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  • all of the pictures as so inspirational. I hope to put mine up there one day. Congratulations to all of you and keep up the good, hard work. Hooray!!!!
  • congrats. As others have already commented, you look great. Have you have any problems with loose skin? If, so, how did you handle it? when you began drinking the 120 ounces per day, did you have issues with frequent urination and did it lessen as time went on?
  • Hi, I'm 5'10 and gained 50 lbs since my lowest weight. Most of it has been within the past few months. It appears that writing down has benefits. I'll start to do that starting in the morning.
  • I just got started again after a few years and I am in the same situation you are. The best thing to do is not ever stop trying. Let's get back on that bull and tame that sucker. Yee ha!
  • Hi Escarda, I do the same thing myself especially when I'm reaching a specific goal and I ask myself the same question. I know that sometimes for me it could be the fear of success - sounds crazy I know. I've always been heavy and that's what I know even though I truly want to lose the weight. Also, the junk food is easy…
  • I always weigh myself every day first thing in the morning before I get dressed and sometimes when I get home from work as well. I find that I do better and can manage my weight when I do. If I noticed that I gained 2 lbs. I could make adjustments in my diet before I gained more but if it was only 1/2 to 1 lb it was more…
  • There is definitely a change although you may not see it You have come far because it is difficult to lose that much weight. I bet if you were to stack 13 lbs of butter you would see how much that was. I remember seeing a program on tv a few years back where they did that for someone It was shocking but it was a…
  • It could be a particular food that you're eating that's causing the problem. Have you added anything that you never had before? That's happened to me before.