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  • Good morning everyone! How are ya all doing! Well I am getting my flower beds cleaned up again. I have been going out in the morning until it gets hot. Temps have been in the high 90s by afternoon. So I am having my coffee then getting outside to play in the yard!! Have a blessed day!!
  • Hey everyone! How’s it going? I am doing good have been out in my yard this morning! Went to Home Depot ( I love that store) got some flowers found some good deals too on plants. So I redid a flower bed this morning. I am taking care of my gentleman this afternoon. Then will go home and do some more gardening. Plant the…
  • Hey everyone! Sounds like everyone’s doing fairly well 🤓 I am good been playing in my yard. It has been hot here in Oregon too!! Wow!! Down 2 lbs again trying to keep active! Welcome to the newbies this is a great place for support! Congrats on the weight losses! Just wanted to check in and say hi🤓 have a great day🤓🇺🇸💖🦋🌷🌹
  • Good morning! njag3981 don’t give up. Keep at them to fix your account. Perseverance pays off. Try not to be discouraged. I am doing good I read an article that to become an exerciser you tell your self you are a exerciser! Even if you don’t believe it at first eventually you will become one. The article said how to think…
  • Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. We have sunshine here today so am going to get outside today. I will also get a walk in this morning. Just wanted to say hi so hi! Have a great day 🤓🇺🇸💖
  • I agree with you! I am realizing I am not as young when I could just go and go. So now when I get a spurt of energy I use it! Pay for it for a couple days afterwards. Peaceful journeys are nice!💖
  • I agree with you! I am realizing I am not as young when I could just go and go. So now when I get a spurt of energy I use it! Pay for it for a couple days afterwards. Peaceful journeys are nice!💖
  • I agree with you! I am realizing I am not as young when I could just go and go. So now when I get a spurt of energy I use it! Pay for it for a couple days afterwards. Peaceful journeys are nice!💖
  • Good morning all! I can’t believe it’s July already! What are ya all up to today? I plan on going outside and try to catch up on the weeds! It’s been cloudy here and haven’t been wanting to go outside. It is another cloudy day again but I must get out there and clean things up! Everyone have a great day! 🌷🦋🤓💖🌹
  • Good morning everyone! How ya all doin? Just got back from a walk. Felt good!!🤓 just wanted to check in . I need to get down to business with weight loss. I am up 3 lbs. yikes and blood sugar up also. I do good all day and at night I blow it!! I just want to munch on anything and everything! The madness must stop!! My…
  • Good morning everyone! How is everyone doing ? I am good went camping last week. Had fun grandkids came to our cabin for hot chocolate in the mornings. It was fun. Now to get back on track. Our weather was weird yesterday too rain wind and sunshine. Did get some yard work done. My tomatoes are doing really well I already…
  • Hey everyone how ya all doing? Haven’t been on for awhile. Being a slacker lately. But back on it today . Did some yard work today and had grandkids . So I went for 3 walks with them. Well have a good evening 🤓🦋🌹💖🌷
  • Hey everyone! barbicat I like your fence that looks nice! Wow Ecuador that is a long move!! Nn2garden56 yeah peonies are beautiful but fragile I have dark pink and white ones. I planted 2 tomato plants early girl and sweet 100s they already have blossoms on them! Their doi really good. It’s in the 70s here this week then…
  • Woo hoo I finally got my flower bed done!!! On to other things! How’s everyone doing? What are y’all up to today? I planted daliahs irises and flower seeds. Can’t wait till that area starts growing!! Have a good day 🌷🦋🤓💖🌹
  • Good morning everyone!! We have sunshine here today in Oregon!! So you know where I’ll be. I have to finish digging a flower bed and plant the irises and dalias today . j29t grandkids are so much fun!! I have 5 . They want to come to nanas and not go home! Well everyone have a really good day! 🤓🦋🌹💖🌷
  • Hey everyone! n2garden52 your areas you created sound very peaceful! I joined this group on Facebook called garden junk some really good ideas!! Wish I had a bigger yard! Any ways. Lynne4RH oh my she is a cutie she looks like she is up to mischief! Watch out! lol welcome kmurray347 this is a really good group! We were in…
  • Thank you trekkie123 ! Welcome ash! We have a good group here! And thank you! 🤓
  • Good morning everyone! How ya all doing? I am good. We had to look for another Jeep ours is on the way out. Hubby found a nice one so we are going to sign papers and drive it home. So all that said I had a reason to dress up a little. I can still wear my jeans!! I haven’t had jeans on since this virus started! Woo hoo!…
  • 7sorok that was too funny!!!!😂😂 thank you for the laugh!!
  • Good morning all! Ann that pizza looks good! Lynne I bet that was quite a scare! I thought I heard something from a distance ! Haa! I hope everyone had a good weekend. It’s raining here supposed to rain all week. So I am doing some painting. Refreshing my yard decor. And am going to dot art some rocks. Trying to be active…
  • Hey song91 welcome!! People here are very nice. It’s a bit quiet on the weekend here. But we like to talk during the week! Glad your here! Have a good weekend 🤓🌹🦋🌷💖
  • Hey everyone! Got my carpets cleaned!! Took me 2 days but it’s done. Woo Hoo!! Living room rearranged too. Still raining here so will do fun stuff in the craft room tomorrow. Have a good night stay safe!💖🌷🦋🌹🤓
  • Good morning everyone! Well the rain and cool temps are back. You know your a Oregonian when you welcome the rain ! Haa! I have things to do in the house. Like rearranging living room and cleaning carpets. What’s everyone up to today? Welcome new people glad your here. Everyone have a great day stay healthy 🤓🌹🦋🌷💖
  • Good morning! How ya all doing! I am doing good. I had a nice little surprise yesterday. I wear a tool belt to hold my tools etc. I put it on in the second hole I was walking and it fell off!! I had to put it in the third hole!!! Last year I couldn’t get it around to the first hole. That was cool. And I am down a pound.…
  • Good morning everyone!! Another sunny day!!! We are supposed to get up into the 80s. I played in my neighbors yard yesterday. Got a flower bed ready for calla lillies Lilly’s poppy’s daliahs. Will plant those this morning. Then be in my yard mowing and weed whacking . I need to power wash my patio I have to get psyched up…
  • Well I got my garden shed cleaned out and organized now I can walk in there!! Found some irises 2 paper bags full put them in water to hydrate am going to make another flower bed. I have a space by my bird area will clean that up and plant them there then will put bachelor buttons on top so there are some flowers there…
  • Evamutt so sorry for your loss. I know the feeling. Our pets become our best friends. We can tell them anything and the won’t tell anyone what we said. Praying for you my dear.
  • Good morning everyone!!! We have sunshine today woohoo!!! I got the hostas planted in my neighbors yard yesterday. Her husband had put all these really cool rocks in they had gotten buried over time so dug those up planted the hostas then reset the rocks. Turned out good. Also planted lupine in there. Today I’m going to…
  • Good morning everyone! How’s everyone doing?well April is almost over hopefully May will bring new beginnings. Welcome Carol glad your here!🌹 well I got grass seed planted yesterday and watered my neighbors yards. I am taking over my neighbor on the other sid of me yard I mow and weed whack her yard when I do mine. She has…
  • Good morning everyone. I’m a stay at home person too but being made to stay home kinda gets to me. Hubby usually runs to the store for this and that but now he doesn’t go in because he has asthma really bad so I have to go in and do the shopping I wear a mask and gloves we get up early on Tuesday Walmart has shopping for…