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  • - Enjoying looking at myself in the mirror - Buying clothing which stops above my knees and liking what I look like when wearing them in unexpected photos - Being able to hike up mountains and feel great (instead of like I’m dying) - Not having to wear shorts under skirts anymore because of chub rub - Not having to wear a…
  • I just reached my 50 pound weight loss goal. With you all in this in spirit! I am honestly a different person with so much more energy and 1000 times more confidence. I can only encourage you all to commit to those small changes and keep going every day. Don’t sweat it when you make mistakes or make a not so great food…
  • I’m all about new friends, especially if you’re one of those people who struggles with making good choices around food or exercise as I’ve been there for many years. Was obese for many, many years, struggled with BED etc. Now I’ve worked out what works for me, I work out every other day and am loving life! Feel free to add…
  • I’m more focused on getting strong at the moment, but I have lost quite a lot of weight this year and have finally worked out what works for me long term to be healthy and loose weight (and I still have a dress size or two to go to my goal) so if you want some encouragement add me as a friend! :)
  • Hi I’m new! Wold love some more friends to do this journey with. :)
  • I’m new to this group and would love some new friends. Trying to do 80/20 ‘clean’ eating and could use advice on what this might look like!
  • Yes, I should probably say ‘things that are good for my body’ rather than clean. Clean for me it’s about actually eating food rather than binging on chocolate because I’ve lost control or not eating at all - so that is what I meant by clean - ‘normal food’ It’s all done with support and medical advice and I’ve so far found…
  • New Zealand. Feel free to add me as a friend people - I’m new here!