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  • Happy to help anyone that wants the help feel free to add me, keep up the hard work everyone 💪
  • You guys have great set ups, start charging people to use it 🤣
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  • Mk in the uk 🇬🇧
  • Wow nothing as big as that but I do all my workouts at home. Kettlebells, parellel bars, pull up bars and some free weights too. Yours is looking awesome dude 💪💪
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  • I'm trying to get in the best shape I've ever been always wanted abs but with the so called bulking and getting bigger muscles they've never come through. But with lock down I just turned the tables instead of trying to get bigger I just tried getting fitter, cut down on eating crap and went clean. So now at 40 I've never…
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  • I try to log everything down as much as possible but I dont always feel MFP is very accurate and have to make adjustments to what I'm putting down. Try to eat clean as much as I can but when I do start to eat chocolate and doughnuts I tend to binge alot and then try to make up for it the next day 🤣
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  • Hi 👋 feel free to add me. I tried to send a request but it wouldn't send
  • Hi feel free to add me happy to help anybody who wants it, staying on track can be hard work.
  • 40, in the uk how do join. I'm cool, I think I'm cool, is it cool to say your cool ahh crap I'm not am I 🤣🤣
  • Probably over the top every morning, before any food or drink. I feel I can make small adjustments throughout the days depending on fluctuations. But I try not to fret to much 🤣
  • C4 preworkout and creatine, up at 5am to exercise so the extra kick start to the day helps