happy for you, well done! Crossing that line out of obese is so satisfying:). Best of luck going forward!
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    Well done!!
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    Awesome! :+1:
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    That's awesome!! You also made me rethink my goals. Originally I just wanted to chop away 10 lbs at a time, but now I think I should aim to be out of the obesity class as well. Thanks for the inspiration.
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    Well done that’s fantastic
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    Thank you everyone for your positive comments !!
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    WOO HOO!
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    So awesome!!! I can't wait to post the same =)
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    dsboohead wrote: »
    When I go to the dream is to see obese eradicated out of my records. I HATE that term!

    Same here! That's got to be the most dreadful term in the English language
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    Well done
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