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  • Thanks for posting the plan. I'm curious to know if, after completing that, you were ready to start right in with the C25K program. Did you take more than one week for each of the levels in this plan? I've tried to use the C25K app in the past, but by the time I got to about week 4 or so, I was struggling with it.
  • I quit cold turkey on my third attempt, roughly four years ago. Sounds silly, but the thing that saved me when trying to quit were drinking straws! They're about the same diameter as a cigarette, so I would cut the straws down to cigarette length and suck on those when I got a craving. It had the same "feel" in my hand as…
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  • Thanks! Sent you a request!
  • Hello! I'm 43 and have a bit over a hundred pounds to go. I've lost and gained more times than I can count, but all the times I've lost, I was using MFP, so here I am! Though I've used this app on and off for quite a long time, I've never really explored the social aspect of it. I think it would really help me if I can…