How often do you weigh?



  • SuzanneC1l9zz
    SuzanneC1l9zz Posts: 393 Member
    I recently switched to daily from every week and a half or so. I found I was preoccupied by it when I was weighing less often and my brain has really chilled out since the switch.
  • annieu613
    annieu613 Posts: 150 Member
    I weight every morning, because I feel like it gives me a more thorough understanding of my fluctuations and overall trends. When I first started tracking I would get upset if I gained weight from day to day, but now I find it interesting.
  • JustJenn68
    JustJenn68 Posts: 38 Member
    I get on the scale once a month.
  • riffraff2112
    riffraff2112 Posts: 1,757 Member
    While actively losing, daily (often twice a day) because I wanted to see my progress and learn how my body reacted to exercise, eating certain foods, overeating, cardio vs weight training etc. Being pretty much at maintenance I weigh much less often, more for accountability sake than anything else. I officially record once a week but jump on the scale several times a week.
  • MaggieGirl135
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    Every single morning when at home, so I’m using the same scale. Great way to monitor and to catch something early!
  • yojimbo121
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    Probably over the top every morning, before any food or drink. I feel I can make small adjustments throughout the days depending on fluctuations. But I try not to fret to much 🤣
  • meeppeepneep
    meeppeepneep Posts: 56 Member
    I register my weight in another app every day, to see the trend. But I register on mfp sometime on the weekend.
  • teamhugcpt
    teamhugcpt Posts: 24 Member
    Daily and watch the trend.

    I’ve always thought that if you weigh less frequently you have less idea of your true weight trend since there are so many uncontrollable factors affecting weight; water, digestive contents, hormonal fluctuation etc and no way to know how many of those are in play on any specific day.

    If you weigh on a monthly or weekly basis you might catch a ‘high day’ and feel discouraged when, in fact, you’re perfectly on track. 🤷‍♀️

    Ditto. I can easily fluctuate 3 lbs or more within the same week, and I am only shooting for a half pound loss per week, so a high day could obscure actual progress. I weigh most mornings but try not to think about the actual number. I keep the progress graph set to "since starting weight" and watch the trend.

    But to each their own!
  • wunderkindking
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    Once a month. Dealing with my period, I only have the scale reflect loss the few days/week immediately after my period, anyway. No sense in frustrating the crap out of myself.
  • Taytaylynn92
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    Maybe once a week?
  • mrmota70
    mrmota70 Posts: 385 Member
    6:54 am on Sundays. Then a few hours later before I do my 3 mile jog. Then when I’m done with jog I’ll do 1 more weight check. I like confirming my usual 3-4 lbs of water loss. I take my weeks new weight from the reading before the jog. Up or down I update my weight to get the new calories burned going fwd for the week starting with the 3 mile jog.
  • jjalbertt
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    Once a week, Sunday morning after I wake up!
  • Llama74
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    edited May 2021
    Like so many, I weigh every Friday morning before drinking or eating.
    It ends my week on a good note 🎶
  • WesSgFitFam
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    Initially, i would weigh myself daily. Hopefully to see a reduction in weight every day. But it doesn't work all the time. There will be days when it's high and there will be days when it's low. It is really depressing when I hit the high weight when what I did what really exercising and dieting hard the day before.
    So right now, I weigh myself weekly. Plotting the weight on a chart. I actually see a gradual downward trend, which is good as I know I'm on the right track. We have to look far. We should be looking months ahead towards our goal and not daily weigh-in. Because our weight fluctuates greatly between days.
    Hope that helps.
  • Walkywalkerson
    Walkywalkerson Posts: 453 Member
    I'm trying not to weigh myself as often now.
    I have plateaued and the number on the scale was affecting me negatively so I weigh about twice a month.
    If I feel a difference in my clothes then I weigh in.
  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971
    AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Posts: 3,046 Member
    I weigh daily because otherwise I will, without realizing it, start to game it. Night before not drink, take extra stuff to get my gut cleaned out, eat much less the two days before, etc. If I weigh every day it's just a number and I can observe trends and how things affect me and I don't get weird about it.
  • SModa61
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    When I actually care about what I am doing (which I am trying to have been more often than not) I weigh every morning. To encourage this, I participate in challenges that include daily reporting in. Part of the value of this daily weighing is I understand the transient (and non-transient) effects of what I eat. For example, my recent challenge weights.

    4/6 - 133.4
    4/7 - 133.8
    4/8 - 135.2
    4/9 - 137.4
    4/10 - 136.0
    4/11 - 135.4
    4/12 - 138.0
    4/13 - 136.6
    4/14 - 135.2
    4/15 - 134.6

    Here is a cut and paste from yesterday's post in the challenge I follow that discusses these numbers:
    "So my history this round is great for anyone unfamiliar with the cause and effect of daily food selections and how some is real (AKA fat) and some is temporary retention. So on the 7th and 8th I did some high carb, fat and salt eating that led to a gain of 4 pounds. Got back to focused eating on the 9th and 10th and dropped two. Misbehaved again on the 11th with salt, fat, carbs again for one day and went up 2.6 pounds. Focused again on 12th and 13th and am back down 2.8 pounds. These fluctuations cannot be explained purely by calories consumed as to gain those 4 pounds of fat I would have required that I eat roughly 14,000 calories OVER my daily caloric needs during those two days, which did not happen. Weighing daily over the years has allowed me to witness these cause and effect and how they apply to me. I am rarely blindsided by the number that I see on the scale."

    As an added note, YOU should do what supports YOU best. Getting input from all of us gives you the opportunity to think about different approaches and lets you assess what matches you best. I worked as a WW receptionist for 12 years and I certainly saw over the years that people respond differently to the data they receive from the scale.

    Good luck with your journey!! <3
  • HoneyBadger302
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    Daily with a trend app
  • JaysFan82
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    Every Thursday morning after I swim laps
  • Kiwi2mfp
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    I'm a numbers person too and somehow am not discouraged to weigh daily. I look forward to my weigh in. If it's a little high I am able to tell myself that that is expected sometimes.