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  • I agree with Dean. 45 min to an hour twice a day may be OK for me but not for you. You have to listen to and trust your own body. It'll tell you :smile:
  • Yes! Me too! I fell off the wagon and need some major motivation! ;)
  • Even when you tried to apologize, you made it about you. Your confidence is coming across as arrogance. When you apologize, you need to ask her, "what do YOU NEED me to do?" You're apologizing to her so you have to make it ALL ABOUT HER! Seriously, you need to make her feel like she's just as important as your blah, blah,…
  • Hey Matt! I'm new, too :blush: I started out at 287lbs I'm now 232.6 and I still have 100lbs to go! I made a whole lifestyle change but what you DON'T need, is a lecture :wink: if you want a MFP pal who's a smartypants that will keep you laughing AND motivate, I'm your lesbian! Friend request me if you'd like!
  • Wow! Congratulations! Your story is inspiring! I'm 5'3" and in 2012 I was my heaviest weighing in at 287lbs. Aug of 2013 I my lifestyle change. Right now I'm 232.6lbs and still losing although slowly. But that's fine by me! You look amazing! You're hard work paid off and you look gorgeous! But I have to know... What…
  • Ok good bc temperament, I'm such a big kid! I'm 35 with 3 kids and I'm married but I think I'm about as mature as my 19 year old sometimes lol! I'm serious and act my age when I need to and when it's appropriate but I just can't take life too seriously bc nobody gets out alive! I do however want to get out a healthy, thin…
  • Definitely a changed lifestyle. No "diets" have EVER worked for me and I finally realized it was because I needed to change EVERYTHING as far as my eating habits were concerned. Not just for me, but for my kids! They were watching me and picking up the bad eating habits I learned from MY parents! I didn't want my kids…
  • Most insurance companies will cover that surgery IF the skin covers your pubic bone. It's called a panectomy. They cover it bc once it covers the pubic bone it can lead to certain types of yeast infections bc of the dark, moist area. But the skin must cover the pubic bone. I did some research and spoke to my PCP about it.…