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  • When I trained for a marathon I gained weight too. Same with many people I talk to. I now do other cardio and yoga and WEIGHT TRAINING which I found to be key!!
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  • Good for you...back at it too. Nothing works better for me!
  • FANTASTIC!!!!! You should be proud!!
  • 54....been working hard for the past 3 weeks and seeing progress!! 8-10 mor pounds to get off. The older you are the more patience you need to have with yourself!!!
  • Congrats...I'm 54 and newly married (very happy!!) It's always good to have a motivator...good luck!!
  • You can do kind to yourself....patience is the key! Find something you enjoy to get moving...walking with great music for motivation is always a good start! Go for it!!
  • 54-menopause hit and I BECAME MY MOTHER!! hahaha I have completely changed my view on exercise and now focus on weight training 2-3 times per week and dont fixate on cardio as much -2 times a week now max. I also do yoga 2 times a week (would like to do it each day but have been lazy) the flexability is now so important to…
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  • Me too...hit menopause and BOOM 12 lbs on my mid section! (help I have become my Mother!!) I am back at counting calories and working out ... in 3 weeks have lost 4 lbs. I would like to lose another 10 but I keep telling myself that patience is a MUST this time.
  • I hear ya...I am not drinking in the week and letting myself have some over the weekend (if it fits in my calorie log)...makes me REALLY want to exercise hard those days too to give me more cals! Bottom line though, I have certainly seen how many calories I have drank without a second thought in the past...cutting back was…
  • Just got back on MFP (for the 3rd time) ...I have never done Weight Watchers before but is it ok if I join you folks??
  • I am very intrested in nutrition and it does seem to make loads of sense! Got the book yesterday...
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  • Added you!!! Let's get em off FOR GOOD!!!! :0)
  • I love circuit training (I do 2 classes a week) the exercise that makes me the most sore the next day are suicides. Hold 2 hand weights straight above your head (dont let them down) and kneel down on one knee then the other then back up on one foot and then the other back to standing. Do it for a full minute without…
  • I find a hot bath calms my muscles and warms my body so I can get to sleep after a long run. Its terrible laying there awake knowing you MUST sleep!!! Good luck!!
  • I'm 48 and 5'6" and maintaining 137lbs. BMI is 22% so I'm very pleased. (the best shape I have ever been can work for us "older" folks!!!) Good luck!
  • Wouldn't drink a can of soda (diet or regular).... They are both terrible for you!!! I prefer "real" food and drink that has some benefit!!!!
  • Nothing but empty crappy calories!!!!!
  • Try weights...much more important than cardio...cardio 2x a week...weights 3x!!!!
  • Never answered one...seems self obsessive!!!
  • Pre, Naked bar or a, any good source of protein (eggs, Greek yoghurt, nut butter) also drink coconut water! Quite often though I get home after workout and have dinner so chicken or something like that! Good luck!!
  • Stunning!!!!!!!
  • Were you actully bulking up or did he say you would! It's a false statement that women bulk up! Lift free weights if you can or use a TRX if your gym has one. Lift heavy for fewer reps (I know I know, women think they will get bulky this way but you WON'T) If done right you will get cardio while lifting as it's hard work!…
  • I still get the "good organic meat" but eat meat only a few times a week and otherwise it's eggs, Greek yoghurt, nuts, avocado and so on! All good sources without eating bargain chicken which is mass produced and injected with water and other fillers!! Just an idea!! Good luck everyone!!
  • ...oops I mean 48... Hahaha (****!)
  • Thanks so much for your service!!!! A new chapter in life now and you will need to find what works for you! This is a great sight and can help for sure! I would suggest once you get a start at losing the weight you will also need to make some serious plans as far as finding some new things you can enjoy that kick your…
  • Probaly the question should be do you want to eat wheat or not!? If you decide you do then it doesnt really matter what bread you choose just eat what you like and count the calories! I know that personally I limit my wheat to almost none and it made a huge difference for me. No more bloated fat tummy!!! (but that's just…
  • You have had all the right responses to your question!!! Great to read so many people who are clued in to the most recent studies! Lift heavy and fewer reps, not worry of bulking but you will get great results!! Good luck!!
  • I've been "accused" of eating clean and didn't know I was doing it!! To me it's just a common sense approach to eating. Give your body real, unprocessed, natural organic food. Foods full of vitamins and minerals which have not been processed and chemical laden! I certainly am not perfect or want to be but good old fasioned…
  • I promise most people thing "good on ya"!!!!! Please just do it...don't let anyone else stop you or you let those narrow minded idiots win! YOU win instead!!!!!!!!!!! :0)
  • I lost a grand total of 18 and have been maintaining for a month now! I was really nervous to start increasing my cals and still bounce between 1400- 1800 (while losing I stayed around 1300) I still work out at least 4-5 times a week! So far so good!! No gains! I still keep track because if (if) I was to start gaining I…