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  • LaBanderita has keto wraps - a little pricey, but great for a sandwich and very low carbs. I now measure cooking oil. I try to stick with one teaspoon of vegetable oil.
  • I am a year and a half. 5'1. Age 64. Lost 25 pounds. I am now 130. Weighed 155 for over 15 years (Okay since I got up to 165 and was there for about ten years).
  • A year and a half ago I bought $60 work of tops at Macys. After I had lost 30 pounds, was going to wear one. They were all too large - and I looked frumpy. I hit the return date by like two days. Now I buy Walmart tops. I bought shorts (in Florida) at Goodwill.
  • When I got my free membership to Vida, I got the ap. I didn't have my coach conference yet. I looked around the site. Then I started logging every morsel of food that went in my mouth. It was enlightening. That is how it works. Do your walking at a pace that is peaceful. You don't need to try for a marathon. Just one foot…
  • Every time you make a stop - take a ten minute walk break. Just use your cell phone for timing.
  • I'm a substitute teacher. Here is my suggestion: Buy the LaBanderita keto wraps (35 calories, 10 carbs). Buy Boarshead Deli meat - such as roast beef, ham, turkey. And buy the provolone or sharp sliced cheese. I also like the honey mustard. Make your wrap sandwiches and put them in the freezer - just grab one to take with…
  • I'm Mary. Age 64. Blue Cross gave me a year of Vida. I went from 155 to 128. My year ended last September 1st. Awe - Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas came - and so did six pounds. I now weigh 134. My goal through this year is to hit at least 120 (maybe 115).
  • These are interesting goals. I took a break in September (at 127) because my one year of Vida had expired. After Thanksgiving and Christmas, and now, I weighed 134 this morning. Of course I ate lasagna the other day, so I know that matters. My mini goal is to be in consistent control every day until I hit 120.
  • Sounds like you are where you are supposed to be. If you have a 28 inch waist then you are okay.
  • Oh my gosh. What dedication. Congrats.
  • Just saying - this is a strange setting of sizes. I am 5'1 and now weigh 130, presently size 8. In my professional days 30 years ago I weighed 110. Size 4. But more expensive high quality stores, I wore a 2. I think that was because they were sized differently because no one wants to wear a bigger size.
  • I'm have been doing substitute teaching for over ten years now. I could drink four chocolate or strawberry milks at lunchtime. That is 600 calories right there - and each one 24 carbs. I ate too. One good thing about the pandemic is the schools were closed. That took away that addiction. I now buy sugar free chocolate…
  • I'm reading some of these. There was a time when I was addicted to McDonalds cheeseburger, fries and coke. Since I started a year ago (a year with Vida), I now plan my crap food time. Now, I plan every day what I am going to eat. But yes, I still have within a month either a burger, fries and coke or pizza. But now it is…
  • You didn't mention how tall you are. By your after pic looks like your body reached its goal. That might be a good thing. At our age when you lose weight your skin sags. Do you really want to risk that? Be realistic. If you did lose ten more pounds where is it going to show? You look pretty good in that dress. Maybe work…
  • I have (had) been overweight for 23 years. Never thought I COULD change it. All it took was logging in, evaluating my calories and carbs - one meal at a time and one day at a time.
  • Kathleen, being accountable is being successful. And don't think it isn't. Otherwise, we would all get up and eat a good donut in the morning.
  • I lost 25 pounds through Vida counseling. I have been at 130 for five months. I monitor my sugar intake. If I have frozen strawberries I put sugar on them. If I have oatmeal I put in sugar. A cookie? I evaluate what I want to eat, and make it fit into my daily eating goals. What is holding me back now is lack of running on…
  • I am 64 and 5'1. My weight the last ten years had been 155. Last year through Vida I got down to 130. These past four months I have been maintaining 130. I know already to lose another ten pounds I really need to walk every day - really dedicated miles. PianoRun said it best. Our physical abilities are different in our 60s.
  • I have lost 30 pounds in one year. I am almost 64 and 51 inches (short). I was thrilled to see my waist get smaller. However, when I push a grocery cart outside I look at my thighs, and I can see the loose skin jiggle on my thighs. I never thought about that happening. What a reminder about all that weight I was carrying.
  • I was on the Vida Health for a year. My BMI before was 34 (obese). It is now 25. Although I need to lose at least 10 pounds, my BMI was within the normal range. I am 5'0. I weighed 155. Now 127. To see my BMI within the normal range was thrilling.
  • I think you need to change your thought processes. Focus on what is good about you. Every one of us has something special or exceptional about us. Is your body strong? Is your mind strong? I had Vida for a year. We learned about nutrition. When you get up in the morning, say Good Morning to yourself. Then think about what…
  • I had a typo. May sound cheesy. But hitting 125 on my scale. At 64. That is only a few more pounds. But for too many years it was a pipe dream. Another mini goal was to cut out my milk consumption. Doing substitute teaching I got a lot of free milk. And who can resist little cartons or bags of chocolate or strawberry milk.…
  • Many sound cheesy. But hitting 125 on my scale. At 64. That is only a few more pounds. But for too many years it was a pipe dream.
  • I am hoping you all can fix my picture. No matter what, it came out sideways.
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