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  • Update : 69 pounds down! 1 pound from my original goal I am now over 6 months into weight loss, and everything is still going smooth. All I have to say is, consistency is key. Thanks for all your support, I will keep updating every now and then, from 310 to 241, aiming for 220.
  • Thanks for all your inputs, everything said is true. I have been adding back things like liquor every now and then, bring me a beer i won't think twice, i'll take it. Since it's summer and we are very active, I can eat pretty much whatever I want and i'll still be dropping weight. Yesterday I probably ate 3000 calories and…
  • Not sure how to quote but yes you are right Novus, it never ends. You just have to make changes and live with it.
  • I spoke with a few trainers and good friends of mine that are into nutrition and fitness, and according to them, 220 would be the ideal weight for my shape. It might even be hard to reach 220 as I am already fairly muscular, but i'll see. For now i'm eating anywhere between 1800 and 2600 calories a day(estimated, not…
  • Yep im def doing things faster than that. I realize it's too fast, but can't help it lol. What do you think is more likely to happen once I reach my goal? I've been doing so much excercice, gym in the morning, cycle at night, eat lots of protein, I was stuck at 258 pounds for almost 3 weeks, and then dropped 4 pounds in a…
  • I still want to lose another 20 pounds after reaching my initial goal, so technically I have another 34 pounds to lose, but I focus on my first goal(240lbs) and then i'll go for the 220, i've been gaining alot of muscle as well, so my fat loss is more than what the scale shows
  • Update : 56 pounds down, feeling great, 14 pounds to go before reaching my goal! Stopped tracking calories, just eating well and doing lots of excercice
  • Update : Day 95, 46 pounds down! I've gotten used to the new eating habits, and the weight is dropping by itself, feeling/looking much better. One thing i'm not sure about, is once i'm down to my desired weight, (about 30 more pounds), how will it be to maintain the weight? Will it just slow down and be alot more…
  • Update on the journey Day 56 : Down to 28.8 pounds lost, only 1.6 more pounds to go before I reach my "first goal", 280pounds is what I had set in my mind as a first "victory" thing! Calories wise... I have not been able to eat 2 000 calories a day for the past week I still eat roughly 1 600. I have a few things going on…
  • Today I took out some old clothes that would be too tight, now they fit just fine! (-26 pounds in 52 days) 56th day today, will see the scale on friday but with the coronavirus and all the workouts i'm putting in, whatever the scale says, it doesn't matter. The mirrors speaks more :) Keep grinding everyone.
  • Thanks for all this information, you bring up alot of good points, and yes, 2lbs a week is 100lbs in a year, which is an amazing feat. After weighing myself this morning, I have lost another pound in 3 days and that puts me at 44.6lbs to lose to reach my "initial weight goal" of 240 pounds. Once I reach the 240 pounds…
  • I agree with everything you just said, and it's very true. Well first of all, congrats on losing that much weight, it is an impressive feat. Now back to my plan, this isn't the first time I have lost weight, I've gone from 260 to 215 in the past, then gone from 280 to 240, and then things changed in life and I moved, got a…
  • That is true Novus, but to me, going aggressive is what keeps me motivated, I want the results and so far, they are coming in. I should see a doctor at some point... last time i've been there was probably 10 years ago :D
  • Absolutely, 3 pounds a week @ 285 body weight is slightly more than 1%, which makes it more in-line with what is recommended, I think i'll try to aim for 2000 calories. That extra 400 seems like a lot now that i've ditched liquor, chips, and junk food in general... :#
  • Thanks for the inputs, i'd like to add that, even at 310 pounds, I was very very active, but ate too much, which is why I ended up weighing 310 pounds. So for me, there was no "initial huge weight loss", i've been losing a pound every other day since the day I decided to start watching what I eat. So with the math above, I…
  • Initial starting weight(March 5th 2020) : 310,4 LBS April Goal Weight: 280 on the last day of april Ultimate Goal Weight: 230 by January 2021 April 1 : 295,4 LBS ( 15 LBS down from initial weight ) April 8: 292,6 LBS April 15: 289,8 LBS April 22: 285,8 LBS (From here, april goal weight is possible, and that would be -15…