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  • you can try finding new lower carb foods to love besides portion control on your faves...glad you're going to keep going on the exercise.
  • You have a group here who has been there and understands. Do this for you because you ARE worth it. Focus on the positive things in life and if it means avoiding home for a while and making new friends who are there for you--do what you need to do. Set your goals and go for them. we'll be rooting for you!
  • http://www.thestretchinghandbook.com/archives/shin-splints.php http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/diet-fitness/information/10016-10-suggestions-for-the-treatment-of-shin-splints.htm Treatment for shin splints is as simple as reducing pain and inflammation, identifying training and biomechanical problems which may…
  • here are several ideas with links to recipes: http://siouxfalls.momslikeme.com/members/JournalActions.aspx?g=504013&m=4055014
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  • i am native american and we do a ritual cleanse each spring. it's just 3 days and i feel better afterwards and then move on reemphasizing diet and exercise. despite eating better, i feel there are more pollutants we are exposed to in our everyday lives now and i do feel an energy boost afterwards. the Chinese also do a…
  • the jerks who put carts in the space next to handicapped spots so it becomes an obstacle course. and the special morally bankrupt types who park in those spots with no sticker or use grandma's car to get away with it tho they;re able bodied...
  • Hi everyone! the challenges seem well thought out, even for me and my back injuries, and the timing is perfect! thanks for such a motivational and fun way to head into spring! SW 162.4
  • try to avoid the Yai style deep fried snacks, the curries made with coconut milk are high in fat. the pad thai and rice can trip you up, as well as the peanut sauces that are served with satay dishes. Try broth based soups like Tom Yum soup. Drink lots of bottled water for the sodium level in the foods.
  • try a protein with a carb--a turkey slice/cheese rollup; blueberries and walnuts; protein shake mid afternoon with fruit maybe.
  • i liked the fact you kept the list short. makes it do-able. will join you in that quest for more water and fighting sodium!
  • omg--too funny. loved calvin and hobbes, but yours is PRICELESS!
  • actually both are true. bump a good article to peruse later so gets it more hits and keeps it active vs being archived longer.
  • sorry to hear you got slammed like that on a family outing. happened to me at a city park with my daughter once...last time we took the car. refused to give up the park, so we made an adventure of it and took the bus with a picnic basket for awhile after since i couldn't pay the repair bill for awhile. will be rooting for…
  • try a protein and carb item maybe. walnuts/sunflower seeds with blueberries or a small fruit cup. cheese with an apple or pear. hummus on a tortilla with greens, tomato and cucumber, turkey and cheese rollup with avocado.
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  • i have a job that seasonally switches to nights for four months or so and i had a hard time this year. i liked these: http://www.3fatchicks.com/12-meals-under-200-calories/
  • Distract yourself! Take a walk, have some hot tea instead, do laundry, clean house--if you can break your train of thought for 10 minutes the urge should pass. If it's a nasty little voice urging you on, you're going to have to decide how bad you want to succeed and be stubborn about it. You are worth the time and trouble…
  • :flowerforyou: Congratulations on killing off your first scale! lol there are lots of good tips on here already and i wish you every success!
  • it works very well and you gain confidence as the "loss" sets in and you adjust to the new smaller you. and yes, my skin had to catch up--especially my neck for some reason. But Lent approaches and my next round starts soon.
  • some great ideas here! mine is a quick storebought one: fudgsicles with no sugar added. They're 40 calories feach, 10g carbs, 2g fiber.
  • livestrong lists some and there's these 5: http://www.articlesbase.com/sports-and-fitness-articles/ladies-stop-the-battle-of-saddlebags-with-these-5-exercises-421964.html
  • good tips. basically throw out the junk or give it to friends or a food pantry. plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. make a game of foods you can have, rather than focusing on what you can't. and take baby steps at first, nothing drastic. it's not an instant success that works. it's gradually changing habits and…
  • nothing like those big food lobbies!!:grumble: :noway: :grumble: thanks for the tip!
  • Kudos to you for your insight and courage!:drinker: You're not the only one to ever fear weight loss success, but yours is one of the best accounts i've read regarding what it feels like:heart:
  • so i finally figured out how to do pics... here's one for Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit)
  • enjoyed the posts. people should do their own research but the net is a misinformation minefield. my favorite out of the above was the: (To ‘paraphrase another poster, why don’t we start saying drinking cat pee because it will help us lose weight. Some people are bound to try this after we post it). lol but wincing at the…
  • eat before you go or drink water. have a list from planning menu's and strive to buy items from it instead of impulse purchases unless there's meat or fish on special. try to avoid high fructose items. buy your laundry and paper items at a store like dollar general to save more $$.
  • :/ same as you apparently! lol
  • i use hot tea to fight that type of craving and then eat a small portion. is also distract myself by getting busy doing something else--laundry, housework, call a friend...