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  • 300-350 of my 1200 cal plan (but I usually eat back 1/2 of my exercise cals so it's really 300-350 or approx 1500 cals)
  • Whatever time you're most likely to consistently do it.
  • I try to have some protein in all my meals. I find protein especially helpful in my breakfast -- it seems to keep hunger under control and, since I exercise in the am, I need the energy
  • I do my best to guestimate -- and try to guess on the high side. I also probably would not have had the gravy or the yorkshire pudding because I don't need to look them up to know how high the calories would be. Unless your dinner was tiny portions, I'd guess it was more than 700 calories
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  • they have a really good frozen meal -- salmon with orzo, mint and yogurt -- that's really goo, only 30 cals and pretty low in sodium. I keep it in my freezer for those days when I'm in a hurry and nee something quick, easy and good. I also buy wine, greek yogurt, organic milk, and their pecan praline granola.
  • I don't know that it's had any direct affect. I do find that when I don't drink water I get fatigued and when I'm tired I tend to eat things I'd normally avoid. Sleep and water both seem to have an effect on my ability to stick with my plan.
  • I have two favorite go-to's: Greek Pasta Salad ( which I generally make with chicken instead of the salami and a great Quinoa salad…
  • when you click on the person's name, if the diary is open you will see a "view diary" button. Your diary is closed, so I don't see that button but I clicked on one of your friends and her diary was open and the button appeared
  • I use frozen meals like Healthy Choice or some Trader Joe frozen meals occasionally -- when I'm in a hurry or haven't planned well. They're ok but, as previous people have mentioned, not a lot of food and high in sodium. I tend to stay away from processed foods but they're handy occasionally.
  • I've been using a Fitbit One since they first came out and I love it. It's reasonably accurate -- not perfect -- and it's a great motivator. You can link it to MFP and it makes tracking calories easier. When I do non-step oriented exercise (like pilates or zumba), I enter that into MFP directly. You tell it what time you…
  • Double doubles can be fit into my calorie plan -- I just have to give up the wine :wink:
  • why do you need to thin it out?
  • Depending on your weight, it sounds reasonable. However, I wouldn't recommend eating all those calories back. I typically eat about 1/2 my exercise calories and I'm losing weight.
  • Well done!
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  • Exercise isn't a needed to lose weight but, personally, I find that it helps. It allows you to eat more and maintain muscle which, in turn, helps you to burn more. However, setting your calorie goal so low will set you up to fail. Use MFP to help you set your calorie goals and you're more likely to be able to stick to this…
  • You can change them under Settings > Diary Settings
  • If you like cereal in the morning, try it with yogurt. It tastes great and has protein.
  • I love wine and I drink it.
  • pick yourself up, dust your self off, and start all over again. we all have our moments -- just don't let this take you off on a tangent. Don't stop eating because of a slip, just get back on track and follow your eating plan.
  • I love fish good on the grill -- salmon is especially good that way.
  • me too
  • I would log it as strength training, as mentioned above. It should only be 100-150 cals.
  • You have lots of good options. Any of the fish grilled or grilled chicken would be great and you can probably get them to sub some healthier sides, like a salad. Caesar salad with some grilled chicken would be great -- ask for the dressing on the side and be judicious about how much you use.
  • Check out the recipe builder (under food>recipes). With the "old recipe builder" you can enter all your ingredients, tell the builder how many servings it makes and it will compute everything for you. It takes some time to enter the ingredients but, if you're planning to make the recipe repeatedly it's worth the effort. If…
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