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  • For me, these are motivated by emotional issues; dealing with these issues, making them a real priority, affects everything wellness related. Until the emotional motivations for binge eating are dealt with, the problem will always come back.
  • I really love yin yoga. It is one of my favorite forms of yoga. Right now I use ompractice, which has live online classes.
  • Amazing!!! Great job!
  • I love this! I want to learn belly dancing. I keep a blog to keep myself accountable, and I have found that this really motivates me, too!
  • @chey7suey21 I learned many years ago when I showed up at an eating disorder group when I was 19 that alcoholism and binge-eating and bulimia are, in many ways, the "same" disorder. I was not surprised to read that your alcoholic husband was able to identify your eating disorder.
  • @Be_theBest_Me That's a wonderful win to celebrate! Thanksgiving is tough for us food addicts, and that you had one plate of food really shows some focus on your goals. Good for you!
  • All-or-nothing thinking is common -- so common! -- among us. Overcoming it takes practice, and maybe setting micro-goals. Just being aware of this aspect of yourself is a huge asset to help you to overcome it. For me, I have noticed a change -- a slow change! -- in moving toward some middle-ground thinking. Like, if I have…
  • Fleece-lined gear is key. I also always have to have my Yaktrax on hand because the dirt roads here get really icy and snowy!
  • Reaching iron daily is next to impossible for me, too. It is always very low. I can raise it up when I eat shellfish, and that is really the only way that it gets anywhere close to range. I tend to eat a lot of beans and greens, as well as meat...but still, iron is low. I have a history of anemia, so sometimes I supplement…
  • Yes, I think that you know your body best of all. You can always begin something and then stop when it no longer serves you. I also think that making space to care for yourself (no matter what that looks like -- it could be a run or snuggling down) is essential for reaching your goals.
  • Helo, Liz. Welcome! You can do this! Log in everyday if you need to, and keep searching for connection. Feel free to add me!
  • Hello! Being a mom to young children while trying to take care of yourself is no easy feat. We all need support and drive to make it happen every single day. I have found that when I count on anyone other than myself to provide this to me, I end up back right where I started. Cultivating the energy and space to inspire and…
  • Achieving body love is a journey for so many of us. I was so glad to read about your good feelings toward yourself at the start of your post. There will always be something to raise an eyebrow about and wonder, "is this ok?" But, yes, the answer is: yes, it is ok. No matter what your body is like, yes, it is ok to accept…
  • Go easy on yourself. Being conscious of your health and of your body can be a wonderful thing. However, fretting about your appearance can be a heavy burden. Why do you think you suddenly have these concerns? Can they be framed in a positive way?
  • @human_bean I have been working on understanding my food addiction since I noticed it when I was around 16-18. I am now 40 and I have dealt with it in many, many ways through the years but have never overcome it. From spending two decades as a fitness trainer and body builder to a year being bulimic to a year intermittent…
  • I am no longer vegan, actually for health reasons, as strange as that sounds. But I can relate to being spread thin from the daily grind and family life, and to gaining weight and feeling overwhelmed about how to lose it. I've found that on this journey, there needs to be some degree of self-motivation, at least in terms…
  • Migraines are tough to figure out. When I have one, I also tend to crave simple carbs afterwards. Figuring out the trigger is helpful, and then avoiding it when you can.
  • That's awesome! Great to meet you. Congrats on your success!
  • When the cooler weather sets in I rejoin Ompractice for live yoga, join a dance studio, and also les mills. That about covers it for me!
  • I also struggle with food addiction and emotional eating. So glad to read about your success! Great job.
  • Good for you! You've really done a great job!
  • Welcome! Best of luck to you! You can do this!
  • I remember dating as a single mom to a young child. I remember all those fears about my body being rejected by a potential lover. You are worthy of love and desire no matter what shape you're in. A person who can feel empowered in their own skin is sexy no matter what. Exude your inner confidence and project your self love…
  • This is a tough time. Life can be a tough journey. You are not alone in this. I overeat and struggle, too. But you can learn ways through that are sustainable for you. Don't give up!
  • So inspired by you and your journey! Keep up this fantastic work!
  • Such an accomplishment! Good for you!
  • I really like the response from @TeaBea. Fitness is great for heart health, raising your fitness level, gaining muscle mass, gaining flexibility, managing stress, reducing the symptoms of some ailments, and generating better self image...and much, much more. However, losing weight is always firstly a function of nutrition,…
  • So many of us can relate to struggling to love ourselves. When that struggle turns violent, then it is time to gather up a posse to aid you in your journey. You are not alone, and there is a way through this. You are loveable. Many of us, myself included, have needed assistance along the way. I've turned to many things in…
  • Between the ages of 18-32 I exercised like a maniac. I was a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and body builder at various times during these years, in addition to working out an average of three hours a day. I burned so many calories and did not really watch what I ate, as I ate all whole foods anyway. In my early 20s…
  • @human_bean Thanks for sharing your story! Fear....there is almost always THAT lurking somewhere around this experience, isn't there? I have been grappling with my addiction since I was 16, and actively learning and working toward healing. It has been a life long journey, as I am now 40.